Cultural Attractions in Kenya; Cultural Attraction in Kenya is one of the major highlights activities done on Kenya Safari this is because Kenya is a great location for unique encounter of indigenous tribes and taking a visit in Kenyan cultural tour is worth a visit. Meanwhile, having a chance to visit one of the unique tribes who remained so strongly on their traditional norms, you won’t regret getting into the expose of their traditional beliefs, dances, pastoral life, marriage ceremonies, polygamous, practices, step food and lifestyle. Visiting these tribes, you will imagine how friendly Kenyans are to foreigners. More so, Kenyan culture is so interesting in way that visitors who come on visit chosen to stay permanently after interacting with the locals.

 However, Kenya’s culture is more influenced by the expert workers, migrates and inter-marriages that happened when the first foreign settles arrived at the East African coast. More so, it is very easy to visit some of the most primitive tribes in Africa of which some can be embraced the modern ways of living in the major cities and islands and they normally tend to own cultural identity depending on the dominant tribe in the area. Note, English is the national language but Swahili is the dominant language. Each tribal group here speak their own language and Swahili helps them to unite every everybody.

Cultural Attractions in Kenya
The Masai People

You choosing to go for a cultural experience in Kenya, is the best done life changing experience of visiting unique culture of people in a new country but also erases any biases you may have about other people. It will help you to get to know how people behave in such way and what you can learn from them. In addition to that, you can combine visiting the Indigenous tribes living close to the national parks as well as visiting the local schools and central market to learn how people make a living. Or less you can visit our website where you can find things to do in Nairobi City Tour / things to do in  Maasai Mara. Or Cultural attraction in Tanzania.

Cultural Attractions in Kenya Safaris

Visiting the Maasai People at the Loita Plain in Narok;

While the Maasai are one of the few indigenous tribes in Africa that have left their culture unchanged. They are proud and confident people who have got a reputation as fear less warriors. The Maasai people attracts a lot of visitors because of their colorful garment, Jewelry and spear wielding habits.  These are people who depend mostly on their livestock and because of the live nomadic life in search of water and pasture.

They tend to live in communities that contains between 8 to 15 houses.  They usually built their settlements using thorn fences and bushes.

Tourists visiting to Maasai Mara tend to make a stopover at Loita plains in Narok, where you can be guided by a guide to the Maasai homesteads, visiting their goats, sheep and cattle. Also get opportunity to learn more about the history of the Maasai and their culture. Visiting in the evening the Maasai homesteads, you can also have chances to listen to folk songs, stories as well as entertaining your unique dances around the campfire, Cultural Attractions in Kenya.

Visit the Lou people /tribe in Kenya

 The Luo people are among the three dominant tribes in Kenya, who moved from South Sudan and traveled to Kenya through Uganda. Most of them live in Kisumu or the wider Nyanza province which is close to Lake Victoria. On visit to the Luo people, you get amazed of life experience through storytelling, and songs.

A visit to Turkana and El Molo

 The Turkana are found in the northern part of Kenya who are pastoralists like the Maasai tribes. Although the area where they live is arid that forces them to move from place to place looking for fresh pasture and water for their animals. They are commonly seen being employed in Cities or as fisherman in Lake Turkan.

Cultural Attractions in Kenya
El Molo

Visit the Kamba people in Machakos;

 These are one of the famous assertive tribes to visit in Kenya and most of them settles in Machakos town.  This town is now a developed town with lots of tourist attraction undertaken in recently years.

Visit the Samburu people

 Samburu people are close related   people to the Maasai. Just as like Maasai, the Samburu have not allowed western influences to damage their original culture. And their dancing style looks similar to the Maasai like dancing high in circles. They are also nomadic pastoralists who depend on their animals for survival.

The Samburu tribe feed on cow’s milk, meat and blood.

Visit the Bomas of Kenya

 Visit the Bomas of Kenya for a chance to see all the amazing different tribal groups in one place. On visit you will be allowed to experience and learn everything about Kenya’s different cultural groups.

Cultural Attractions in Kenya
The Bomas of Kenya

Carnivore Restaurant

On visit to Nairobi, take a visit to Carnivore restaurant where you will be able to find different major tribes of Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo, Luhya and Kalenjin in Kenya. Each night one tribe is featured in night to present a show off their traditional music, dance, food and local brews, it can be theme night for celebrate around.

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