Amazing Rwanda fly in safari : Flying safaris in Rwanda is the best way to reduce the travel time to different tourist’s destinations in the country. Visitors or travelers in Rwanda can enjoy their flying safaris that are commonly conducted by Akagera Aviation and on reaching the destination a traveler can use the safari cars to their accommodation. Flying safaris in Rwanda are recommended to those what limited time for travel and would like to spend in different destinations . It is a good to enjoy the wonderfully destination and experience to enjoy the wonderful flight experience and this very rewarding destination. The Rwanda fly in safaris to the national park features you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenes within the destination in the country with a thousands of rocks. It usually takes less time to explore the national park in Rwanda and you ensure the wonderful view of aerial scenery and nice looking attractive activities is so fascinating in Rwanda to engage on using flights.

The Rwanda in safari adventure tours saves the traveler’s time that would have been wasted on road transport. During the trip you will enjoy the wonderful view of the national parks while on-air. The air transport means or scheduled charter can be booked from Kigali international airport.  It’s always good to book with the Rwanda flying adventure trips early in advance before the trip so as to avoid cancellation that you don’t miss out the wonderful fascinating experience in Rwanda. Beside Rwanda flying adventure, Achieve Global safaris can also book for you flying safari in Rwanda and also can book a last minute flying safari. However still again, this can also fail. This is why visitors are advanced to book for a flying in early in advance.

Where to go in Rwanda on a scheduled charter flight

Akagera national park ; the Rwanda flying adventure safaris  to Akagera  national park which is located in the northeastern part of the country, fly in safaris  to Akagera National Park are attractively designed to meet your African Safari needs and interests. These fly in Safaris to Akagera enables visitors to enjoy the amazing moments in wildlife game drives, boat safaris, bird-watching experiences, behind-the-scenes experience, and an activity focused at wildlife conservation in Akagera National Park by African Parks.

Akagera National Park protects a unique Savannah eco- diversity and has over 90 species of Mammals, sizeable herd of buffalo, Impala, zebra, and topi are abundant on the open plains, whilst smaller antelope such as oribis, klipspringer, bushbuck, and reedbuck range throughout the Akagera National Park, together with giraffe and warthog. Papyrus swamp areas are home to the specialized, rarely-seen Sitatunga. Elephants tend to concentrate around the lakes including Lake Ihema and Lake Rwanyakazinga which are inhabited by a large population of hippo, One of Africa’s highest densities. Regarding primates, olive baboon and vervet monkey are common, less so is secretive Doggestt’s silver monkey, serval, Senegal galago, and porcupine. Equally exciting, Akagera National Park boasts a healthy population of lions and black and white rhinos that were reintroduced. Flying to Akagera national park takes 22minutes from Kigali International Airport to Magashi tented camp helipad using Akagera aviation

Volcanoes national park; Volcanoes national park is another place you can access using chatter flights. The Volcanoes National Park is one of the few remaining havens of the mountain gorilla. Fly in Safaris to Volcanoes National Park are so amazing and a traveler will get an opportunity to explore the park and its famous attractions including the Gorillas and where the Primatologist Dian Fossey studied and endangered mountain Gorillas among others.  Volcanoes national park is one of the most important tourism destinations in Rwanda famous for its Virunga Mountains that are shared by the other two national parks that is Virunga National Park and Mgahinga National Park. The volcanoes that can be seen in Volcanoes National Park such as Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi, and Mount Gahinga. The park is known for its primate species which include the endangered mountain gorillas, 178 bird species where you will sight  some of the  Rwanda and Virunga mountains endemic bird species, in the park, you will also spot  a number of wildlife species. Travelers on their Rwanda tour will have amazing wildlife safaris in volcanoes national park where you will have a chance to see a number of attractive attractions and participate in a number of activities while in volcanoes national park such as Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Golden monkey trekking and bird watching. The Rwanda safaris flights starts at Kigali International Airport to Musanze Airstrip that is very close to the park headquarters and reaching the park is about 30 minutes.

Nyungwe national park; flying safaris in Rwanda can take you to Nyungwe national park which is located in the southwest of the country. Nyungwe national park is found in Nyungwe forest, one of the oldest rainforests in Africa, rich in biodiversity and spectacularly beautiful. This park haunts plenty of primate’s species of more than 13 primate species with the most fascinating   chimpanzees, Colobus Monkeys and others endemic to the Albertine Region. Besides the primates species Nyungwe forest national park also owns plentiful Bird species and other mammal species along with glorious undergrowth.  A lot of attractive tourist’s liveliness or activities can be offered in Nyungwe forest national park such as the common frequent Chimpanzee trekking, Canopy trek experience, colobus monkey trekking and other primates trekking, tropical waterfalls matching, nature treks in the heart of Nyungwe forest, nocturnal trek trips, and bird watching, among others. Rwanda safari flights starts from Kigali to Kamembe which is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. After landing in Kamembe you can hire a taxi to connect to the park.

Amazing Rwanda fly in safari
Fly in safaris Nyungwe forest national Park

Mountains; the flying safaris in Rwanda is an interesting since you will have a great opportunity to be accompanied by an experiences guide who will lead through and explains a lot of activities and features that you will be able to observer while on air on this fascinating adventure . You will also get an opportunity to enjoy the clear view of the mountain tops and you will get a quick transfer from one park to another for enjoyment of this wonderful adventure by moving on Rwanda air, you will also get opportunity to view all the 100 hills in a few minutes just soon as you start the joinery. You will also enjoy the wonderful view of the landscape of the beautify land. Besides, you will also have opportunity to explore the and view beautiful mountain s and other interesting destinations as you flyover the land.

The best time for Rwanda fly safari adventure

Rwanda fly safari are arranged on daily basis to fly to various Rwanda tourist destination in a scheduled different time depending on the preferred time of visitor and weather. Rwanda fly in safaris are mostly done during the dry seasons when the climate conditions are favorable making it a clear to spot this interesting features. the dry seasons in Rwanda is not as any east African country , it starts from June – September and December – February and this is a wonderful time to visit the land as well as carrying out the Rwanda fly safaris .

Where to stay during your Rwanda fly safari?

Rwanda is a place with a lot of flying destination and each flying destination has got a variety of accommodation facilities where you stay while on your safari. A lot of accommodation facilities in Rwanda are arranged depending on visitors preferences from budget level to luxurious level such Assingita kwitonda Lodge set right on the edge of volcanoes national park, Virunga Lodge, Bisate Lodge located just outside the southern border of Volcanoes national park –closed to Musanza town , Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge located on the foothill of the volcanoes national park, one & only Nyungwe house is situated in Rwumba, Nyungwe Top View Hotel Set in Rwumba, 24 km from Nyungwe Forest National Park, Magashi Camp situated in the productive and diverse northeastern corner of Akagera National Park, Magashi Camp overlooks beautiful Lake Rwanyakazinga among other accommodation facilities

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