Best safari experiences : There are several safari experiences that are just the excellent way of getting to understand the numerous safari destinations In Africa and this has truly defined Africa as pure source of excellent ventures.

Safari experiences would be amazing even with limited to seeing Africa’s wildlife yet there is lots to enjoy will on the venture such as having chilled beverages a cup of coffee in the early hours of the morning before going on a morning game drive or catching up with friends and family by a roaring open fire after a fantastic dinner.

With thousands of exceptional encounters that elevate every safari to an entirely new edition   here are some of the selected few of our favorites to motivate you on your upcoming safari adventures to any selected destination of adventure.

Sleep out under the stars.

There is nothing that can be compared to the excellent experience of having to spend a night out in the open skies as you get to sight the lovely stars shinning so bright in the skies this surely proves to be the most excellent experience.

Spending a night in a cosy bed that just so happens to be in the middle of the bush it’s both romantic and exhilarating where you can fall asleep to the sounds of the wild, you can choose a sleeping deck elevated above the scenery.

Perhaps the idea of a luxurious treehouse for two appeals to you and your mates but any choice made is just the best to see the true meaning of mother from your open-air bedroom, you might be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of one of the Big Five as well.

Take a bath in the open-air.

Adventure seekers may enjoy a romantic outdoor bath for two hidden away in the lush grounds of their resort due to the open fact that to feel the enchantment of an African night, you don’t have to spend the entire time outside.

You may recline in your bath and look up at the starry sky in several of our best campgrounds and lodges this is completely filled with bubbles and surrounded by flickering candles as you take the bath in the open air.

You can even decide to have a bath at the terrace, which would allow you to enjoy the breathtaking environment while simultaneously identifying constellations.

Fly high on a hot-air balloon safari.

Experience the landscape from an entirely new angle as you soar above herds of wildebeest, elephants, and various antelopes that have been given a rosy pink hue by the rising sun as you take a thrilling hot air ballon safari.

This safari activity can be experienced from destinations such as Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and the Serengeti, which are the three major players in East Africa’s safari scene from the 360-degree views that seem to go on forever to the amazing sense of tranquilly that is only occasionally disturbed by the roar of the burners and sounds from the ground.

Best safari experiences
Hot air Balloon

See nature’s smaller details on a walking safari.

If you get the chance, a walking safari is a great addition to standard game drives or any other safari activity as you get to learn more about that beauty of Africa as you trail within the different path you’ll pay closer attention to the little things, such as tiny creatures, plants, and insects, as well as the paw prints, markings, and droppings of much larger game, when you’re with an experienced guide.

This experience is just a remarkable way to get to understand the hidden gems in Africa’s safari destinations there may also be a cultural component, such as when a Maasai or Samburu guide describes how the indigenous people make medicine out of various plants.

View big game from your private plunge pool.

Choose the right accommodation and you could find yourself seeing elephants, giraffes and more without stirring an inch from your private heated plunge pool. It’s the ultimate sybaritic safari experience you won’t even need to set down your drink unless you wish to snap a picture. In South Africa, from Shamwari to the Kruger, you can discover lodges and campers with private pools. However, for an incredibly opulent option that’s ideal for a honeymoon or special occasion, Kenya’s opulent Mara Bushtops tents offer hot tubs and round-the-clock butler service for the ultimate sundowner experience that doesn’t require lifting a finger.

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