Primate Lodge is a famously renown Ugandan safari accommodation found amidst of beautiful nature, scenery and serenity in the heart of Kibale National Park. More so, the park is well known as home with high concentration of Chimpanzee individuals and boasts of over 13 different species of primates, birds, beautiful butterflies and other mammals.

Primate lodge Kibale’s located at the edge of the tucked deep in the forest and lied next door of the starting point for chimpanzee tracking excursion and fabulous chimpanzee habituation. The two activities are breathtaking life experience on the African continent.

The lodge consists of nine ‘’9’’ spacious –en-suite luxury cottages. Each room is secluded deep in the forest for maximum privacy and a breath taking nature feeling. They are comprised of 2 double size bed   and one king size bed, a sitting area with two comfortable arm chairs, a reading table and designed with large veranda that offers excellent views to the forest.

The lodge also offers honeymoon cottages as a double occupancy and it is very comfortable with honeymooners, anniversaries and the hopeless romantics who can also enjoy private lounging and dinging at the extensive cottages. They also furnished with private veranda that seems to go right into the forest.

Primate Lodge Kibale boasts with perfect amenities such as, a massage parlor, spacious dining terrace, spacious dinning terrace, complimentary room services, a secluded lounge area with a small library, an evening campfire, free laundry services and free Wi-Fi in the public area.

Primates lodge Kibale –Facility –Kibale National Park

Restaurant; They have excellent restaurant located in the lush greenery. They have spacious dining room where your delicious meals to be served, both international and traditional African dishes.

Lounge area; It is an open furnished area with comfortable large chair  ,sofas and soft cushions  ,thus making it the unforgettable place to unwind and listen to the chattering of the red tailed monkeys in the dense branches.

Camp Fire; They have a campfire place where guests sit and jazz with other guests or guides who tells them interesting story, as you enjoy your drink.

Dietary requirements; They offer special dietary requirements.

What to bring; Essentials to carry include; Casual light clothing, sun hat, sun lotion, comfortable hiking shoes, warm jersey, binocular, torch, insect repellent, sunglasses among others.

Valuables; Personal items are kept at the main lodge.

Power supply; The main lodge and rooms are equipped with electricity which is connected with solar power.

Activities to do at Primates Lodge Kibale –Kibale National Park

They include Chimpanzee tracking, chimp habituation experience, forest walk, Bigodi swamp walk, Nocturnal walk, birding, visit to the tea estates, hike at the slopes of the Rwenzori mountains, Cultural heritage and nature trail, exploration of the Crater lakes, Sebitole forest among others.

 Chimpanzee habituation experience; This is an amazing activity in Kibale National Park where chimpanzees are trained to get used to human presence for tracking, the chimpanzee habituation process takes over 2 years and when the park range notifies that are fully used to people face to face.

Chimpanzee habituation experience starts in the morning with a briefing at the park headquarter where you will join a team of researchers, trackers, park guides hiking through forest trail heads in search of chimpanzee under habituation process.

This activity can take four hours while watching them in their nature inhabitants with great opportunity to learn about their habits, lifestyle, behaviors, feed, breastfeeding, hunting ,mating ,resting playing ,making their nests for the nights which gives unforgettable life experience on your Uganda safari to Kibale National Park Uganda.

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