Bird Watching Equipment’s & Gears / Uganda Birding Safari

Bird Watching Equipment’s & Gears: Uganda is a top birding safari destination on African continent with more than 1090 bird species which can be encountered in different safari destinations such as national parks, reserves, protected forests, gardens, swamps and whatever step you take while in Uganda you can view a bird specie. To many may ask themselves how many days are good for memorable birdwatching on Uganda Birding Safari, they are 15 Days Uganda Birding where you can be able to watch all the three types of bird species such as Endemic species, Albertine species and migration bird species, accompanied with reliable guide.

Below are the useful equipment’s birders and outdoors lovers can carry for their own benefit in order enjoy Bird watching as listed;

 Monocular with smartphone Holder

This is still new system in birding as you can use your digital camera or smartphone to take photos through spotting a scope. The best way is to get your phone with the holder to take clear photos for your future remembrance.

Smartphone Telephoto Lenses

The use of smartphone camera is getting common year by year where you might often find yourself leaving your larger camera at home. On visit just throw your phone in the pocket as you prepare for your birding safari to the pearl of Africa.

Bird Watching Equipment’s & Gears
Bird Watching Equipment’s & Gears

Camera Backpack

On birding safari endeavor to carry a backpack and a camera to adventure more of bird species. On top of that, you can also pack snacks, field guide and snacks.

Field Notebook

This helps to keep your research about birding   ethics and feature bird anatomy diagrams for remembrance.

Water wiggler

This equipment is fully needed in birder’s bath to help keep the water in your bird bath on the move somethings that attracts bird species.

Right clothing

While on birding safari, you should always put on right attire like light weight long sleeved shirts and pants, rain jackets and rain pants, wide brimmed hat, short sleeved shirts, among others. A wide brimmed hat helps in protecting your head from sunshine you might face on day along walks or on open boat.

Meditation and First aid kit

Participates on birding safari your required to be in good health and measurements of physical activity must involve in all African safaris. At least on visit carry a long a small kit that should contain lip balm with sunscreen, aspirin m anti-histamines, whistle, Ibuprofen, antiseptic cream, useful tablets for diarrhea, rehydration powder, insect repellent, sewing kit among others.

 Pair of binoculars and spotting scope

 This is one of the most useful essentials when it comes to best equipment’s to carry with you on birding trip which helps to capture every moment during your birding safari in Uganda. Carry also the telescopes which is good in viewing into detail of some forest species as they spell out all the details of a particular species thus making a birding trip easy and memorable if you are swift to land it on the bird.

Bird Watching Equipment’s & Gears
Bird Watching Equipment’s & Gears

Water bottle

 Uganda is an equatorial country and generally warm for your birding tour though do not forget to pack a water bottle which will always help you hydrated during the trip its awe recommendable at least 2 liters of water everyday which is provided in the safari vehicle thus the need to have drinking water at all times.


Flashlight is very helpful during evening drives and night birding to make it easy to spot the nocturnal species of birds like Owls and Nightjars, also the predators like leopards, Genet cats, Hyenas and Lions.

Sound Recorder

This item helps the birder to recorder different unique sounds of bird species in the field for the life time remembrance.

Personal Documents –Copies

Birders are required to carry their valid passport with copies, travel insurance policy, visa application, yellow fever vaccination proof and flight itinerary.

Other useful essential you shouldn’t forget to pack with you include; warm clothing, cameras, tooth paste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer and hair gels all these are important during your birding safari in Uganda.

Best Time for Birding Safari in Uganda

It doesn’t matter on best time of birding but depends on bird lovers interest, however birdwatching in Uganda can be done any time of the year. Migrates bird species can be seen from November to April. Birders can visit Uganda from any time you’re comfortable with for your birding safari.

All in all, enthusiastic tourists wishing their goal of birding to come unforgettable life time experience always talk to your tour operator to provide knowledgeable guide who later create everlasting memories.

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