Congo gorilla permits, gorilla groups; In Congo –Democratic Republic of Congo Mountain gorillas-gorilla trekking can be found or conducted in Virunga National Park, in Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national and Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Volcanoes national park of Rwanda. These are the only three countries to see the unique mountain gorillas in their preserved inhabitant. Just know mountain gorilla trekking experience is worth an encounter and quite unforgettable.

Travelers who trek gorillas are given a period of one hour to spend with these giant apes.

Although Congo offers the lowest rates of gorilla permits among other two countries Uganda and Rwanda. Note, Congo country, also have discounted rate during low season   to tourists on budget thus making it easiest destination to do gorilla trekking.

However, Congo gorilla permits are cheaper than permits in Uganda and Rwanda. In Congo gorilla permits costs USD400 per person per day during peak season and in low season the price can low from USD400 to USD250 per person per day. Uganda gorilla trekking costs USD700 for foreign nonresident, USD600 for foreign resident and USD1,500 in Rwanda.

Where to book Congo gorilla permits; They can be booked inside Virunga National park by help of a reliable tour operator who knows what is happening on the ground. In Virunga National park you can also purchase visa processing, guiding services and transportation.

Congo Gorilla Permits
Congo Gorillas

Gorilla trekking experience starts early in the morning after briefing ,briefing is about the dos and don’ts of gorilla rules. After you will be headed by the park ranger guide who knows the movements of gorillas in the forest, gorilla trekking an activity which can last 30 to 7 hours depending on their movement. Once they are found, one hour is given to the trackers who are grouped in a group of eight people accompanied with a park guide. That one hour is to observe their unique behaviors and how they spend all day long in the forest. That one hour you will enjoy it with your lunch, picture taking as well as learning more about their life style.

Generally, Virunga national park is located in eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo which was established in 1925 near the city of Goma, covering an area of about 7,768 square kilometers to protect the great mountain gorillas and other species and a greatest place for gorilla trekking safaris. The park can be outreach by both road and air transport. Virunga national park is also listed on world’s heritage sites.

Below are the habituated gorilla families to visit in Congo mountain gorillas trekking;

Rugendo gorilla family

Rugendo gorilla family is one the oldest habituated gorilla family in the park which was previously led by a dominant silverback rugendo ‘’father of Humba leader of humba gorilla family’’. Currently, the gorilla group is led by Bukima silverback. By 1997 Rugendo family group had 18 gorilla individuals with two silverbacks known as Rugendo and Humba. Later on in 1998 there was some conflicts between Rugendo and his son Humba and humba ended up leaving the group with 10 members thus forming a new group named Humba and leaving Rugendo gorilla group with only 8 members. The group now owns with 9 members.

Humba gorilla family

Humba gorilla family is identified as the calmest habituated gorilla group in the park which is found in Bukima sector. Currently the family consist of 9 members led by dominant silverback Humba and is the most visited group by the tourist.

Kabirizi gorilla family

Kabirizi gorilla family once known as Ndunguste gorilla family which was being headed by a dominant silverback Ngungutse and its name was changed after dating with humble silverback Ngungutse in 1997. Unfortunately, dominate Ndungutse was murdered after being caught in cross fire between the Congo army and rebel group in the Bukima patrol post. After all that incident the group was named Kabirizi and now the group consists of 19 gorilla individuals led by a dominant silverback called Kabirizi.

Mapuwa gorilla family

Mapuwa gorilla group previously was led by a dominate silverback Mapuwa a son of Rugendo leader   and a brother to Humba a leader of Humba group who seemed to be strong to protect his family through difficult time. Currently, Mapuwa broke away from the group and now the gorilla family is led by the dominant silverback Mvuyekure consisting of 22 gorilla members.

Congo Gorilla Permits
Mapuwa gorilla family

Bageni gorilla family

This gorilla family is newly habituated gorilla family made up of 26 members lead by a dominant silver back Begini but facing stiff completion from other two silverbacks that is Kanamaharagi and Kitagend for the alpha role in the group.

Nyakamwe gorilla family

This is also a newly introduced gorilla family in Virunga national park but officially opened for Gorilla trekking experience, this gorilla family has 11 members which is under the leadership of Nyakamwe a dominant silverback. This group derives its name from its leader.

Munyaga gorilla family

Munyaga gorilla family was named after the famous group due to hosting an adult female who joined the group from Rugendo group Bilali who gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, both twins died in the infant stage. And currently the gorilla family is led by silverback Gasore managing a group of member of 7 though he faces challenges from other silverbacks.

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