Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park; Lake Naivasha National Park is one of the stopping destination for birding on Kenya birding safari, located in the Great Rift Valley in a distance of 90 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. More so, Lake Naivasha is a top birding destination that ranks with over 400 bird species which inhabits the park’s shores of the lake. However, bird species in Lake Naivasha National Park is comprised of; Globally threatened species, rare species, endangered species, migratory species near threatened, endangered and critically endangered which follows as.

Ducks species

 The duck species include; Maccoa, Tufted duck, Southern Pochard, Northern pintail, Red-billed duck, Yellow-billed duck, Hottentot teal, Garganey, Egyptian duck, White-backed duck ,Fulvous Whistling duck .

Guinea fowl species

 The Guinea fowl species includes; Helmeted Guinea fowl.

Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park
Helmeted Guinea fowl

 Pheasant, Grouse and Allies

 The pheasant species include; Common Quill, Coqui Francolin

 Flamingos species

The Flamingos species includes; Greater flamingo and Lesser Flamingo

Grebes species

 The grebes species includes; Little Grebe

Pigeons and Doves

The pigeons and doves species includes; Namaqua dove, Emerald spotted wood dove , Laughing dove ,Ring-necked dove ,Red-necked dove ,Red-necked dove ,Mourning Collared dove , Speckled pigeon among others.

Cuckoos species

 The Cuckoo species include; Dideric Cuckoo, Klaas’s Cuckoo, Great Spotted cuckoo, White-browed coucal, Red-chested cuckoo, Black cuckoo.

Nightjars and Allies species

 The Nightjars species includes; Nightjar.

Swift Species

The Swift species includes; Common Swiff, Nyanza Swift, Horus Swift, Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park

 Rail, Gallinules and Coots

 The Rail, Gallinules and coots species includes; Striped crake, Black crake, African Swamp hen, Red-knobbed coot, Eurasian Moorhen, Lesser Moorhen, African Crake ,African Rail.


The Crane species include; Gray Crowned –crane

Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park
Gray Crowned –crane


The Thick-knees species include; Eurasian thick-knee

 Stilts and Avocets

 The stilts and Avocets species include; Black-winged stilt and Pied Avocet

 Plovers and Lapwings

The plovers and Lapwings species include; Three-banded plover, Little Ringed Plover, Common Ringed plover, Kittlitz’s plover ,Caspian plover ,Greater Sand-plover ,Lesser sand plover ,Crowned Lapwing, Senegal Lapwing ,Spur-winged Lapwing, Blacksmith Lapwing ,Long-toed Lapwing ,Black –bellied plover .


The Jacanas species include; African Jacana

Sandpipers and Allies

The sandpipers and Allies species includes; Common snipe, Great snipe, Terek sandpiper ,Little stint ,Sanderling ,Temminck’s stint , Curlew sandpiper ,Ruff Ruddy Turnstone ,Black-tailed Godwit ,Bar-tailed Godwit ,Whimbrel ,Common Redshank ,Wood Sandpiper ,Marsh Sandpiper , Common Greenshank ,African snipe, Common Snipe.

Gulls, Tern and Skimmers

 The Gulls, tern and skimmers species includes; Gray-hooded Gull , African skimmer ,Whiskered Tern , White-winged Tern ,Gull-billed Tern , Black-headed Gull.


The storks species includes; Yellow-billed stork ,Marabou stork ,Saddle-billed stork ,White stork ,Black stork ,African Open bill.

Cormorants and shags

The Cormorants and shags species includes; Long –tailed Cormorant, Great Cormorant


The pelicans species includes; Great white pelican and pink-backed pelican


The Hamerkop species includes; Hamerkop

 Heron, Egrets and Bitterns

The Heron, Egret and Bitterns species includes; Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Great Egret ,Purple Heron ,Gray Heron , Black-headed Heron , Goliath Heron ,Black-crowned Night-Helon,Striated Heron ,Squacco Heron ,Cattle Egret ,Black Heron among others.

 Ibises and Spoonbills

 The Ibises and spoonbills species includes; Eurasian Spoonbill, Hadads Ibis, African Sacred Ibis, Glossy Ibis .

Secretary bird

The secretary bird species includes; Secretary bird


The Osprey species include Osprey

Hawks, Eagles and Kites

 The Hawks, Eagles and Kites species includes; Booted Eagle, Wahlberg’s Eagle, Great spotted Eagle , Black-winged kite ,European Honey-buzzard, Long-crested Eagle ,Pernis ,Black kite , Black Goshawk ,Little sparrow hawk , African Marsh-Harrier ,Eurasian Marsh- Harrier  ,Imperial Eagle ,Steppe Eagle ,Grasshopper Buzzard among others.


The owl species include; Verreaux’s Eagle –Owl.

Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park
Verreaux’s Eagle –Owl

Mouse birds

The Mouse birds’ species include; Speckled mouse bird.


The Hoopoes species include; African Hoopoe

Woodchoppoe and Scimitar bills

The Woodchoppoe and scimitar bills species includes; Green Wood hoopoe, Common Scimitar bill, Violet wood hoopoe.


