Nature Walks and Hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park goes together with hiking because of the fact that this is a very hilly area and hiking is something that you can hardly avoid. There are several amazing places that you can always visit during your trip to Mgahinga national park. These are always guide nature walks, armed escorts are provided to walk along with you during your nature walk and so will the help of your guide, you will visit and see the scenery as well as the different tourism attractions in the area, Nature Walks and Hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Hiking to the Sabyinyo gorge

This hike trail is 6-kilometre-long and it goes along a really amazing mountain stream which meanders through that very dense forest covered by mainly the African-Montane kind of vegetation all the way to the gorge. This is a very rewarding nature walk, the hike may be tiring to a number of hikers but at the end of the trail, you will be amazed. On a very clear day, you will have a clear view of those ragged peaks of Mount Sabyinyo.

Nature Walks and Hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park
Hiking Mount Sabyinyo

This hike usually takes about 5-6 hours because the truth is it relatively hard to hike but what is more attractive about this hike is the fact that on many occasions hikers get to meet primates like the Golden Monkeys, small antelopes like Duikers and many other mammals. The bird watchers will really enjoy this nature walk as they will be able to see a number bird species and the commonest is the Rwenzori Turaco specie which is one of the commonest species therefore one of the many that you can never miss seeing.

The Mount Sabyinyo gorge hike will take you through this really thick forest until you get to this really deep Sabinyo Gorge, it helps reveal the real height of Mount Sabyinyo and it’s a really great destination for birding therefore chances of finding the Rwenzori Turaco are really high. You will go through Rugezi Swamp- also a great destination for those interested in bird watching, Hiking to the Sabyinyo gorge.

There is the border trail/ walk

This walk to the border is yet another interesting nature walk that takes you through the different vegetation covers. It’s a relatively easy walk taking about 5 hours only and you will be walking through the lower areas of Mount Sabinyo occupied by the montane forest. Once you get to there, you will have that clear view of Mount Sabinyo Gorge and Sabyinyo peaks. Hiking is normally done during the morning hours because it can be really tiring especially if you are not an expert hiker.

You can hike up to the caldera located on top of Gisozi hill, this is looking out of the nearby the nearby town which is Kisoro town as well as the Bunagana town. There are several other captivating features that you will see once you get up will many your day.

Visit the visitors’ centre or the viewing platform

This is easiest nature walks you can take good for those that cannot handle either hiking or walking for long. This walk takes about 40 minutes, you get to visit the visitor’s centre which is located at the entrance of Mgahinga national park and from there you get all the information you wish to know about the wildlife in that park, the different volcanoes and the indigenous people-the Batwa too. This viewing platform is found 800m away from the visitors’ centre in the south and from that platform, you will have a view of the 3 volcanoes but mostly Sabinyo. In the north, there are farmlands, there is Lake Mutanda, there are highlands and you can also see part of Bwindi forest and then in the west, the Rift Valley in Congo is very visible.

Price quote for hike/nature walk

Nature Walks and Hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park

Nature walks and hiking activities are charged and the fee collected is used to pay for the ranger/ escort and the guide who will be walking with you in the jungle.  This is one way of giving back to the community.

The Sabyinyo gorge walk costs $30 for the foreign Non-residents travellers but the foreign residents pay $15 and then the East African residents pay 15,000 UGX only. The hike to the Caldera is a free activity, it’s a lodge based activity and can be organized with the help of the hotel where you will be spending your nights.

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