Top touristic places to visit in Nanyuki Town ; However, there are several different top touristic places you can visit on Safari Tour in Nanyuki Town which attracts a lots of visitors on their safari to Kenya Safaris. Below is the highlight of   places to visit in Nanyuki town as follows;

 Ol Pejeta

 OI pejeta is one of the best places to visit while on visit in Nanyuki town and it’s among the most visited sites in Kenya, worldwide is recognized for housing the last two remaining Northern White Rhinos in the world.  It also good in handling the innovative breeding program which may see the re-emergence of the extinct species.  However, the remaining rhinos are both females but seed from recently departed male rhino which has been used to create embryos. So it is very important to bring the species back from the edge of extinction.

Top Touristic Places to Visit in Nanyuki Town
Ol Pejeta

The OI Pejeta is also a great location to chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya and the sanctuary often helps to rescue chimps from abusive captivity from all over East Africa. More so, it’s a home to big fives, also comprised of vast green landscape, river and its location gives a beautiful moment of view of the Mount Kenya emerges from its wonderful cloudy cover.

Mount Kenya

Visit the Mount Kenya on your next visit to this beautiful town ‘’Nanyuki’’, you will have a gainful view of Mount Kenya which sits over 5000 feet composed of glacial peaks that rises above the equator. More so, Mount Kenya sounds as the second highest mountain in Africa and the first highest in Kenya. Although the peak no longer exists because it was covered for many years by the ice cap which brought the mountain to 7000 feet high. The ice cap melted and now over 11 glaciers thus making their way down the slopes of Mount Kenya.

 Here are three peaks of Mount Kenya which are the Giant heath, Afro-Alpine Moorlands, Large stands of bamboo and various canopy forests that make up a National Park and National Reserve over 2,100 square kilometers.

On visit here, you can engage in Mountain biking, hiking, fishing and game spotting. You can do mountain climbing to the main peaks such as Batian and Nelion where you will also be able to experience rock climbers.

 Visit Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

 While on visit to Nanyuki town you can opt to visit Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy that lies at the foothill of the Mount Kenya with its rewardable vie. The conservancy is a home for pristine wilderness and wildlife species which can be spotted on your visit, animals to encounter include; leopards, buffaloes, elephants, buffaloes, giant forest hog among others. The conservancy also rescues orphaned wild animals including a breeding program for the bongo and the rare white zebra.

Visitors on Kenya safari to Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy can visit animal orphanage where you can be able to learn about how they survive within the area and also have chances of seeing mountain bongo, leopards, cheetah, pygmy hippo and other local animal species.

Top Touristic Places to Visit in Nanyuki Town
Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

Ngare Ndare Forest

 Ngare Ndare Forest its every stunning forest with its greener environment filled with an indigenous forest located in the foothills of Mount Kenya which serves as an elephant corridor connecting Laikipia and Samburu.  The forest is well fence to prevent from farmland after generations of human and elephant clashing.

Still Ngare Ndare Forest it’s a nice place that boosts with comfortable   swimming pools and crystalline waterfalls that run alongside the bank of the river.

While on visit here, you are able to experience canopy walkway which is 40meters feet, go through high aerial bridge that connects to nearly half kilometers through the tree canopy and extending for 450 meters. The walking experience done along here, provides a great view of the river from this elevated vantage point. Canopy walking safari is one the most done activity together, Top Touristic Places to Visit in Nanyuki Town.

 Trout fishing and Trout Tree Restaurant

However, the best trout fishing is best done high up alpine lakes and rivers of Mount Kenya. For easy outreach, you can visit the Trout Tree Restaurant for fishing experience as well as for the freshest trout meals in the area. The area looks beautiful with surrounding arms of sacred fig tree, brown rivers, circular trout pools as well as lush forest.

 On visit, you can enjoy the place and spending the afternoon contemplating nature as well as catching your own supper.

Mount Kenya Climbing Gym

 One wishing to get in training for climbing Mount Kenya. You can be first trained with a sweet little café. This climbing gym sit to town between one stop and Nany

At the climbing gym, there different routes to suit both beginners and expert climbers. The club organizes trips both people and impressive

Walls and pinnacles which are suitable of all levers.

Visit Nanyuki equators sign

 The Nanyuki equator is a rewarding site filled with a lot fun where you can be able to have stope over for photography. Still, you will be attracted with water flows in a different direction in the northern and southern hemisphere is quite rewarding.

Top Touristic Places to Visit in Nanyuki Town
Nanyuki equato

Visit Loldaiga Hills

 Take a visit to loldaiga hill ranch which measures 49,000-acre livestock ranch and wildlife conservancy with spectacular view of Mount Kenya and scenic view of Aberdares. On its peak provides a stunning views of wildlife and the Lolldaiga range which is a series of folding hills and archaeological. Visiting Lolldaiga you will be able to visit cave paintings and burial mounds back to its early mankind.

Visit Chaka Ranch

   The Chaka ranch is located just near to Kiganjo, a place that boosts with a lot of activities where you can zoom around on Quad bikes, go for roller skate through obstacle courses and indignity of plant balling. Although the park’s activities are more focused on kids, nice café to feed the large groups. You can choose to stay since they have overlooking camps and permanent bandas.

Visit Sagana River

 This is one of the places to enjoy white water rafting along the river good for the entire family. You can also do Kayaking along large stretches of the rivers but can only be done by the adults, yet kids can enjoy bob in small boats or join their parents in trying to sail under a waterfall. On visit you can opt to camp and have your comfortable overnight stay in bandas such as; Savage Wilderness and Rapids Camp. The river sits around 40 minutes away from Nanyuki town.

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