Mount Muhabura Hike : Hiking to Mount Muhavura is one of the top tourist activities, which individuals can, do while on their safari in Uganda. However, hiking to this mountain is best for people who have good hiking skills and are physically fit because it seems tiring. More so, the hikers should also be free from conical diseases such as; heart attacks, pressure and many others or they are required to first have permission from their doctors. However, hiking is one of the adrenaline-thrilled activities that is necessary to do and a good experience for tourists exploring in the country on a safari.

Mount Muhavura is found with Mgahinga Gorilla national park, which is known to be a perfect destination, which is commonly visited because it is known for hosting large numbers of habituated and endangered gorilla species in the country apart from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Mount Muhavura is an extinct mountain due to its steepest and it stands at an elevated area of about 4,127 meters (13,450 feet) above the sea level.

Mount Muhavura is more strenuous to climb compared to other mountains such as; Mount karisimbi because it is steeper and tourists can be able to hike to top of the mountain within one day. In addition, hiking to the top rewards tourists with opportunities to capture classic views of other beautiful volcanoes such as; Twin lakes such as; Burera and Ruhondo. More so, another interesting to know about Muhavura is that its crater lake is situated next to its summit and the vegetation cover around this area is always dry compared to other volcanoes in the country.

And the name Muhavura was derived from a “Kinyarwanda” word which means a sentinel due to the fact that it’s delineate shaped therefore it can even be seen from Rwanda. More so, the word Muhavura in Rukiga language in Uganda means “the guide”. And while hiking to this mountain, tourists get chances to sight see many wildlife species along the way such as; golden monkeys, buffalos, rhinos, African bush elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, gorillas,  blue monkeys, baboons, and Vervet monkeys, like black and white Colobus monkeys. There are also some mammals which include; antelopes, hyenas, warthogs among others and several bird species which include, bronze sunbirds, dusky turtle dove,  olive woodpeckers, double collared sunbirds , Rwenzori batis,  the speckled mouse bird, olive pigeons, paradise fly catchers, olive thrush, regal sunbirds and many more all found in the bamboo along the mountain slopes.

Mount Muhabura Hike
Mount Muhabura Hike

Mount Muhavura, which is also commonly referred to as Muhabura, is considered as one of the extinct volcanic mountains situated within the Virunga ranges. In addition, Uganda and the Republic of Rwanda share this mountain. Therefore, tourists should not that they can choose to hike this mountain from either Uganda or Rwanda whichever country they prefer and have the most exciting experience of your lifetime.  In addition, tourists hiking to this mountain are always accompanied with well-trained and experienced guides from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. More so, Hiking to  Mount Muhavura in Uganda is not so challenging an activity, as compared to hiking other mountains in the country like Mount Rwenzori and Mount Elgon among others.

Hiking Mount Muhavura in Uganda takes about eight hours, covering a 12 kilometer round trip to the mountain’s summit and back down its base. Once at the top of the mountain, hikers are rewarded with beautiful views of the Virunga mountain ranges on a clear day. Other stunning views that hikers are likely to sight while on the mountain include; Lake Edward, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the summits of the Rwenzori’s. Hiking activities usually start at exactly 7:00am every morning and Hikers are expected to arrive at the park’s headquarters or visitor center in Ntebeko. The head ranger at the national park first briefs hikers and later park rangers/ guides are allocated to each group of hikers. In addition, for individuals who have their big interests in hiking to mount Muhavura are encouraged to purchase their hiking permits, which are charged at a cost of about 75, USD per person which they are also advised to book in advance.

Besides hiking to Mount Muhavura, tourists while exploring in Mgahinga national park can opt to engage into other tourist activities such as; guided nature walks, caving, the Batwa trail experience, bird watching, wildlife viewing, gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking and many others.

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