Game Drive Safaris at Kidepo Valley National Park : Kidepo valley national park is one of the best Game drive destinations among national parks in Uganda. Kidepo valley national park is located in the north eastern part of Uganda lying in the rugged semi-arid savannah grasslands of Kidepo valley and it spans throughout the Karamoja region in the district of Kaabong near Karenga. Kidepo valley national park is approximately 410km by road from Kampala capital city. Kidepo valley national park was established in the year 1962 and is under the management of Uganda wildlife Authority. Kidepo valley national park boasts to have big game area that consists of over 77 mammal species and over 450 bird’s species some of which migrate while others are permanent residents at the national park. Kidepo valley national park sit on a ground surface area of 1,442 square kilometres making it one of the ideal game drive destinations in Uganda.

Game drive safaris has been possible at Kidepo valley national park due to favourable factors at the national oak such as the vast piece of land, the fairly low terrain, the semi-arid weather that has encouraged dry savannah grass lands that make it possible to create numerous tracks over which Safari vehicles can pass through while tourist view the different wildlife species. During game drives, tourist bord safari vehicles that are usually 4 x 4 cars with the presence and aid of well trained and armed tour guides take a trip around Kidepo valley national park viewing the different wildlife species at this beautiful natural wonder. Some of these wonderful wildlife species that can be viewed at Kidepo valley national park on a game drive include; Lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, leopards, ostriches, wild dog, eland, hyena, jackals, zebra, cheetah Jacksons hartebeest, oribi, klipspringer, antelopes, spotted hyena, warthogs, Guenther’s dik dik, caracal to mention but a few. These game drives can be carried out on an individual basis or as a group. To add on, game drive Safaris at Kidepo valley national park can be carried out both during day and night particularly for tourists to be able to view the nocturnal wildlife species.

Game Drive Safaris at Kidepo Valley National Park
Game Drives

Game drive safaris are one of major tourist activities at Kidepo valley national park. However, while on a Uganda wildlife safari at Kidepo national park , one can carry out numerous tourist activities such as;

Bird Watching; Kidepo valley national park is indeed birders haven as it boasts to be among the top national parks in Uganda filled with numerous bird species of over 450 different bird life. Kidepo valley national park is a UNESCO accredited world Bird heritage site thus making it possible for typical bird lovers to indeed optically feed their eyes. Some of the bird species at Kidepo valley national park include the following; Kori bustard, Karamoja apalis, red and yellow barbet, dark chanting goshawk, ostrich, Abyssinian ground hornbill, clapper tons’ francolin, pygmy falcon, Red billed oxpecker, black breasted barbet, white bellied go away bird, black coucal, verraauxs eagle, Egyptian vulture, Little green bee eater, Ethiopian swallow, superb starling among others. All these bird species make it possible for one to have a birding safari at Kidepo valley national park.

Hiking and nature walks; While at Kidepo valley national park, one can be able to utilise the various walking trails in the national park and go through the wilderness while spotting different wildlife species and birds. These nature walks should be carried out with the aid of a guide and nature walks can be used as a source of exercise and connecting with nature. It should also be noted that while carrying out nature walks, one should put on protective clothing such as long sleeve shirts, trousers and safety boots this shall aid in keeping tourist safe while in the Jungle. Tourists can also purchase insect to help protect them from insects that can cause harm to their health while on a Uganda wildlife safari at Kidepo valley national park.

Community tours; While at Kidepo valley national park, a tourist can take time and visit the neighbouring Karamojong community and learn many things about their culture, traditional wears, their traditional dances and songs. One also gets the opportunity to visit the different local markets and be able to purchase crafts souvenirs. Community tours at Kidepo valley national park can also be an avenue for language exchange and creating of international relations with the local people.

Kidepo valley is one of the best wildlife destinations and is best viewed during the dry season and months of January, February, June, July, November, December to mention but a few. However, one can visit Kidepo valley national park throughout the year and have the great opportunity to explore the different camping sites and have a great Uganda safari while at this great national park.

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