A Rwanda Safari In Nyungwe National Park : Nyungwe forest national park is located in the Southwestern region of Rwanda and it is considered to be among the smallest national park in the country covering a total surface area of about 300 square kilometers. This national park shares boarders with other countries like; Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition, it is easily accessed to because it is about 50 kilometers from Kigali, which is known to be capital city of Rwanda. Nyungwe national park was officially established as a national park in 2004 standing at an elevated area of about 160 meters to 2950 meters above the sea level.

Nyungwe national park is ranked to be among the best destinations to travel while planning to travel to Rwanda on your adventurous safari because it is a good area, which is surrounded with bamboo forests, montane forests, savannah grasslands, swamps that act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species. more so, it is noted that this national park is a home to over 75 mammal species that are always spotted in different area in the park as they move around looking for food and some of these include; leopards, impalas, bush pigs, mongoose, felis, otter, black fronted duiker, giant forest hog, blotched serval, western tree hyrax, forests elephants, bush bucks among others, 1068 plant species, 15 reptiles, 12 amphibian species, 120 beautiful butterflies, 140 orchids, and around 13 primate species such as; black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, chimpanzees and many others. Nyungwe national park is also seen as a birders paradise which harbours around 300 bird species that tourists can spot while in the park and some of these include; Rwenzori turaco, purple-breasted sunbirds, Abyssinian ground thrush, yellow-eyed black flycatcher, red faced woodland warbler, stripe- breated tit, dusky crimsoning, grauer’s swamp warbler, handsome spur fowl, Albertine owlet, mountain masked apalis, blue-headed sunbird, dwarf honeyguide, yellow eyed black flycatcher and many others.

Major activities done in Nyungwe national park.

While exploring within Nyungwe national park in Rwanda Safari tourists always get chances to see many beautiful attractions and participate in many activities where they have a good experience and some of these things to do include;

 Canopy walk.

The canopy walk is one of the major activities done in the park and it normally goes for about 2 hours as individuals walk through the Nyungwe forest. In addition, these walks always begin from the visitor’s centre, which is situated in Uwinka. More so, the canopy walks always involve tourists to move through different trails and the most interesting thing to know about these trails is that each of them is named according to the its type of trees that are in its surrounding for example; Igishigishi trail which is considered to be one of the main trails found in Nyungwe forest and it is surrounded by fern trees, the Umugote trail, the Karamba trail, and the Umuvoye trail which has Mahogany trees. Lastly, there is the Isumo trail. During the canopy walks, tourists are always able to capture classic views of the beautiful forests and get chances to overlook at beautiful wildlife species, bird species among others. More so, tourists should also note that the canopy walks are divided into three walking sections for example; the longest stretches about 90 meters, the second one goes up to 45 meters, while the shortest one goes up to 25 meters.

Canopy walk in Rwanda
Canopy walks in Rwanda

More so, for tourists touring around Nyungwe national park can also opt to embark on to other activities like; Monkey trekking which due to the fact that this national park is a home to over 300 monkey species such as; L’hoest monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkyes, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys and many others. they can also go for chimpanzee trekking which always takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on where the chimpanzees are located, therefore it always involves tourists to walk through many parts with an aim of trekking where the chimps are located  however, before the trekking are always briefed about the rules and regulations that they should follow during the trekking such as; they are encouraged to avoid eating and drinking while in the presence of the chimps and also disable the use of the flash lights while recording videos and taking pictures of the chimps in order to prevent them from being violent, they are encouraged to maintain a distance of about 7 meters while in the presence of the chimps among others. Tourists can also opt to go hiking, bird watching where they encouraged carrying along the binoculars which help them to capture classic views of the birds most especially when they are at a distance, visit Gisakura tea plantation and go for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with the park guides among others.

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