Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort is a spacious safari lodge located in Ruhija region one of the four habituated gorilla sector where gorilla trekking is conducted in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. To access it takes about 9 to 10 hours’ drive and by flight from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi airstrip to land you to nearby airstrip- Kihihi airstrip takes 1:30 minute. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park famously known as a home to high population of mountain gorillas, birds, various butterflies and mammal species many more.

Why you should use Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort for comfortable stay It’s that the resort offers good astonishing activity gorilla trekking, friendly staff and welcoming who works hard to make your stay worth it. They also involve in local conservation and community building.

The lodge is comprised of comfortable room types; Canvas tents and twin bedrooms

Canvas tents are mounted on raised platforms and each owning landing and impressive view of unwinding Bwindi Impenetrable forest as well as birding.

Twin Bedroom; They have good twin bedroom which are comfortable for visitors in groups.

Self-camping; They have enough space safe and very comfortable for the self-camper’s night stay in midst of the jungle

Ruhija Gorilla Resort Forest –Room Features

While on visit to Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort Campsite you will quietly enjoy clean and comfortable rooms well furnished.

Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort
Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort

There are many accommodation options;

Safari tents consists of;

Double self-contained designed with one classic room

Twin self-contained designed with one perfect room

Triple self –contained designed with two comfortable rooms

Twin non-self –contained with two nice and comfortable rooms

Single non self-contained designed with three spacious rooms.

Other services offered at Ruhija Gorilla Friend Resort Campsite;

They offer full stork shops with cold drinks like soda and water.

They offer spacious dining hall where your delicious meals are served.

They have well levelled camping ground for safe and comfortable stay.

 They have specious restaurant with skilled chefs who are good in serving perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They have perfect tent hire for camping and community walking experience

Activities Offered at Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort

While at the lodge you can engage in various comfortable activities in and outside of the Bwindi National Park as explained below;

Community walks; This activity is quiet a stunning activity done in Ruhija very popular here, that allows you to learn more about the people in more amazing ways. The experience can be arranged to visit local herbalists, local waterfalls, a local blacksmith and cultural dances. You will be guided with skilled ranger to accompanies you and be able to spot various nature species, enjoy picture taking and meeting up local people interact with them.

Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort
Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort

Hiking in the nearby village; You can go visit nearby villages where you can be able to meet up with Batwa people listen to their storytelling, get entertained with to their amazing traditional dances, learn how to prepare their traditional food among others.

Visiting schools; You can know more about the local community through visiting the local schools.

Community handcraft shops; While visiting the Ruhija village, you will be able to access several handcraft shops where you can buy various pieces of art and memorabilia to remind you of your stay in Ruhija.

Birding around the camp; While at the campsite ,you can go for birding and be able to encounter numerous bird species like ;Regal sunbird ,Ruwenzori apalis ,Neumann’s warbler ,Mountain masked apalis ,Many-colored bush-shrike ,Handsome francolin ,Blue-headed sunbird , Grauer’s broadbill ,Cinnamon-chested   , African broadbill ,Black bee-eater ,Black-billed turaco ,Black-faced warbler ,Blue –headed sunbirds , chameleon and monkeys that come around due to the natural forest which are planted around the campsite.

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