Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park is among the unique game viewing activities in the national park where game viewing is done at night. This activity offers great chances of seeing the nocturnal wildlife species such as hyenas, hares, porcupine, honey badgers, white tailed mongoose, jackals, serval cats, bush pigs, civet, galagos, leopards. 

Night game drives safari in Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park is located in the western part of Uganda and is the nearest national park to Kampala. This national park is characterized by beautiful scenery such as acacia woodland, wetlands, and grassy hillsides.

Description of game drives and other wildlife viewing activities

The night game drive in Lake Mburo national park takes up to about 2 hours as tourists explore the savanna in the dark and this activity is carried out using a spotlight that helps in providing light for seeing the wildlife species in the nightfall.

Night game drive in Lake Mburo national park are at a fee of USD 60 which includes the services of a ranger guide and they take start from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm and last for about 2 hours.

During the night game drives, tourists are accompanied by trained ranger guides who keep them safe from any form of danger as they engage in the game drive. Uganda Wildlife Authority cars are ideal for this activity and they offer great opportunity to see the nocturnal wildlife species due to their pop up roofs.

Armed ranger guides who accompany tourists during the night game drive at a cost can easily spot the different nocturnal wildlife species since they are knowledgeable about the national park. Night game drives can be done in a tourist vehicle with the help of an armed ranger or in a Uganda Wildlife Authority vehicle.

It is also not advisable for children below 15 years of age to go for night game drives in Lake Mburo national park. Other national parks in Uganda where the night game drives can be carried out include Queen Elizabeth national park and in Murchison falls national park.

Best time for game drives in Lake Mburo national park

Game drives in Lake Mburo national park are best done during the dry season in the months of June to September and from December to January when the various wildlife species can be seen at the water points in the national park.

Other game drives in Lake Mburo national park include morning game drives and full day game drives which provide tourists with options of getting the best wildlife viewing safaris in this national park. during the morning game drives, a variety of wildlife species can be seen in the national park since they are more active at this time of the day compared to the evening and afternoon game drives when the chances of seeing the different wildlife species is slightly less but not totally impossible to see the wildlife. 

In Lake Mburo national park, other ways of seeing the wildlife species include horseback rides and nature walks. Nature walks are a unique way of experiencing the wilderness of the national park and they involve guided walks in the plains of the national park as tourists view the variety of wildlife species and see the different attractions in the national park.

Horseback riding is an exciting way of exploring the wild in Lake Mburo national park and this involves riding horses through the plains and seeing the different wildlife and bird species as well as other attractions in the national park. 

Wildlife species 

The different wildlife species in Lake Mburo national park include zebras, impala, warthog, waterbucks, eland, giraffes, oribi, reedbucks, buffalos, and many others. Bird species in this national park include the shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warbler, African finfoot, saddle-billed stork, cisticola, African fish eagle, brown chested wattled plover among others. 

Other activities that can be carried out in Lake Mburo national park apart from game drives include Fishing, boat trips, walking safaris, cultural tours, horseback riding, nature walks, and birding.

Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park
Night Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Accommodations in Lake Mburo national park

The different accommodations in Lake Mburo National Park include Rwonyo rest camp, Lake Mburo and Rubanga forest. Rwonyo rest camp is the starting point of many of the tourist activities in this national park.  

How to get to Lake Mburo national park

This national park can be accessed by road from Kampala- Mbarara- Masaka route. Lake Mburo national park has two access gates which include the Sanga gate and the Nshara gate.

Explore the wild in the dark and see a variety of nocturnal wildlife species by visiting Lake Mburo national park for a night game drive.

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