Biggest Refugee Camp In Uganda? Bidibidi refugee camp settlement is famously known as the biggest refugee camp in Uganda, it is located in northern part of the country in Yumbe district. This refugee camp was officially established during 2016 and it is quickly grown to be ranked among the largest refugee settlements in the whole world due hence it is recorded that it hosts tens of thousands of refugees most especially those from Sudan. More so, Bidi bidi refugee settlement was constructed due to the escalating conflicts in south Sudan, which led many people to move from their homesteads and move to other countries searching for safety and refuge. In addition, this led to the rapid growth and immerse size of refused and this forced the humanitarian organizations in Uganda to work hand in hand in order to provide assistance and support.

Bidibidi refugee settlement was initially known to be accommodating around 180,000 refugees; however, as the scale of the crisis overwhelmed, it led to the increase in number of the refugees who quickly surpassed the figure. So currently today, this refugee settlement is estimated to be hosting over 270,000 population of refugees hence ranking it to be considered to be the largest refugee camp in Uganda compared to the other camps.

In Bidibidi refugee settlement, it is noted that refugees face a lot of difficult conditions, which makes life abit challenging, and some of these include; limited access to resources like; healthcare, water, sanitation, education. More so, the large population of refugees within this camp also leads to risks of disease outbreaks hence posing significant kind of health concerns among themselves. Some members in this camp experience trauma and loss of memory due to the conflicts and hard times that they face in their countries of origin.

However, ignoring the fact that there is a presence of challenges that individuals face during their stay at Bidibidi refugee settlement, this camp also serves as place of comfort and it gives hope to many these displaced individuals together with their families after they migrate from South Sudan. Therefore, they consider this refugee settlement as their safe haven and there only opportunity for them to rebuild their lives and be happy. More so, the humanitarian organizations in the country such as; the united nations high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), works together with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and many other government agencies. In addition, all these people work tirelessly so that they can be able to provide essential services and enough support to all the refugees in this camp.

Biggest Refugee Camp In Uganda?
Bidibidi refugee camp

More so, the fact there is high population of refugees residing within this camp, this always contributes to the high demand of water. Therefore, one of the key factors considered within this refugee settlement is ensuring that all refugees have easy access to clean water and sanitation facilities in order for all the residents of this camp to maintain good hygiene, as it also helps to limit the spread of waterborne diseases. In addition, the humanitarian organizations have implemented several initiatives to avoid facing such challenged and some of these include; they have constructed boreholes where refugees can get the clean water, water distribution points and offering more sanitation facilities.

Medical clinics and many health centers have been constructed by the NGOs and organizations with the main purpose of  providing health care services to refugees such as; vaccinations, maternal care and they offer more treatment for the common diseases usually affected by people like; flue and headache.  More so, education is seen as another fundamental right to the refugees staying within Bidibidi refugee settlement most especially the young children who have been affected a lot by the displacement and conflicts within their own countries of origin.

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