Apoka Safari Lodge

Accommodation Facilities In Kidepo Valley National Park a Safari Lodge

Apoka safari lodge is a luxury lodge located in North-eastern region of Uganda in the middle of Kidepo national park, this lodge offers upmarket accommodation and facilities to visitors of kidepo national park and the neighboring tourist destinations. The lodge is situated in a distance of 520 kilometers from Kampala the capital city of Uganda and 5 Kilometers from the border of Kenya, the lodge is adjacent to Napore mountains in the west, Sudan in the North and Morungole Mountains towards the South.

Kidepo national park is one of the most scenic national parks in Uganda and East Africa lieing along the borders of Uganda with South Sudan and Kenya, the park is made up of valley and rugged landscape which is crossed by 2 rivers that is Narus River and Kidepo valley. Kidepo national park is a home to numerous wildlife species including the four of the big five (lion, elephants, buffaloes and leopards) thus offering excellent game viewing safaris. 

The safari lodge is found inside Kidepo national park and it is the only luxury accommodation establishment found in the park, this lodge sits on a rocky Kopje and was established overlooking the glorious Narus valley which is famous for hosting a huge population of animals and birds in kidepo national park. 

The safari lodge and its structures were built using local materials including wood and thatching grass which seemingly blends with the savannah grasslands dominating Kidepo national park, the lodge has a main house which houses a restaurant and a lounge which are utilized by visitors of the lodge. 

Accommodation offered by Apoka Safari Lodge 

Apoka safari lodge has 10 spacious cottages which accommodate visitors of this lodge, these rooms have en-suite bathroom which consists of double sink and large tropical shower. The waters in the bathrooms are heated by Solar, each room features a private veranda, big hand-hewn bed with mosquito nets, duvet and linen, woolen floor carpets, towels and dressing gowns. Rooms at the lodge include 4 twin rooms for occupancy of 2-4 individuals and double rooms for occupancy of 2 individuals, from the inside of the cottages you get to view animals which come to the watering hole.

In-room amenities 

  • hand-woven carpets 
  • oversized gowns 
  • comfy duvets 
  • mosquito nets 
  • sitting room
  • natural canvas walls 

En-suite bathroom amenities 

  • toiletries 
  • walk in shower 
  • double sinks 
  • extra large plush towels 

Services and facilities offered by Apoka Safari Lodge 

  • Restaurant 

The safari lodge’s restaurant is situated next to a beautiful swimming pool offering great views of the watering hole, the restaurant offers mouthwatering meals with 3 course meals. Both local and international cuisines are offered at the lodge, these meals are prepared by experienced chef s. 

  • Bar

Apoka safari lodge has an onsite bar which is fully stocked with various kinds of local and international brands of wines and beers, visitors of the lodge get to chill and relax for an evening at the lodge while being entertained by soothing music.

  • Lounge

The lounge at the safari lodge is a comfortable place for tourists to chill and relax, the lounge has reading materials such as books, magazines and games like board games which are to entertain the visitors of the lodge.

  • Solar power 

Apoka Safari lodge is powered by Solar energy 

  • Swimming pool 

Swimming pool at Apoka safari lodge is a magnificent feature carved out of a big rock, the swimming pool is deep and cool making it more tempting to jump in a splash some water. 

  • Outdoor starlit stone bathtubs 

Apoka safari lodge has outdoor starlit stone bathtubs which are open for tourists to chill and relax away from the scotching sunlight, the stone bathtub is under a a sheltered terrace and it is big enough to accommodate a whole family. 

  • Free and secured parking 

Apoka safari lodge has free and secured parking lot to accommodate all vehicles of the lodge’s visitors.

Apoka Safari Lodge
Swimming Pool at Apoka 

Activities offered by Apoka Safari Lodge 

The Safari Lodge offers safari experiences to the beautiful Kidepo Valley national park, these safari experiences include 

  • game drives (both day and night game drive)
  • birding 
  • hiking and nature walks experience 
  • cultural tour to the Karamojong village and Manyattas
  • visit to the IK people

How to get to Apoka Safari Lodge 

Apoka safari lodge is an easily accessed lodge using both road and air means of transport

By road – The Safari Lodge is situated in a 12 hours’ drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda leaving the city in the morning and reaching the lodge in the evening, due to lot of hours of driving stopovers for the night are made in Guru. The most used route to Apoka Safari Lodge is through Mbale.

By air – Chartered and scheduled flights are offered from either Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Kidepo airstrip.

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