Cyanika Border

Cyanika border is the Uganda-Rwanda border found in south western parts of Uganda and in the northeastern part of Rwanda. This border is located near Kisoro district from the Ugandan side and from the Rwandan side, the nearest town is Musanze also known as Ruhengeri.

Cyanika Border

The Cyanika post also has a system called MIDAS which has been put in place for better management of the border crossings. This system helps with inputting information about the people who is crossing and entering the country.

The Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS) system is a border management information system that helps in collecting, processing, storing and analyzing the available information across the entire border network. 

Institutions have also been put in place to ensure that the management of the border crossings is efficient for the people crossing and they include the Uganda National Immigration training academy in Nakasongola dstrict.i

To ensure security at the border, the Immigration and Border Management has trained officials on MIDAS and document inspection and immigration intelligence.

The Uganda Revenue Authority handles the Cyanika border from the Ugandan side and the Rwanda Revenue Authority handles the Cyanika border from the Rwandan side. These two authorities work together to ensure that tourists cross the border with less hassle.

An East African visa was introduced in order to make the crossing to other countries in East Africa easier. Other travel documents required to cross the Cyanika border for foreign residents and citizens include a valid passport or valid student id or national id which can also be replaced by a temporary travel document for East Africans without passports.

The East Africa visa is valid for 90 days for travel in and out of the East African countries. When the East Africa visa expires, a person cannot extend their stay and this visa cannot be used for employment purposes.

From the Rwandan side of the Cyanika border, the border operates for about 14 hours. The border operates from 6:00 am to 9:00 am on the Ugandan side.


The process in which a person wishes to cross the Cyanika border involves going to different offices before being allowed to cross the border. Some of the procedures include presenting travel documents, stamping of the passport at the customs office among others.

Cyanika border on the Rwandan side of the border is not far from some of Rwanda’s attraction sites such as Mgahinga national park and Volcanoes National Park. Cyanika border is about 9 to 10 hours’ drive from Kampala and 4 to 5 hours from Kigali.

Some of the transport means used by people to cross the Cyanika border include buses, special hire cars, and many others. Some of the bus companies which provide transport across the border include jaguar executive and trinity express.

Before crossing the Cyanika from the Ugandan side to the Rwandan side or vice versa it is better and favorable to exchange the currency to Ugandan shillings or Rwandan francs for ease in transactions.

This is another border that can be used by travelers on their Uganda Safaris to Rwanda safaris or on their Rwanda Safaris to Uganda.

Cyanika Border
Cyanika Border
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