Is Nairobi National Park Worth it? Absolutely the answer is yes! Nairobi National Park is well worth a visit, even compared to Kenya’s other iconic parks. However, Nairobi has a perfect charm that sets it apart from other destinations. Between the low park entrance fees, plenty of guide options and of course location of the park is easier to be accessible safari destination in Africa. On visit to the park, tourists are lucky enough to explore lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras, iconic bird species and other large herbivores.  But the   great sights are those with the amazing views of both the black rhinos and the white rhinos within Nairobi National park.

The main selling attraction of Nairobi National Park are the resident rhinos. In fact, the park boosts one of the highest densities of black rhino in Kenya. To many persist that the park a great location to observe this endangered species in the whole country, if not the entire world. During the course of a three-hour sunset game drive, you can have chances of observing more different black rhinos in the park.

Is Nairobi National Park Worth it?
Is Nairobi National Park Worth it?

More so, Nairobi National Park is a home that estimates about 111 black rhinos and 24 white rhinos. Due to high population of rhinos that are increasing have made the park truly humbling compared to the number of rhinos in 1996. For that increase in number of rhinos Kenya Wildlife Services decided to declare the park into a Rhino Sanctuary for both species and introduced individuals into this urban safe paradise. In fact, Kenya Wildlife Service have positioned over 80 dedicated rhino rangers into the park for 24-hour monitoring of the wild rhinos. For this case, the rhino rangers are distributed in the park in order to ensure safety of animals from poachers on matter the time of day. Rhino rangers are 24/7 surveillance thus leading to the increased growth of the park’s rhino population.

According to safari in Africa, Nairobi National Park has become also hotspot for rewardable view of rhinos in the wild, one having a great adventure of family herds of white rhinos is quite unforgettable experience.

On visit to the park, tourists are free to visit the historic Elephant Ivory Burning site which is located inside the park’s main entrance. This historic space marks the impact of Kenya’s destruction of seized elephant ivory and rhino horn. The aim of ending elephant poaching leads to the increased population of elephants in the park and now is renown as world’s popular destination to host the largest population of elephants.  A visit made to Nairobi’s Ivory Burning Site a necessary reminder of the vital need for wildlife conservation effort and protection of the Africa’s wildlife species.

 On visit to the park, you can tour around the downsides of Nairobi National Park where you can be able to enjoy 60-foot-tall elevated railway bridge through the park and take a visit to Nile hippos and ostrich in their natural habitats next to the city of Nairobi.

Nairobi national park is located few meters away from the center of the city, which can be accessed easily both self-driven and safari vehicle van. Though many inexperienced drivers often clog the dirt roadways and recklessly break the park rules. The Kenyan officials continue to encroach on the park thus leading to the development of the land. For instance, the constructed of the elevated railway over the park in 2019 as lead to one of the park’s attraction. Ideally, Kenyan are immensely proud of their urban park that gives iconic view.

Along the visit to Nairobi national park you will never be disappointed to explore the wildlife population and a view of diversity of wild animals in their nature habitat with Nairobi’s skyline that goes mess to its beautiful back ground. Here, it is remarkably, to see wild animals in their nature setting thus compelling in the sense that we can coexist with nature.

Is Nairobi National Park Worth it?
Is Nairobi National Park Worth it?

However, taking a visit to Kenya’s other hallmark game park like Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli, Samburu or Tsavo, we still recommend you a visit to Nairobi National park.

Is Nairobi National Park worth? Simply because, there is no other place like Nairobi National Park, where you would be remiss to pass on experiencing this remarkable place, since its just 15 minutes from the city center ‘’Nairobi’’.

The highly recommend stay in while at Nairobi National park is at Ololo Safari Lodge which sits on the banks of the Mbagathi River on the southern boundary of the park.

It is believed that Nairobi National Park is definitely worth a place of visit to those interested in connecting with Africa’s urban wilderness and to a certain level to see high concentration of black rhinos.

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