Baker’s lodge; This lodge is located on the south bank of the mighty Nile River which transects Murchison Falls National Park. It was set within large private area with direct river access, large shady trees and wetland areas hosting plenty of birdlife along the water edge.   The lodge offers a great views of the Victoria Nile which are vast and magnificent Nile Victoria a home to egret birds, elephants bathing and pods of hippos regularly viewed.

Baker’s Lodge facility and amenities

The lodge offers free speed Wi-Fi

The lodge offer free parking for its guest

They have amazing comfortable outdoor pool

There bed rooms are designed with mosquito net

The lodge offers nice free breakfast

They have clean restaurant that serves delicious food.

They have comfortable family rooms.

At night visitors are privileged to watch them at night from the comfort of your room and during the day they can be seen lounging in the Nile from the terrace.

They serve their meals and coffee or tea in the main central area.

 They serve delicious.

 The lodge also provides well prepared and packed lunches and drinks.

The lodge are good in delivering a high standard out in the bush or on the banks of the Victoria Nile.

This is a luxurious lodge offering comfortable rooms and bathrooms

Baker’s lodge is superb accommodation with beautiful location for game drive, boat cruise among others.

There are easy to access of air transport, there are airstrip transfers to both Bugungu Airstrip which is 20 minus drive away and

The lodge has open air lounge offering a great views of the River Nile as it flows past.

The lodge has friendly staff and trained chefs.

They serve delicious food

This lodge offer a gainful view at night with brightening star.

They have comfortable rooms with balconies overlooking the hippos in their schools on the White Nile.

While at the lodge, you will have excellent trip to Murchison Falls National Park

However, Murchison Falls National Park is positioned in the northwestern direct of the country, Uganda’s largest game park that inhabits wide range of animals such as ; Nile crocodiles ,warthogs , leopard ,buffaloes ,Elephants ,kobs among others  ,home to over 450 bird species such as shoe-billed stork , dwarf kingfisher ,Goliath heron ,white-thighed hornbill ,great blue turaco among others  that roam around to a total land of about 3,893 square kilometers which was established in 1952 and is under the governing body ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority. The park is a great location to adventure the most powerful waterfall in the world. The park is approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Kampala or Entebbe to the main visited destination.

Baker’s Lodge
Baker’s Lodge

Activities to while at Baker’s Lodge –Murchison Falls National Park

They include; Game drive, Boat cruise along Victoria Nile, Birding, Hiking,

Boat cruise; While at Baker’s lodge you can do the boat cruise to the delta and be able to spot brilliant shoebill and other bird species like ;African Jacana ,Black-billed barbet ,Black headed gonok ,Goliath heron ,Giant kingfisher ,Blue-headed lapwing ,Silver bird ,Piapia among others

Animals to see on game drive includes; Oribis ,waterbucks ,warthogs ,hartebeests , elephants , bushbucks ,Uganda kobs ,hyenas , bushbucks ,giraffes among others.

Getting there; The park has easiest way to access there either by air or by road, fly into Entebbe International Airport – near Uganda’s capital city ‘’Kampala’’. From Entebbe or Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park   takes about 4 to 5 hours’ drive.

By Air Transport

Alternative, you can fly to the park by the domestic flight –Aerolink Uganda from Entebbe Airport to Bugungu or Pakuba Airstrip.

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