Elephant Plains Lodge; This is a luxury lodge that sits on the most spectacular view point of the endless plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Which was built around 941 meters above the sea level and high upon the western escarpment of the Albertine rift in the north east of the park. However, Elephant plains lodge offers overlooking views stretching for miles over wide open grasslands to lake George.

The lodge was set up in 80 acres of untouched wilderness and only 2 minutes takes to access the park gate. This is the lodge where you have chances of sleeping closer to the equator ‘’N*S 0.0,25.175’’ with great views of the equator monuments to the location of Queen Elizabeth National park. Around lake Kikorongo its where the open plains merge into the crystal waters and seeing large numbers of Elephants coming to quench from the water thus the lodge name.

You can choose to do a combined safari gorilla with wildlife’s of Queen Elizabeth national park, from Bwindi- Queen it covers a short drive to the Kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth national park, which is an open savannah grassland filled with various wild animals and a great area to carry out your fantastic game viewing, birding and the place is a major breeding ground for the Uganda kobs which attracts a lot of lions and other big cats –area. This open plain inhabits diversity of wildlife species thus leading to rewardable photography.

The lodge has excellent and friendly staff who takes care of the clients. It also has a clean and big cottages which are well  designed.

The lodge is located few meters away from Kasenyi plains an open savannah grassland that inhabits wide range of wild animals to explore on your game drive while at the park. The area offers best adventures of game drive viewing, spotting of savannah bird species and a good ground for the breading of the Uganda kobs   staple food that attracts tree climbing lions and big cats to the area. The open plains attract a lot of wild animals as well as a good ground for clear photographic safaris which are extremely rewarding.

Activities to do while at Elephants Plains Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Game drive in the Kasenyi plains

 Queen Elizabeth National Park has two outstanding sectors where wildlife can be adventured that is Ishasha sector and Kasenyi plains. Ishasha sector best for exploring the unique tree climbing lions and other species while Kasenyi a great plain to explore range of wild animals. While on game drive in Kasenyi plain expect to encounter herds of buffaloes, giant forest hogs, warthogs, elephants monitor lizards, water bucks, kobs among other which can be seen during the game drive in Kasenyi as well.

Visit the Mweya Peninsula

 Visit the Mweya Peninsula a great wildlife viewing where you can see a lot of mammal’s roaming around the area such as waterbucks, warthogs, hyenas and giant forest hog among others, you can also drive to visit a Nyamunuka Crater Lake while on game drive.  Game drive carried out here, rewards you with great sightseeing of elusive leopard and spotting of herds of elephants. The Mweya peninsula is located close to the shores of Kazinga Channel where you can pay a visit and be able to encounter a hippo grazing peacefully mostly early morning and evening and in this isolated Mweya, you can be able to watch bird’s species like Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, Black Bee-eater, Malachite Kingfisher many more, Elephant Plains Lodge.

Boat Safari on the Kazinga Channel

This is a stunning nature site that connects between Lake Edward and Lake George, a great site to watch the world’s largest concentration of hippos. The best activity done here, is a boat trip that offers you a wonderful chance to view hundreds of hippos while laying lazy in the water. Crocodiles gives clear view in the morning hours while grazing at the shores of the channel as well as buffaloes and waterbucks come along to the banks of water to cool off. Occasionally, you may see elephants to around to take water for the thirst. However, Kazinga Channel is true birding haven where you can see Fish eagles, Spot pelicans, Kingfishers, Cormorants and the bright colored saddle-billed stork.

Elephant Plains Lodge
Boat Safari on the Kazinga Channel

Visit the Crater Lakes

While on visit at the park, you can go visit these impressive crate areas in the northwest region of the park and these crates were formed by the volcanic activity thousands years ago. Take a visit and explore a series of dramatic craters and dry calderas in the hilly landscape and around the area it offers spectacular views of the park and its surroundings. The area is also good to visit for birding where you can be able to see hundreds of flamingos and buffaloes plus other animals around.

Guided Forest Walk in Maramangambo Forest

A visit to taken here, you have chances of getting amazed lots of species which you can be seen a long forest trails where you are able to view large numbers of primates, butterflies ,birds ,Baboon ,black and white colobus monkeys ,vervet monkeys and chimpanzees can be seen  hiding in the trees  or down the bushes. Visit the Bat Cave which shelters number of Egyptians fruit bats and lots of pythons that prey on these bats.

Searching for Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha;

While on game drive in this areas, we ask you to keep your eyes open when your guide takes you for a search along one of the circuits in the southern sector. Other animals can also be seen around.

Cross the Equator

However, this was a temporary shelter to host Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Duke of Edinburgh during their visit in 1954. So after five years a permanent pavilion was built for the visit of Queen Elizabeth –the Queen Mother. At the site, there is a newly information Centre designed with internet facilities and a coffee shop.

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