Big Five Safaris in Uganda: Uganda is known to be home to various fascinating attractions that very many attractions and among these are the various mammals that sightseers are thrilled at while in the numerous national parks found in the country.

Tourists who are having a wildlife safari in the country get to spot the big five animals in the country, the word big five originated from the big game hunters who always referred to these species as the most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot.

Sightseeing the big five animals in the wild is one of the top goals for all the individuals on adventurous safari in Uganda, the big five animals not only being considered the most dangerous animals but also the most sought-after species in the country.

Therefore, in this article, we get to learn more about the big five animals in the country as they can be sighted in the various national parks in the country. the big five include the following bellow;

The African Lion.

The African lion is referred to as the king of the Jungle plus also they are the largest cat compared to the others. Mostly noted to live within the savannah grasslands, dense and tropical forests, with shrubs as their natural habitats where they camouflage as they stalk their prey, which makes their hunting process easy.

tourists who have a big interest in seeing the African lions can always visit places like; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National, Kidepo Valley National Park and many others. African Elephant.

The African elephants are herbivorous animals with long trucks and large ears for sightseers who would love to have sight these African elephants can get to have visited Uganda’s national parks such as; kidepo valley national park, Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Sightseeing these mammals tends to be so exciting for sightseers as they marvel at them feeding in the open grounds of the national parks making the safari so exciting and hence allowing sightseers to make great memories.

Big Five Safaris in Uganda
Tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth NationalPark


The Rhinos are known to be herbivorous animals, which have two upright horns on their nose bridge and a wide mouth, these species are social among themselves because they hang out in large families and live within the grasslands and savannah with scrub as their natural habitats. While on a search for these animals’ sightseers can get a visit to the great Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary because it is the only place in the country where one can see the Rhinos.

African Leopards.

The African leopards also live in areas like; woodlands, highland forests and rocky countries and they are spotted within places like; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park among others.

The African Leopards are famously known as the champions of athletes in the cat world in Uganda and an interesting part about them is that they are able to pull around five times as much force as the same weight as human athletes therefore they are noted to pull about seven times as hard. Cape Buffalos.

The Cape buffalo is considered to be among the most dangerous big fives compared to the other big five. This animal species has a very long heavily built body with the short thickest legs and the savannah buffaloes have dark brown coats and they live within montane forests, savanna grasslands and near rivers and lakes.

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