Birding in Uganda

Birding in Uganda is one of the top tourist activities that many travelers love to engage in since Uganda happens to have quite a number of bird species. Uganda is a paradise for birders with over 1000 bird species that are found in the country. Birding in Uganda is one of the key activities that most guests enjoy with a more successful experience. The country has a record of over 1000 bird species that contributes up to 50% of total bird species in Africa. It has a world record of 11% of the total world bird species. It’s just amazing news for birders for the country of the size of almost Britain covering only 90041 square miles. Uganda is regarded as one of the birding destinations with a high concentration of birds per square kilometer not only in East Africa but the entire world.

Birding in Uganda

The country’s diversified vegetation and bird habitats have greatly accorded credit to the much successful rate of the bird population. Uganda hosts a good number of migratory birds that come for breeding from different parts of the world. The country lies in the migratory route of the birds which shares more ecological zones of Africa which attracts different species of birds. The country is gifted with fresh lakes, forests, Marshlands, Savannah plains, Rivers, Mountains, thickets and other Semi-desert vegetation.  Birding in Uganda can be done anywhere in the country. Many birding enthusiasts wonder according to the size of Uganda and its popularity on Gorillas and other primates whether one can do Birding in Uganda. If you are one of them please the pearl of Africa is gifted by nature however much the birding activities are not very sound.

Uganda is located in the middle between the West African Rainforests, East African Savannah and the semi-desert on the North. Its location has boosted the number of bird species in Uganda. Uganda has over 150 endemic bird species in East Africa and only 2 in the entire world that the Fox weaver bird. The list of bird species can be categorized in mother or parent categories. Uganda has 7 of the 20 hornbill bird species that are found in East African region, 5 out of 14 honeyguides, 5 out of 20 bush family, 13 species of thrush family, 10 flycatchers, 11 species of warblers, 8 species of sunbirds, 8 species of weavers, 4 species of Tinker birds, 3 species of Kingfishers, 8 species of Finches, 4 pigeon species, 3 cuckoos species, 3 species of nightjars, 3 species of sparrow hawks and others.

Uganda has been identified as one of the best birding destinations in Africa by Important Bird Areas (IBA) 34 places in Uganda have been recognized by IBA as birding areas in which birders can fully explore for the best birding list. The protected areas are the hot birding spots followed by other echo systems like Mamaba swamp, Lake Bisina, and many others. It’s only your duty as the birder to use reputable tour operators that have great birding guides with experience. 

Uganda has specials with most of the specials are from West Africa and Congolese forest birds that are very rare and hardly seen. Congo tourism is still developing making it hard for birders to access the Congolese bird species but can be seen when they cross to Uganda long Mt Rwenzori, Semuliki Game reserve or Queen Elizabeth national park.

Best time for Birding in Uganda

Uganda climatic conditions allow the Birding in Uganda to be done throughout the year. The country is mostly dominated by permanent residents with few migratory birds. A large number of protected areas has made it easy for the birders who would like to spot specific bird species. With the guidance of the birding guides and consultants, you will be able to tell you which national park to go in order to spot such a bird. The great birding experience requires maximum logical and technical preparations. Experienced birding guide and consultant who will make parking list that makes you achieve your dream birding safari. 

Uganda longlist of birds can be achieved through patient long birding safari that takes from 7 days to 21 days. The birding trips are needs more time in order to achieve a long list of the birds. The country has specific destinations where specific bird species are viewed. For example, one has to go to Mabamba swamp for the shoe bill, Lake Bisina for Fox weaver bird and other destinations. The Ugandan bird list includes:

Shoebill, Rwenzori turaco, Great Blue Turaco, African green broadbill, Black Bee-eater, Karamoja Apalis, Nathan Francolin, Standard-winged nightjar, Green-breasted Pitta, Bar-tailed Trogon, Doherty’s Bushshrike, Black-breasted Barbet, Brown twinspot, Cassin’s spine tail, Black-collared lovebird, Ituri batis, African fish eagle, trilling cisticola, African-grey hornbill, cheeky bronze-tailed starling, blue-napped mousebird, red-necked spurfowl, greenwood hoopoe, barefaced go-away bird, crested francolin, brown parrot, African finfoot,  malachite kingfisher, Helmeted guinea fowl, Eastern grey plantain-eater, Coucals, African emerald cuckoo, pied kingfisher, Ross turaco, Marabou stork, Saddle bill stork, Hamerkop, African darter, pelicans, ostrich, Goliath heron and many more.

Birding in Uganda
Crasted Cranes (Birding in Uganda)

We can make for you the tailor-made itinerary that fits the key birding species at your list. Our guide will always brief you on the birds of Uganda with all the necessary required equipment that helps you attain your dream.

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