Queen Elizabeth National Park Boat Cruise : Queen Elizabeth National park is one of the top visited safari destination on Uganda Wildlife Safari, a great location to adventure a wide range of wildlife species with over 95 mammals ,600 bird species among other species, which can be viewed on an area covering 1,978 square kilometers and it’s under the management of ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority, listed on world heritage site.

In Queen Elizabeth national park boat cruise is adventured on Kazinga channel –a water channel that connects lake George and Lake Edwards which is a 40-kilometer-long stream of water located beneath the famous Mweya peninsular just near Mweya safari lodge.

One engaging in boat cruise at Kazinga channel gives you a different experience from all that you have had in Africa. The boat cruise at Kazinga channel is also one of a great highlight of any Uganda safari. This may seem to be sound of your best experience to Uganda when you visit Queen Elizabeth national park and have a chance to enjoy the cruise as you get close to the natural features on Kazinga channel.

 The boat cruise can take 3 to 4 hours experiencing the nature guided by professional guides, the guides who gives you all the information about the boat cruise and the history of Kazinga channel as well as about the wildlife along the shores of Kazinga channel during the boat cruise. They are free and willing in whatever help you may need from them; guides will also briefly explain to you about communities neighboring Kazinga channel. Boat cruise is an ideal experience on African continent.

This activity has two sessions in a day, the morning and in evening hours. The morning session starts at 11:00 am till 1:00 pm and the evening cruise begins at 2pm and ends at 5 pm. Although sometimes the rounds of the boat cruise are increased to 3 in order to cater for the demand of the visitors. The boat cruise is quite interesting experience along the channel as you explore more about wildlife such as animals, birds, reptiles among others.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Boat Cruise
Kazinga Channel

On boat cruise at Kazinga channel, you will experience it in a 20 seat vessel along the channel as you learn about the wildlife along channel shores. You will also learn about the behaviors of the hippos who always move far distance in the night eating grass and trek back into water during the morning hours before the sun comes out. They behave this way because they have a lot of fat beneath their skin and the sun chocks directly to their skin –they have no far on their bodies so sun enters quickly.

Furthermore, along the boat cruise, you’re likely to see crocodiles in the morning grazing on the ground. You will also have other chances of watching buffaloes, elephants and if you’re lucky you can also see water bucks, sitatunga antelopes and bushbucks many more.

Originally, Kazinga channel is naturally attractive to lots various species of birds this being defined as an important birding area ‘’IBA’’ by the birding international. During the boat cruise experience, you will be able to encounter some of the bird species such as African spoonbills, African fish eagle, pelican, African skimmers, great cormorants, African fish eagle, African skimmers, goliath heron and shoe bill stork among others.

Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel is such a unique and exciting activity where you can enjoy the boat while having your aroma tea on the luxurious King fisher ferry of Mweya to many whom call it the Kazinga Channel boat cruise of Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Boat Cruise
Kazinga Channel

With no worry of where to stay during your safari to the park. However, Queen Elizabeth national park has classic accommodation facilities such as Mweya safari lodge, Park view safari lodge, Jacana lodge and Mweya hostels among others.

Travelers who are natural lovers on your safari to Uganda do not hesitate to add Kazinga channel boat cruise experience on your bucket list or Itinerary. An experience that brings nature close to you while relaxed on your seats or enjoying photography of water species and nature surrounding. Just an ideal encounter  experience to the pearl of Africa.

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