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Chimpanzee tracking in Gombe Stream National park; First all, Gombe national park known as popular tourist’s destination for primates especially the chimpanzees and other primate’s species like Olive baboons, red colobus, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and vervet monkeys, of which the red tailed monkeys and blue monkeys are known to hybridize in the area. Furthermore, the park is famous as a great location where primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall pioneered her behavioral research which she carried on the chimpanzee population. In spite the fact that, she also began the kasekela chimpanzee community a home for habituated wild eastern chimpanzees that lives within Park, this community research center is featured in several books and documentaries that live in Gombe National Park.

Gombe Stream national park lies in western kigoma region in Tanzania just 10 miles north of Kigoma the capital city of Kigoma region which was created in 1968. The park is renowned for chimpanzee species although is one of the smallest national parks in Tanzania with about 35 square kilometers that enlarges its land along the hills of the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika.

The park is managed by Tanzania National parks Authority and home to over 200 bird species and along lake shores is the best areas to spot water birds such as Fish eagles ,palmnut vultures can be perched in the palm trees ,peter’s twin spot many more ,other bird species include ;palm-nut vulture ,Red-capped robin-chat .Red-chested cuckoo ,Double-toothed barbet ,Kenya rufous sparrow ,African broadbill ,Livingstone’s turaco ,Ross’s turaco among others ,Animals to see include ;snakes ,hippos and leopards and more than 100 colorful cichlid fish species.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe Stream National Park
Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe Stream National Park

However, the famously done activity in Gombe National park is Chimpanzee tracking experience and enjoying beach life, snorkeling  at Lake Tanganyika since it’s close to the park.

Chimpanzee Tracking Experience in Gombe Stream National park –Tanzania Safaris;

Chimpanzee tracking experience in Gombe; This activity is quite awesome encounter of you getting stunning opportunity to get close to our related cousins whom we share 98% of Human DNA. The experience starts early after briefing and then head out to the forest in search for chimpanzees but as your tracking you will get chances of seeing other small primates like red tailed monkey, blue monkey, vervet monkey and baboons as well as bird species can be seen. The moment you found them, park range guide will give you enough time to watch them on how they survive in the forest, enjoy their day activity of playing, feeding, grooming their younger ones as well as taking pictures as many as possible.

Rules and Regulations of Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe

Always follow the payment fees for chimpanzee tracking.

Chimpanzees tracking activity is limited to the age of 15 and above.

When you reach chimpanzee stay 6 to 7 meters away from them.

Do not litter rubbish in the park.

Follow the instruction given by your park ranger.

Cost of Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe Tanzania Safari /Chimpanzee Fees

People above the age of 16 years;

Foreign nonresident is charged USD100 per person per track, foreign resident is charged USD50 and East African Members –countries those are Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan Uganda and Tanzania pay TSH10,000 per person per day.

Children between the Age of 5 years;

Foreign nonresident child pays USD20, foreign resident child pays USD10 per person per day and East African Members child pays TSH2,000 per person per track. And children below that age are for free.

A part from chimpanzee tracking, there are thrilling activities to do in the park which are Nature guided walks, Game viewing, Birding, sport fishing in Lake Tanganyika as well as engaging in snorkeling and swimming in the famous Lake Tanganyika.

Best Time to Go for Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe

The park is all year around visited, however the best time without being interrupted with rainfall starts from June to late November. But still you can visit in wet seasons.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe Stream National Park
Chimpanzee Tracking in Gombe Stream National Park

Where to stay on Chimpanzee Safari in Gombe

Gombe Stream National park a beautiful safari destination with comfortable lodges in and around the park that makes tourists mind to be left behind for the next future visit. Lodges inside the park known as Mbali Mbali Gombe Lodge and around are Janda lodge, Sunset Vista Hotel, Lake Tanganyika Hotel, One-point lodge, Kigoma Hilltop hotel among many. Accommodations ranges from Luxury –Mid-range and Budget.

Accessibility: Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania can easily be accessed by Air or by Boat cruise and traveling by road is quite challenging due to the fact that the park lies in the rift valley and can easily be reached by water Transport from Kigoma town or by Air book a domestic flight in Kilimanjaro Airport or Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam which flies you to Kigoma airstrip, where you will take 10-minute boat trip to access the lodge or enter the park.

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