5 top safari activities in Akagera national park

5 top safari activities in Akagera national park: Akagera national park is one the most stunning savanna park in Rwanda and the only destination in Rwanda where one is on a sure deal of encountering with the big 5 game (Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards and Rhinos) plus other small animals that call Akagera national park their home without forgetting abundant of birdlife, butterflies, and the entire stunning flora of the park that all make it a best choice for wildlife viewing adventure in Rwanda the land of a thousand hills.

5 top safari activities in Akagera national park 

Below are the top 5 things to do in Akagera national park

  1. Game drive safaris in Akagera national park

Without any doubt, Akagera national park is the best choice for game drive safaris in Rwanda offering both morning game drives, afternoon game drives and night game drives. Morning game drives in Akagera national park come with a breath taking encounter with nocturnal animals and hunters that are usually active at night and hiding during day thus waking up early for a game drive offers you a chance of spotting these animals as they return to their hiding places such as Leopards, Lions, Hyenas and many other mammals in the park including those mammals that arise as early as possible to graze such as Hippos, Elephants, Buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, and many more. While opting for a night game drive in Akagera national park is also a best option to enjoy the beauty of nature as the sun goes down. With the help of spotlight in darkness, you will be able to spot leopards, Hyenas, mongoose, bush babies, night jars and many other active animals at night. Night game drive requires an armed and trained ranger for security and safety purposes. With the help of a 4×4 open roof vehicle, game drive in Akagera national park will be the top activity to enjoy while on a wildlife viewing safari in Rwanda. You may choose to use your own vehicle or hire one at the park.

  1. Bird watching/ birding in Akagera national park

Bird watching is another adventurous activity of the 5 top things/ tourist activities done in Akagera national park. The park harbors over 500 bird species that can be spotted at any part of the park even during other activities like game drives, boat cruise and many more. Almost any time spent in the park, a birder uses it as an opportunity to watch a variety of bird species as they fly over the park, in the tree branches and elsewhere in the park. With the help of a pair of binoculars and camera, look out some bird species like raptor birds, water birds and migratory birds that are seen depending on the season. While watching birds in Akagera national park, look out for White backed vultures, African fish eagle, Booted eagle, Yellow bellied eremomela, Striped pipit, Shoebill stork, Red faced barbet, Crested barbet, Amur falcon, Egrets, Red winged francolin, Papyrus Gonolek, Short tailed pipit, Owls, Cormorants, Ibis, African harrier hawk, African wattle plover,  Brown snake eagle, Squacco heron and many more species making it an excellent birding destination in Rwanda. Depending on what the birder is interested in, the park offers a variety of bird species but in different arrays. For instance, dry months of June, July, August and September are the best months to spot many aquatic bird species as the water levels be low in the wetlands.  During the early rains in Octobers, the park offers mostly savanna bird species that thrill with in the savanna vegetation of Akagera national park. September, October and November are best months to watch and listen to song birds as they sing sweetly in the tree branches around the park.  Where as in the months of March and April are known as breeding season thus expect to watch abundant of birdlife like Storks, cormorants and many more. And finally the months of November, December, January, February, March and April are best months to watch Migratory birds as they search for favorable climatic conditions escaping harsh conditions (winter). 

  1. Boat safari in Akagera national park 

Boat cruise safari in Akagera national park is conducted along Lake Ihema which is yet the second largest lake in Rwanda just after Lake Kivu that takes the lead. Along the shores of Lake Ihema is abundant of aquatic wildlife including the mammals they reside in water like crocodiles as well as bathing Hippos and several aquatic bird species like shoebill stork, Malachite kingfisher, Jacanas, plovers, herons and many more. Akagera national park morning and evening boat cruise safaris taking 2-3 hours. Morning session sets of at 7:30am and at 9:00am while evening boat cruise departs at 3pm as well as at 4:30pm each offering stunning views of both fauna and flora species in the park. The park also offers sun set boat cruise that sets off at 5:30pm to enjoy the calmness of the park at a sundowner.

  1. Sportfishing safari in Akagera national park

Akagera national park offers a breath taking sport fishing activity that is mainly done along Shakani Lake while watching lots of animals in the park that frequently visit the lake shores to quench their thirst like Hippos as well as hippos in the water. The entire sport fishing activity is so rewarding as you watch Hippos, crocodiles and aquatic bird species and fish all sharing the same water body. Along the lake shores, you have a scenic view of the breath taking flora that thrill with lots of wildlife species like elephants, warthogs, buffaloes etc. Tourists need to carry their own fishing equipment and enjoy the adventure of catch and release with a chance of taking only one catch for roasting and eating at the comfort of your lodge after the activity.

  1. Cultural tours in Akagera national park

Cultural tours in Akagera national park are conducted in the local communities along the park to spice up Rwanda safari in Akagera national park as tourists get an opportunity of meeting the locals within these communities for a close interaction about their life style  and learning more about the Rwandese culture. During the cultural tour, tourists have an opportunity of visiting the cattle keepers to learn about grazing cattle, milking and milk preservation among others. One may as well opt a visit to the local alcohol brewers as they elaborate how this local beer is made, visit craft shops and have a visit to Imigongo art center and many more that are so rewarding and worth it while on a Rwanda safari tour.


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