Things to do and see in Pian Upe game reserve : Pian Upe wildlife reserve has earned the title of being one of the best destinations in Uganda because of its attractions that have supported variety of activities to do while staying in the reserve. If you want a place where you can avoid crowds of tourists like what happens in the Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park, then Pian Upe game reserve is the perfect place for you to go. Pian Upe wildlife reserve is located is located in the North Eastern part of Uganda in Nakapiripiti district strategically located to combine with visit Sipi falls and Mount Elgon national park in Eastern Uganda and Kidepo national park safari in North-eastern part OF Uganda. Below are the most interesting things to in Pian Upe wildlife reserve

Game viewing safaris

Being the second largest conservation area with area coverage of 2,275 square kilometres after Murchison falls national park, there are plenty of wildlife safaris to explore in Pian Upe wildlife reserve. Although Pain Upe wildlife reserve cannot be rated as high as Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park in terms of density and diversity of wildlife, it is worth visiting when traveling to Uganda. Pian Upe wildlife reserve is the only place in Uganda where we find Roan antelopes and the Cheetah even though Kidepo national park had been marked as the only national park to find the animals thus Pian Upe wildlife reserve is the second place in Uganda where we find the cheetah. While on a guided safari to Pian Upe wildlife reserve, expect to see animals like Jackals, Hyenas, Cheetahs, Cape Buffalo, Roan antelope – it is only in Pian Upe wildlife reserve where we can find this fine looking antelope, Dik Dik, the great Kudu, Uganda kob, Waterbuck, Aardvark, Velvet and Patas monkeys and Olive baboons and birds like the giant Ostriches. Various types of antelopes especially the roan antelope, baboons, velvet monkey, the strong vocalized Patas monkey, Zebras, Buffalos, Dik Dik, birds to mention a few are the easiest to be seen and with a bit of luck, you can also spot the cheetahs. Predators found in the reserve include; the wildcats, Jackals, Spotted Hyenas, Civets, Serval Cats, the mysterious Leopards and prides of Lions are reported to periodically seen in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

Things to do and see in Pian Upe game reserve
Game Viewing in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Game viewing can be challenging given the inaccessibility of trails however, with a good 4X4 vehicle, the trials can do passable. To have a great experience of the animals in Pian Upe, you need a minimum of 3 Days Pian Upe wildlife reserve to fully experience the game in the reserve. The reserve is still untouched with low numbers of visitors, so widens your opportunity for game drives in private and intimate experience, dismissing crowds that can be seen in other national park. Morning and evening game drives are the best time to see most of the animals with the dazzling sunsets and sunrises for example every morning the sun comes out behind the mountains and descends over the horizon in some of the most fascinating sunsets.


It is no secret that Pian Upe is the one if the best destinations for bird watching in Uganda with spoilt eco-environment in Uganda which has attracted unique bird species making the reserve a birders Haven. There are demarcated trails in the reserve that give birdwatching experiences in the rerserve, Things to do and see in Pian Upe game reserve. Some of the bird species that can be encountered include; the Karamoja Apalis which is endemic to north-eastern part of Uganda, the rare Ostriches which can also be found in Kidepo national park. Other bird species to be found while in Pain Upe wildlife reserve include; Superb sterlings, Green bitta, Secretary bird, Abyssinian ground hornbill, the rare shoebill stock and the Fox weaver bird which is also an endemic bird species. It’s

Things to do and see in Pian Upe game reserve
Superb sterlings

Community tours

To learn about the culture and ways of the people living around Pian Upe wildlife reserve, go for a guided community visit and learn about their traditional weddings and marriages, traditional dances that you can take part in, and their raiding activities for cattle. The cultural experiences are very interesting with people of rich cultural and tradition experiences that is exciting to see even though they are known to be hostile in the early days of their settlement. The Karamojongs are best known for their pastoral practises. The cultural visit to one of the local Karamojong community near the reserve will offer you an exciting cultural experience on a rare cultural music, dance and drama performance by the locals most especially the famous Edonga dance.

Mountain climbing safaris and guided nature walk

Pian Upe wildlife reserve has surrounded by hills and mountains that offer hiking experiences including Mount Napak at 2,538 meters, Mount Kadam at 3,063 and Mount Moroto which is at 3,083 meters high. While in Pian Upe wildlife reserve, visitors can opt to climb Mountains that are less challenging like Mount Kadam and Mount Napak. Hiking safaris only offer sightseeing such as the Napedet cave, Things to do and see in Pian Upe game reserve.  Napedet cave is a popular ancient recreational place for the first inhabitants of this area who would gather to engage in painting before the area was gazetted as a national reserve, while at the caves, tourists will be able to see odd paintings of Roan Antelope, Hartebeests, Baboons, as well as Giraffes which once move to the reserve’s open plains. Hiking to the Napedet cave requires is one of the best experiences of hiking while at Pian Upe wildlife reserve. This hike tests one’s physical fitness levels, working on health levels and granting awesome views of the reserve’s ranges.

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