Cities in Uganda? Uganda is a country that is blessed beyond blessed and known to have a lot of thrilling attractions that carry lots of sightseers to come and behold the beauty that is within the country.

Uganda is a landlocked country but the state of urbanization has surely increased due to the fact that there are several cities that are found within the country.

Uganda has both smaller towns and urban centers across different areas of the country each of them with a unique history, cultural heritage, economic significance, and lots more, hence all contributing a lot towards the development of Uganda.

The cities in Uganda have contributed a lot to its growth and evolution playing a central role in shaping its driving progress in many sectors such as; politics, economics, education, and culture.

These cities represent the diversity and complexity of the country, economic dynamism, cultural richness, coexistence of modernity and tradition, and many others. therefore, these cities include;


This is the capital city of Uganda and is known to be the most famous city in Uganda, the city is located in the central region of the country boasting modern skyscrapers, and a rich cultural heritage and this can be learned more about in the surrounding historical sites that tourists can visit such as; Kasubi tombs, the Luburi palace among others. Sightseers can also get the chance to visit shopping malls and other safari areas such as; the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe International Airport, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, and so on.

Cities in Uganda?
Kampala capital city of Uganda

Mbarara City.

Famously known as the city of agricultural activities, Mbarara city is located in the Southwestern region of Uganda and it is an essential regional city strategically located within a region that is blessed with fertile soils hence making it a hub of agricultural production. This is the hometown of the president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, plus also the city has many schools and universities which play a crucial role in providing education and research opportunities within the country.


located in the Eastern region of Uganda right on the slopes of Mount Elgon Mbale city is famously known as the home of the imbaru culture in Uganda. Mbale city is nestled with attractive scenic beauty such as; stunning waterfalls, wanale ridge and several agricultural activities. Mbale City is also considered a crucial city for coffee production.


Masaka is located in the central region of the country famously known for its vibrant street markets and cultural heritage. Masaka is considered an important transportation hub and this is because the city has so many road connections which lead individuals to access other various parts of the country. And beyond, Masaka city hosts the annual Masaka cycling race this is a super safari activity to witness while on a Masaka city tour because this activity attracts many tourists who are both local and international participants.


located in the Northern part of Uganda, Gulu City is one of the most famous cities known to have a lot of cultural encounters plus also known for its historical significance. Gulu city is considered to be a hub for trade and transportation connecting the northern part of Uganda to the rest parts of the country.

While sightseers are on a city tour to Gulu they have the chance to engage in the famous and vibrant cultural festivals which include; the Acholi cultural festival carried out to celebrate the rich traditions of the Acholi people.

Aside from the mentioned cities, Uganda is known to have so very many other cities that are found in the country where tourists can visit while on a safari in Uganda and some of these include; Arua, Lira, Jinja, Masindi, Soroti, Njeru, Moroto, Mubende, Lugazi, Mpigi, Ntugamo, Mityana, Hoima, Kabale, Tororo, Bweyale, Nakasongola, Kira, Luwero, Busai and many others.

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