The Hornbill species includes; Crowned Hornbill and African Gray Hornbill


 The Kingfishers species includes; Pied kingfishers, Giant kingfisher, Gray –headed kingfisher , Malachite king fisher.


 The Bee-eaters species include; Northern carmine Bee-eater, European Bee-eater ,White-fronted Bee-eater ,White-throated Bee-eater.


The Roller species includes; European Roller and Lilac –breasted Roller

African Barbets

 The African Barbets species includes; White-headed Barbet


The Honeyguides species includes; Green –backed Honeyguide, Lesser Honeyguide, Greater Honeyguide, Wahlberg’s Honeyguide, Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park.


 The Woodpeckers species includes; African Gray woodpecker, Nubian woodpecker, Nubian woodpecker.

Falcons and Caracaras

 The Falcons and Caracaras species includes; Falcon, Saker, Lesser Kestrel, Eurasian Kestrel, Amur Falcon, Eleonora’s Falcon, Sooty Falcon among others.


 The parrot species includes; Fischer’s lovebird, yellow-collared Lovebird

Old World Orioles

The Old world oriole’s species includes; Eurasian Golden Oriole and African Black-headed Oriole

 Wattle-eyes and Batises

The Wattle eyes and Batises species includes; Chin spot Batis

Bush shrikes

The Bush shrike’s species includes; Brubru and Tropical Boubou, Sulphur-breasted Bush shrike


 The Drongos species includes; Fork –tailed Drongo

Monarch Flycatchers

The Monarch Flycatcher species includes; African Paradise-Flycatcher.


The shrike’s species includes; Lesser Gray shrike, Isabel line shrike, red backed shrike, Northern Fiscal, Gray-backed Fiscal, Lesser Gray shrike among others.

Crows, Jays and Magpies

The crows, Jays and Magpies species includes; Cape crow and Pied crow

 Tits, chickadees and Titmice

 The Tits, chickadees and Titmice species includes; White-bellied Tit

Penduline –Tits

The Penduline –tits species includes; Mouse-colored penduline –Tit and African penduline –Tit


 The Larks species includes; Rufous-napped lark and Red-capped Lark


The Nicator species includes; Eastern Nicator

Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park
Eastern Nicator

African Warbler

The African Warbler species including; Northern Crombec, Red-faced Crombec

Cisticolas and Allies

The Cisticola and Allies species includes; Zitting cisticola, Stout cisticola, winding cisticola, Rattling cisticola, Gray-capped warbler, Yellow-breasted Apalis.

 Reed Warbler and Allies

 They include Eastern Olivececous Warbler, Lesser Swamp Warbler, Greater swamp warbler, Sedge warbler.


The swallows species includes; Common House-Martin, Lesser striped swallow, Red-rumped swallow ,Banded Martin ,Riparia ,Bank swallow ,Plain Martin.


 The Bulbuls species includes; Cabanis’s Greenbul and Common Bulbul

Leaf Warblers

The leaf warbler’s species includes; Willow Warbler and Brown woodland-warbler

Sylviid warblers, parrotbills and Allies

 The sylviid warblers, parrotbills and Allies includes; Greater whitethroat, Garden warbler, Eurasin Blackcap, African Bill Babbler

White-eyes, Yuhinas and Allies

The white-eyes, Yuhinas and Allies species includes African Yellow white eye, Kikuyu white-eye, Bird life in Lake Naivasha National Park

 Laughing thrushes and Allies

The laughing thrushes and Allies species includes; Black-lored Babbler, Arrow-marked Babbler.


 The starlings species includes; Greater Blue-eared starling ,Lesser Blue-eared starling , Hildebrandt’s starling ,Waller’s starling ,Red-winged starling ,Wattled starling .

 Thrushes and Allies

 The thrushes and Allies species includes; Abyssinian Thrush

 Old world Flycatchers

 The Old world Flycatcher species includes; Common Redstart ,Common Nightingale ,White-browed Robin-chat , Cape Robin-chat ,Rueppell’s Robin-chat ,African Gray Flycatcher ,Spotted Flycatcher , Rufous-tailed Rock –Thrush

Sunbirds and spider hunters

 The sunbird and spider hunter species includes; Golden –Wingled sunbird , Scarlet-chested sunbird ,Amethyst sunbird ,Collared sunbird ,Viriable.

Weaver and Allies

 They include; Holub’s Golden Weaver, Spectacled weaver, White-browed Sparrow-weaver, White-winged widowbird, Lesser Masked –weaver

 Waxbills and Allies

 They include; Common waxbill, Purple Grenadier ,African Fire finch

Indigo birds

Pin-tailed Whydah , Village indigo bird

 Old world sparrow

They include; Chestnut sparrow, Kenya Rufous sparrow, House Sparrow

Wagtails and pipits

 They includes ; African pipit ,Western yellow wagtail ,Cape wagtail, Yellow-throated long claw ,Sharpe’s long claw.

 Finches, euphonies and Allies

 They includes; Thick billed seedeater, Streaky seedeater, Brimstone Canary, White-bellied Canary ,African Citril

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