Best time for Uganda Safari

Best time for Uganda Safari is all year round since the country is blessed with abundant wildlife species and other attractions though the dry season is more favourable. Uganda is an all-year tourism destination that tourists can enjoy all year round. Uganda is dominated by Equatorial climate which has two rainy seasons. The first rains are much and longer that starts from March to May. On the other hand, the second rains are short taking only one month of November. Most travellers prefer travelling during dry months that is from June to October and from December to February. The dry moths in Uganda like most of the African countries are considered to be high or peak season months. For one to do Gorilla trekking one has to book the gorilla permits early enough in order to get the availability. The number of guests who come for Gorilla trekking during this time of the year are many yet the number of Gorilla Trekking permits in Uganda remain the same. 

Best time for Uganda Safari

The best time for Uganda Safari can be determined by major factors though in actual the weather or climatic conditions of the country are good throughout the year. Even rainy seasons the rain mostly rain at night and if it rains in the morning it does not affect the daily tourists’ activities since it is always brief. The temperature of Uganda is always average which ranges around 21.5 °C. This makes is always hot and wet as well as hot and dry in some parts of the country. The temperature keeps changing as one moves away from the Equator hence making far North in Kidepo national park warmer than the southern part where Bwindi impenetrable national park and other parks are located.

Uganda is still one of the tourism destinations that is not fully tapped with no large crowds hence one can consider dry months and festive moths as the best time for Uganda safari. The country has not yet reached to the level where the guests are overflowing in the national parks. This would affect the conservation of the protected area but still there is enough space for the guests to enjoy more. The soils of the country allow game drives throughout the year with 4×4 wheel drive cars. The wild game can also be seen even during the rainy season or dry season since the wildlife are permanent habitats in the national parks. 

The only sensitive part to make your Safari to Uganda more successful is choosing reputable tour operators who can advise in the packing list so that you come when prepared for your adventure with all the necessary packing list. The primate safaris in Uganda are done in the rainforests hence the rain is expected any time during the trek. That is why in the parking list of Gorilla trekking, rain jackets are a must. The good news is that there has never been a cancellation of any safari activity in Uganda during rainy season. For example, Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, Game drives, boat cruise and many more. However during the wet season, the tracking is a little bit harder compared to dry season. The slopes are slippery and sometimes it rains when you’re on your way to the gorillas in the jungle and the gorillas are looking for where to take shelter during rains. Uganda climate is unique in that even after rains the sky will be clear and blue. The weather becomes warm again hence favouring the gorillas to start daily routine works as soon as the rains stop.

Both dry and rainy season have got both advantages and disadvantages and this gives different travellers different preference on the best time for Uganda safari. The love of the other is the opposite of another guest. Most guests like travelling during the dry months and this makes the parks more crowded and hard to do pre-booked activities like Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, boat cruise and others. 

On the other hand, budget guests like travelling during the rainy season since its low season and its easy to get the availability of pre-booked activities. The accommodations also offer discounted rates during this time hence favouring budget guests. 

During Rainy season the animals are near and close since the food is in plenty. This makes all the game drives more successful with an easy view of the big game. The wilderness is more lively with action-packed throughout the day. Game drives are short but most rewarding as the wildlife is found along the tracking tracks. The animals will come out of the deep bush and leave where the grass is short especially the small animals that are always victims of the predators. Hence the predators have to follow the grazers as they look for what they eat on the day. 

The rainy season is the best time for birders since this is the time the birds are nesting. Uganda is a home of over 1000 bird species with the majority being permanent residents. Uganda also receives migratory birds during the months of November and April. All the protected areas and other ecosystem areas where birding is done are accessible during rainy season too.

Best time for Uganda Safari
Gorilla Trekking (Best time for Uganda Safari is during Dry season for this activity)

Looking for great wildlife and primate safaris experience then consider the dry months. Uganda is still a virgin country with much to explore during your trip. You should expect beyond your expectations during your safari to Uganda. Please choose months from June to October and December to February for the best time Uganda safari. While birders come from March to May and November for birding.

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