Map of Kigali City : While you visit Kigali city, there are a number of different activities in Kigali city that you can participate in for a rewarding safari experience in Kigali city among which include;

Visiting the Kigali genocide memorial museum

You can visit the Kigali genocide memorial museum where you will get an insight of the 1994 Rwanda genocide and the events that led to the unfortunate events in the country which led to the death of about 1,000,000 people in Rwanda. the Rwanda genocide memorial museum is free of charge for travellers interested in visiting it and it can be among the destinations you can visit while on your Kigali city tour.

The Rwanda genocide museum has a number of exhibition areas where you will get to watch the confessions from the killers, you will get to see how a number of people were killed, the children that were turned into orphans among other exhibits to see how far the country has come to become a safe destination to visit.

Kimironko market

The kimironko market is the oldest and largest market in Rwanda that you should visit while participating in the Kigali city tour. For the ultimate experience at the market, you should consider visiting the market after your Rwanda safari or at the end of your safari where you will purchase a number of items like souvenirs, you will get to engage with the locals from different cultural back grounds, you can also purchase a number of traditional attires for a memorable safari experience.

Map Of Kigali City
Kimironko market

Visit the restaurants

Get to taste Rwanda through a plate and get the opportunity to taste a number of tasty local dishes that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. With a number of dishes that you can choose from you will get to understand more ab out the culture of people of Rwanda through what they eat as you also get to expand your palate. Among the different local dishes you can taste include the isombe, Ibihaza, Ugali and many other interesting food dishes.

Inema crafts Centre

You can visit the inema arts center where you will have a memorable safari experience through art. Art the art Centre you will get to see how the vibrant colors are made by using animal and plant waste which is quite a fascinating experience to watch. At the center you will be  entertained by a number of cultural dances, you can visit the inema café where you will have the opportunity to taste some Rwandan coffee and many other rewarding

’’Make your way to Kigali city and get the opportunity to enjoy the best time explore the city of rolling hills.’’

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