Planning a family trip for 2024 : Trips are refreshing for everyone, from the young ones to the older person trips give you so much to appreciate and take in. Especially if the trip is away from you normal every day setting to another location that is new fresh with different and cool vibes. Trips are everything.

2024 is here upon us, and it’s a good year to take trips to those places you have been thinking of planning to visit for a while or years. It’s the time to take that trip to Africa, a savannah wildlife trip, a mountain gorilla trip, a chimpanzee trip, a hiking trip, a cultural experience trip, the list is endless. It’s time to take that trip.

Well it’s not only time for you to take that trip but it’s time to take your family and friends along with you for the experience and the fun the adventure, memories, special time together among other things. It’s time to making lasting memories with your family members outside their everyday home setting.

But as enticing as it is to have a trip with a family for safari and leisure, it’s also quite tiresome planning a trip like that because of all the nitty gritties you have to consider and have intact before you go for the trip.

And to help you get you in planning well, here is a breakdown of the things you may need to do in your planning to help you:-

Get details

It’s important that you get all the details that you need about the trip you want to take, travel requirements for every member of your family, the requirements for the place you are going to visit and what you need to have as you get ready for making it to that country, among other things.  Contact a tour consultant and let them lay down all the details for you. Getting all the details will help you to make decisions, get your planning right and it will be less tiresome for you.


After getting all the details you will now have to use that information you have to make the decision you need to make. You will definitely make the decisions based on your preferences; family needs budget, time you want to travel among other things. You will also use the information you have gotten to decide which safari destinations and activities you will be taking on etc.

Deposit or book

If you have made your decision its now to be more practical, book or deposit on that safari. Usually for you slot to be secured at any safari place or hotel you will need to send in a certain percentage of pay. That shows your commitment and also helps the people responsible to prepare for you and your experience when you finally make it.

Planning a family trip for 2024
Planning a family trip for 2024

Start preparing for the travel and activities

After you have made the bookings, you can now go a head with your family and start preparing for the trip, in terms of getting all your needed documentation in order, getting the necessary requirements, asking for that leave from work, getting a house sitters etc. If you are doing activities like mountain gorilla trekking, hiking or anything strenuous you will have  some physical trainings to boast your abilities.

Complete payments and go for the trip

When all is set you will complete all your payments and then you and your family will set out for your long awaited trip. And since you have done all the heavy lifting already. Here you will only be going to have the fun you need and deserve.

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