Sezibwa falls activities; Sezibwa falls are quite remarkable adventure located 32 kilometers along the Kampala Jinja highway. It’s a stunning place with a result of water squeezing through a narrow opening of rocks and dropping at great speed into a big pool that measures about 14 meters deep. More so, the falls are characterized by several rocks with sharp edges and with a large pool below and offers wonderful views of waterfalls, bird species many more to thrill while on Uganda Safaris.

The word Sezibwa is in Luganda word which means something endless and the falls are considered as cultural and spiritual site for the Baganda people in that they believe in the supernatural powers around the river Sezibwa. Furthermore, the place is believed for a traditional legend that concerns the origin of Sezibwa River and Sezibwa falls according to the belief of the Baganda people who live in the area.

Traditionally, its believed that there was a woman named ‘’Nakangu Tebatuuse’’ who had an issue with her husband named ‘’Nsubunga Sebwaata’’ and she left her marital home to her parents’ home. But her father told her to go back to her husband and sort out their marital issues and she was accompanied by her mother who escorted her near to her home.  As she approached her marital home she got tired and she decided to rest and as she rested she gave birth to twins in form of water which is believed to turn into River Sezibwa and Bwanda.

Sezibwa falls –Activities/Things to do at Sezibwa falls


Sezibwa falls is a beautiful natural land scape a place that boosts with over 200 bird species thus making it one of the stopping location for birding.

Sezibwa Falls Activities
lizard buzzard

Birding can be done around forest ,water areas ,gardens all you need is to carry a pair of binoculars and be able to view notable different bird species such as African finfoot ,emerald cuckoo ,red billed paradise flycatcher ,black necked weaver ,red headed malimbe ,olive bellied sunbird ,long tailed cormorants ,Yellow wagtail ,speckled mouse bird ,striped kingfisher ,lizard buzzard ,grey backed carmaroptera ,dark capped bulbul ,white throated bee-eater ,western nicator ,Toro olive greenbul, Ross’s turaco, Ashy flycatcher ,Red headed malimbe ,black necked weaver, great blue turaco many more.

Rock climbing at Sezibwa falls

 This is one of the most done and enjoyed by visitors who enjoy hiking through your body requires fitness to make it. During rock climbing you will be able to climb up to the top of the rocks, slope down the falls and also move across the rock till you reach at the designated endpoint. While climbing there is high chances of spotting wildlife species such as skinks, snakes, lizards and many more and if you’re lucky you reach the top you will definitely have spectacular views of the waterfalls, river Sempaya many more.

Visitors who lovers of rock climbing you’re required to wear protective gears because you never know you may land on sharp object and happen to get accidents.

Sezibwa Falls Activities
Sezibwa Falls Activities

Cultural experience

While on visit here, you can do cultural experience which is led by an experienced local guide who will tour you around different areas for example the falls, there are traditional shrines where local people tend to come worship and perform cultural rituals, visit primary schools, sugarcane and tea plantations many more. You can join them and learn more about the ancient cultural practices of the local people and ancient gods, Sezibwa Falls Activities.

Guided nature walk-hiking

This is an interesting activity that allows you to get up close and person with wildlife species in the area. Guided nature walks, you will be led by a tour guide who will help you walk around the falls, forest, farms as well as having amazing view of beautiful tree species such as Ebony trees, Mahogany, Bamboo, Fig tree, Musizi, Eucalyptus, plant species which are used by traditional doctor. You will also be able to view primates like red tailed monkeys, butterflies, vervet monkeys, reptiles like squirrels, lizards, snakes like African cobra, green mamba many more.


Around Sezibwa falls you can do camping since it is located near waterfalls that give rewarding views of falls, enjoy the sweet sounds of the waterfalls and birds, wildlife around your camping site as well as enjoying cool fresh environment many more. If you don’t mind about eats, food and drinks can be got from Sezibwa falls Resort or else you can carry your own food depending on your choice.

Best time to visit Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls can be visited throughout the year but the best time is during dry season that happens from June to September and December to February. Through visiting this area in dry season it makes walking safaris passable compared to the wet season when the trails are slippery.

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