Canoeing experience in Rwanda : Rwanda is a landlocked country in the central Africa known as the heart of Africa, the land is known as “Land of a thousand Hills” with an area of approximately 26,338km2. It lies 75 miles southwest of equator, 880 miles west of Indian Ocean and 1,250 miles east of Atlantic Ocean . Rwanda borders with Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its capital city, Kigali Rwanda is a country full of surprises. It’s become one of Africa’s most sought after wildlife destinations-  here you have an opportunity to sight the endangered mountain gorilla, as well as buffalo, antelope, giraffe, leopards, hyenas and unique bird species. The unspoiled nature is not the only thing Rwanda will amaze you with. The Genocide Memorial, build to honor the victims of the horrific genocide that happened 25 years ago, provides a lot of food for thought. The country has however embarked on a new path of social, political and ecological development ever since and it’s obvious by its infrastructure and the local’s everyday life. Witnessing those efforts, along with experiencing the warmth and friendliness of the locals, turn this tour into a rewarding experience, combining both natural and cultural highlights.

The Canoeing experience in Rwanda can be either done at Mukungwe River or at Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo Twins Lake. A half-day adventure in lush countryside, on a gentle river near to Musanze. Spending your day in Rwanda is the best way of exploring the beauty of the country by taking a day canoe ride trip in Rwanda’s beautiful canoe spots. This adventure trip is a relaxing but yet a rewarding activity among Rwanda’s tourism offering that enables visitors to discover some of the unique attractions of Rwanda

The trip takes you all the way to Musanze in the northern province of the country to the beautiful and stunning of mukungwe river and twins lakes, Burera Ruhondo, for an exciting canoe ride. This canoe trips starts at Musanze

Lake Burera and Ruhondo Twins lake canoes experience

 While at a safari in Rwanda don’t miss to  take Canoe Ride Trip Twin Lakes, you will be taken to visit these two beautiful lakes, to explore their beauty, discover the wonderful adventures that surround them and usually tourists on this Canoe ride trip are usually thrilled by the unique scenery of these impressive blue lakes from their dramatic formation that occurred as a result of Volcanic eruptions, the stunning views of  numerous verdant islands within the lake, beautiful highlands and plantations in the surroundings and volcanic mountains that stand high from the backdrop.  On your Canoe ride in Twin lakes, there is also a chance to spot a variety of abundant bird species, learn about the real African rural life as you gently ride passing by the rural villages.

On this special journey with your local experienced guide, you will be able to soak up deeply into the tranquility of nature, discovering hidden attractions from the countryside, enjoy the fresh breeze of the calm blue waters as you paddle the waters in a modern canoe. The canoe ride experience  in Rwanda’s Twins lakes is done as either a gentle and active morning trip, or a relaxing afternoon adventure or a full day Canoeing excursion and this usually takes 3 – 8 hours floating on the waters which all creates fun and total excitement filled with adventure.

Mukungwe river canoe trip

The Mukungwe River is situated in the foothills of Virunga Mountains, Canoeing experience at River Mukungwa is an exciting safari adventure experience in Rwanda’s lush countryside, on a gentle river that lies near Musanze.  Explore a special way to travel, soak up impressive views, watch abundant bird species and look out for the otters, meet friendly local communities and find just a little excitement in modern canoes.

Canoeing River Mukungwa is done in two sessions, travelers can choose a morning or afternoon session, both session give you an amazing time in the hearts of the Rwandan country side. Canoeing is done by people above seven years of age. Mukungwe River is a home to incredible bird species with over 40 species of birds can be nearly spotted and over 20 aquatic species can be spotted in any single trip making it a perfect place for birders. Driving to Mukungwe River can only take few hours from Kigali. Canoeing at the river is the perfect activity for your trip to Rwanda the day before or after you visit the gorillas as it’s less than 30 minutes from all the main hotels near the Volcanoes National Parks Headquarters where you go for gorilla trekking.

All to know before going for a canoeing experience in Rwanda

Move along with your hat, sunscreen and wear light clothes such as shorts and a t-shirt that can get wet. A raincoat in the wet season and a towel and some dry clothes to change into at the end, just in case, are also a good idea.

 Note that canoes requires one to move barefooted, but footwear is necessary for when you get out at the end. Sandals work well and flip flops are ok.

In the wet season, whilst mornings are usually dry, it’s common for there to be rain in the afternoons. Thunderstorms tend to pass quickly, so we don’t cancel trips because it’s raining – even if it is heavy rain.

Canoeing experience in Rwanda
Canoeing experience in Rwanda

Canoe trip needs to leave promptly, so please be ready on time. There are no refunds for missed departures.

Do not come along with jewellery, phones, cameras and anything else that could be damaged by water or lost if it doesn’t float. And others

You can complement this excursion Canoe ride trip in Twin Lakes or Mukungwa River with your gorilla trekking or Golden Monkey activity in the Volcanoes National Park, or choose to have an escape day from the busy Kigali city schedules and visit the Twin Lakes for this amazing Canoe Ride adventure. Other fun filled activities on Twin Lakes include Boat trips, Guided walking tours around the magnificent lakes and other water sport activities. Talk to us about any Rwandan adventure of your interest and we shall well arrange for you a private and highly customized safari that will give you great moments in Rwanda.

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