Lake Mburo Camp; Is hidden gem small and intimate luxury camp located in beautiful setting with a related atmosphere overlooking various game thus an ideal place to enjoy the untouched African wilderness. This camp makes it easier to be a stopover Enroute to Bwindi National Park to encounter mountain gorillas in the hope of catching sight of a little savannah game and it is much more than a stopover.

  Lake Mburo Camp

Lake Mburo camp is definitely awesome place of stay during your safari to Lake Mburo National park, that sits within the park   setting in a commanding position on the side of Rwamahungi hill that gives spectacular views of Lake Mburo and its stunning surrounding eco-systems. However, it’s a peaceful place with great views of the lakes and the endless plains of the park as well as the surrounding country.

Despite the fact that, Lake Mburo is convenient place of visit to enjoy halfway point while driving between Entebbe –Kampala and Bwindi.

This camp is a small intimate luxury safari camp found within the Lake Mburo national park sited in a rewarding setting with a related atmosphere and plenty of plains game. It is an ideal place of stay to enjoy African wilderness in the midst of the roaring wild animals. The tour here starts and ends to Kampala –Entebbe Uganda.

Lake Mburo Camp
Lake Mburo Camp

The camp is luxurious and spacious tents designed on wooden deck with comfortable large bedrooms, en-suite facilities and verandahs overlooking the lake and valley. Sitting rooms, dining area and lounge they look luxurious.

They have nine tents   which were sent on wooden platforms with veranda, consisting of twin/double bedroom, dressing room and en-suite bush shower and toilet.

All roots are self-contained with hot water which is provided in the dressing room and for the showers, also bedding and towels and soap are all provided.

The camp is connected with solar power that provides lights in the tents. More so, the dining and bar facilities are also set on a raised wooden platform that offers a gainful sight on Lake Mburo.

They have well modified restaurant with professional chefs who are good in preparing all kinds of meals at every highest standard.

The camp has well organized staff, welcoming and friendly to guests.

Along your stay here ,you will wonder a lot of viewing variety of wildlife species at a close view since the area around the lodge hosts to many residents  of wildlife animals however ,be eager to see zebras ,civet cats ,warthogs ,waterbucks ,impala ,buffalo and to birders you’re able to view prolific bird life such as Hairy-breasted barbet ,Mosque swallow ,Blue-breasted kingfisher ,Blue-headed coucal ,Papyrus gonolek ,Red-faced barbet .Greater painted –snipe ,Brown-chested lapwing ,Bare-faced go-away bird ,African finfoot ,African scoops ,Yellow rumped tinker bird ,white-winged swamp warbler among others.,

Lake Mburo Camp is a sweat cool place to relax with a cold drink after a hot and dusty game drive.

Lake Mburo Camp
Lake Mburo Camp

 Visit the park with the mind of engaging in fabulous activities. Such as Game drive, boat cruise, birding, nature walk, cycling, horseback riding, among others.

The camp is located 4 to 5hours drive from Kampala on the Mbarara road.

On your visit to Lake Mburo national park, you can attempt to book this perfect tented camp in the grand safari tradition providing the only luxurious accommodation within the park at affordable price.

You can book with us Achieve Global Safaris for your comfortable stay while in African wilderness.

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