Murchison Falls national park game drive safaris are off beaten life time activity where everyone would experience in life because you enjoy more of the nature while on the game drive in several designated game drive areas within the park. Being Murchison falls national park Uganda’s largest park that hosts the magnificent power full waterfall in the world with its beautiful sights towards the tourists.

The main areas or tracks that rewards with great sights of game drive in Murchison fall national park are Victoria track, Delta track, Albert track, Queen track and Honey track, each provides remarkable sights to the travelers. Such as delta track where there are gainful chances of seeing the lions in the wait for prey as they go to quench for thirsty, the Buligi peninsula and the southern part of the park famously known as the heart of Murchison.

Buligi Peninsula

The park’s prime game viewing area is best done in Buligi Peninsula, a triangle of grassland bounded by the Victoria Nile connecting Lake Albert and the Albert Nile keeps on flowing out of it. Along this area expect to see elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes and always keep your eyes open to see lions and leopard. This game track where the network converges at Delta point where the Nile flows north out of Lake Albert, this is a stopping area for refreshments and view numerous waterbirds offshore and distant hippos in their fool. On game drive we recommend you to carry your digital camera for future photography.

It’s also visitor’s time to explore more about the nature and the plains of the park probably in a hot air balloon mostly in the west of paraa, its more rewarding and interesting trip for the trip to those who normally experience it.

Heart of Murchison

It is found in the southern part of Murchison Falls national park area covered by bush and forest, just know its fabulous tract of savanna rolls down to the river from the Rabongo road in the very central of the park. Recently, vehicle tracks have been opened in this area where lots of herds of Uganda Kob is sighted and has become known as great location for lions. The heart of Murchison is positioned 20kilomters east of the Masindi-Paraa road.

There are many species animals of which can be spotted on game drive while on Uganda wildlife safari. By 2016 giraffes were translocated to this tracking area and now the possibility of seeing these giants on the Honey Moon track is high.

Murchison Falls National Park Game Drive Safaris
Murchison Falls National Park Game Drive Safaris

However, Murchison Falls game drive is one of the best way to adventure the rich diversity of wildlife, nature on largest open savannah grassland of the park. The park harbors to different wildlife species including 451 bird species and over 76 mammals such as herds of elephants, herds of kobs, African buffaloes, waterbucks, Jackson hartebeests, lions, giraffes, bushbucks, warthogs among others. If you’re lucky you can spot leopards and hynes before they go back to their hideouts. While on game drive you can also be able to watch birds of the air mostly the cattle egrets, horn bills and many more. They are widely seen on open savannah grasslands, grazing or hunting for prey and all these species makes the park’s landscape so interesting and memorable for a game drives while on a Uganda Safari.

Murchison falls famously known as the world’s most powerful waterfalls and the most visited park on Uganda safari. The park lies on the largest piece of land covering 3840 square kilometers a home to diversity of wildlife, located in the Northwestern region of Uganda, estimating about 5-6hours drive from Kampala. Being the country’s oldest and largest national park  ,you can be able to spot the Big 4s except the Rhinos  that  became  totally extinct by 1983 and  were re-introduced in  Ziwa Rhino sanctuary  in 2015 which can be spotted along the way to  Ziwa Rhino sanctuary the same route to Murchison Fall national park ,perhaps to make a total of big fives ‘’5’’ .Tourists can choose to combine a tour to Murchison falls to Ziwa Rhinos for rhino tracking activity ,which is 1 hour tracking these species whereby the nature they leave  is more rewarding with its green vegetation.

More so about the park is bisected by the renowned River Nile famously knowns as the longest River in the world and it is bisected into two parts the Northern bank and the southern bank, where boat cruise and hiking on the top of the falls with rewardable sights of fall can be done during your safari to Murchison.

Best Time to Do Game Drive in Murchison Falls

Game drives is all year round activity and nothing amazing to do it on large piece of land as you could be able to watch the predators like lions make move after their prey, just know its future remembrance experience since most antelopes are hunted down and killed without noticing. The best way to observe them is during dry seasons when the grass is short   and game viewing is worth it. Then during the rainy season, the grass is bit tall thus challenge in seeing the species clearing thus leading travelers to miss out other mammals.

In Murchison Falls there are two main scheduled game drive; the morning and evening game drives which takes 2 to 4 hours adventuring the species of the park. However, game drive is more enjoyable in the morning from 6:30am after your breakfast or go with your packed lunch boxes you can enjoy while viewing. The evening   game drive starts around 4:00 pm local time.

Murchison Falls National Park Game Drive Safaris
Murchison Falls National Park Game Drive Safaris

Uganda safari game drive in Murchison falls can also be enjoyed on the Northern bank of the River Nile within the park, covered with savannah; thus tourists getting rewarded on an open clear ground. It is such an ideal experience.

Vehicles Recommended for Game Drives

There are different vehicles which can be used, comfortable, spacious with a pop up roof in order to have clear photography and sight of the wildlife species. The best recommended vehicle for game drive is 4×4 wheel vehicle. This can be a van, small or an extended land cruiser in good mechanism. You can as well use a group of coasters for bigger groups or saloon cars. You can also do a self-drive with an armed park ranger guide with you. Addition to that, always follow the park rules during game drives.

Lastly, game drive in Murchison Falls national park leaves you with quite unforgettable memories even when you are back home. Not forgetting to carry your digital camera.

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