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Ssese Island is one of eighty-four ‘’84’’ beautiful Island where you can unwind yourself on vacation, holiday or honeymoon with your loved one, its best place for the honeymooners, located in the northwestern part of the Lake Victoria in Uganda. This famous Island enlarges within the Kalangala district in southern central Uganda which does not have any territory on mainland.

Moreover, Ssese Island   occupies the northwestern side of Lake Victoria ‘’the second largest lake in the world, and the largest island among the eight four island is called Bugala Island which is found in Kalangala approximately 51 kilometers across water body in the southwest of Entebbe in wakiso districts. The Ssese Island lies in two main groups referred to as the Bugala Island and Koome Island and other Island in the Bugala group you can prefer to visit include Bubeke, Bubembe, Bafumbira, Bukasa, Bugaba, Buyova, Funve, Serinya and main Islands in the Koome Group include Damba, Koome and Luwaji.

In spite the fact that, Ssese Island’s thriving archipelago of 84 Islands composed of white sandy beaches, clear waters and tropical forests. The tropical forest where you can do a guided nature walk and be able to spot primate species such as vervet monkey, sitatunga, antelopes and notable bird species.

The Island is a home of unique things which are object to the visitors and landscape is scenic with lots of activities to engage in. Ssese is very diverse.

The most done and enjoyed activity is swimming which can be practiced at Mutambala beach. You can also hire bicycles or quad bikes best way to explore the beauty of the Island.

On visit you can also visit Buggala the largest and most developed Island for tourism. Or visit a privately owned Banda Island with its serenity beauty. While visiting here, we recommend you to carry good novels for reading as the best done thing to do here as well as sunbathing.

You can choose to venture onto the lake canoes can be hired, do fishing and most caught fish species on lake; Tilapia and Nile perch.

Travelers who are animal lovers, can visit Ngamba Island famously known as Chimp Island – a Chimpanzee sanctuary set up by the Jane Goodall Foundation. On visit you can view chimpanzee in their fenced ground, feed them, take pictures among others.

Visit Bulaga Island a perfect place for nature walks with diverse terrain of rocky outcrops and woodlands, meaning there are many interesting trails to choose from and good opportunities to encounter rare bird species and wildlife species.

Ssese Island
Ssese Island

Things to do around the Ssese Island

The Island has clear water free from bilharzia perfectly for swimming and viewing. You can do swimming at Mutumbala beach on the Buggala Island which as popular spot from which to swim.

Don’t get worried of dangerous quadric species, Ssese Island is free from hippos and crocodiles. You can choose to do swimming in the hotel pools instead if you’re scared of bilharzia.

Fishing which is increasingly turning popular now days and the Ssese Island as amazing fishing spot for tilapia and the most caught fish in Lake Victoria is the Nile Perch. On fishing trip you can do it with a licensed boat operator fully registered by the ministry of Fisheries. If you choose to book with us Achieve Global Safaris, this will be our work to arrange for you everything required for the comfortable trip.

Fishing equipment can be hired or you can carry your own equipment.

Travelers feeling to enjoy the adventure the area around the Island, you can do quad biking very interesting, you can drive along the rocky cliff tops ,sandy beaches ,through the tropical forest and if it is lunch time stop by one of the local fishing villages for have lunch and a chance to learn about local culture. Quad biking is experience in difficult terrains so need to be energetic also.

Where to stay –Ssese Island

Ssese Island has both hotels and lodge comprised of budget and mid-range choices. There is no luxury alternative.

Best Time to Ssese Island

Ssese Island is best visited during the cooler dry seasons from the month of June to October.

During these period of the year, Island experience less rain and activities can be enjoyed like wildlife viewing opportunities, swimming and sun bathing.

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