Kasubi Tombs price rates 2024: Kasubi tombs are some of the most popular momentum places in Uganda and Kampala visited by almost all visitors that make it to the Ugandan capital of Kampala. The Kasubi Tombs are the burial grounds of the kings of Buganda known as the Kabakas. The place is also a burial place for other members of Baganda’s royal family.

The kasubi tombs are important first for the preservation of the Buganda culture but also for spiritual and political purposes for the Buganda people also known as the Baganda. In December 2001 the Kasubi Tombs became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are still that to this day.

In March 2010 fire gutted the sacred kasubi tombs destroying almost 70% of the tombs. This fire incident was believed to be an arson attack.

The tombs were then rebuilt by the Buganda government and well-wishers and were completed in 2019.

Since the fire incident, the Ugandan government together with the Buganda government have put emphasis on security measures at the tombs. Including during the restoration period. There is restricted entry to the tombs.

All tombs at the kasubi tombs are grass thatched.

Kasubi Tombs price rates 2024
Kasubi tombs

The main tomb at the kasubi tombs is the Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga. They are uniquely designed to stand out and Indee they are the largest of them all and the largest grass-thatched building on earth.

These were originally the lubiri or palace of Kabaka Mutesa 1 (35th King) before it was turned into a tomb upon his death in 1884.

The three kings after Mutesa 1 refused to follow tradition and chose to be buried in their own palaces.

Well now you have an idea about the tombs, here are the price rates for visiting these tombs in 2024.

The Kasubi Tombs price rates in 2024 though may change so always consult with your tour operator before you proceed.

Category Price
Ugandan Pupils 3,000
Ugandan Students 5,000
Ugandan Adults 10,000
East African Adults 20,000
East African Children 10,000
African Children 15,000
African Adults 30,000
Foreign Resident Children 10 Dollars
Foreign resident adults 15 Dollars
Foreign non-resident children 15 Dollars
Foreign non-resident adults 20 Dollars

The tombs can be visited all year round, any time of the year. The visits to these tombs are usually guided so you will get more information about them when you visit them.

A visit to the Kasubi tombs can be a top-up to your safari itinerary or even a leisure activity outside your itinerary.

A visit to these tombs takes about an hour or 2 hours, so you can also do it with other activities.

Basically, that’s it about the kasubi tombs but please be sure to consult with your tour operator such as Achieve Global Safari before you visit the tombs.

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