Kazinga Channel /Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safaris

Kazinga Channel Safaris; Kazinga Channel is a famous a tourist site that dominates feature of Queen Elizabeth National park, it is wide in size around 32 kilometers long natural channel that connects Lake Edward and Lake George. This channel is one of the tourist attractions to encounter in the park that attracts a range of animals and birds with one of the world’s largest concentration of hippos and Nile crocodiles.

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Lake George being one of the linking lakes to the channel, measures small with an average depth of only 2.4 meters and it is fed by streams from the Rwenzori mountains. The lake outflows its waters through the Kazinga channel which drains into Lake Edward with low water levels.

Unfortunately, in 2005, a large population of hippos were killed in the channel due to an anthrax outbreak, which occurs when animals eat remnants of vegetation in the driest months through absorbing bacteria spores that can live for decades in dry   soil. The channel is   described as a famous location to adventure wildlife species.

The Kazinga channel is the hallmark of hippo paradise a popular wildlife tourism area for fishermen.

The channel is perfectly sits  inside the Queen Elizabeth national park  and offers you to see a rewarding wildlife from the boat launch such as high concentration of hippos ,elephants ,buffalos , Nile crocodiles ,lizards  and variety of birds  including splendid Pied Kingfisher ,Malachite kingfisher ,Great White and Pink-Backed Pelican ,African Skimmer ,Open Billed Stork ,Saddle Bill Stork ,Great and Long Tailed Cormorants ,Die Derik Cuckoo ,Squire-tailed Nightjar ,Blue-napped Mouse bird ,Martins ,Swallows ,Swifts ,Grey –capped warbler ,Red-chested Sunbird ,Lesser Masked Weaker ,Yellow-backed Weaver ,Pin-tailed Whydah ,Little Bee-eater ,Raptors ,African Mourning Dove ,Nubian Woodpecker ,Pygmy kingfisher among others .

Kazinga Channel
Kazinga Channel

The Kazinga channel is a great location to encounter a wide range of animals along the channel’s shore and in water species and the best way to adventure them is during dry season when lots of species can be seen highly concentrated quenching for water. Furthermore, the channel is one of the world’s home to the largest population of hippos and numerous Nile crocodiles, which can be sighted on a boat cruise down the course of the channel or at the entrance of the panoramic Lake Edward. The boat cruise on the Kazinga channel is quite gainful experience and among the most preferred launch trip in the country. Boat cruise along Kazinga channel is operated from 3 pm and 5 pm local time while other sessions expeditions are done at 11 am and 13 pm but basing on the tourist’s preference. Boat cruise booking is done at Mweya Safari Lodge.

Worthwhile, the Kazinga channel composes of different sections like the North Kazinga and the Kasenyi plains. It is well known that the plains of this channel offers breath taking viewpoints of exploring the game. By embarking on a game tracking voyage, it’s the best way to adventure a range of wildlife living in this pristine natural area such as buffaloes, elephants. Other wildlife species are in habitat of grassland thickets in the northern Kazinga channel near to Mweya. However, the best rewarding place to adventure these lions is within the eastern part of Kasenyi plains and along Kasese road on which they can be seen on wait to the prey mostly the Uganda Kobs which is their best hunting food.

The best time to get rewarded with game drive is in morning hours and late in the afternoons. And the best way to identify the adequate information about wildlife within the park on Uganda Wildlife Safaris is to go with the park guide who will bring your moment of safaris more pleased on the Pearl of Africa.

Accessibility; The best away is to use a boat cruise which begins at the Mweya peninsular found few kilometers west of Kasese –Mbarara main road. All the vehicles access between Mbarara and Kasese through Katunguru. Or else you can hire a taxi which can be got at the Katunguru trading Centre.

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