Tourism Activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve ; Maasai Mara National Park is hallmark safari destination famously renown on African safari and Worldwide tours .More so ,it is one of the most popular and important wildlife conservation and wilderness areas in Africa  with exceptional population of big five mammals can be adventured such as lions ,elephant ,cape buffalos ,black and white rhinos with other many wild animals including lions ,African leopard ,cheetah ,African bush elephants as well as  hosting world’s event of great wildebeest migration which  is secured as one of the seven natural wonders of Africa and ranks as one of the ten wonders of the world .In regards to world’s nature event of wildebeest migration ,wildebeest ,topi ,zebra and Thomson’s gazelle migrate into and also occupy the Mara reserve from the Serengeti plains to the south and Loita Plains towards pastoral ranches to the north-east from July to October it’s when these three herds of species becomes resident in the reserve.

3 Days Big Cats Safari

However, Maasai Mara has a beautiful Mara ecosystem which is comprised of the Mara Triangle, Maasai Conservancies including Koiyaki, Oi Chorro Oirowua, Lemek, Siana, Maji Moto, Kerinkani, Oloirien, Ol Derkesi and Kiimintet. Furthermore, the park is too large to enjoy your full day game drive viewing and other activities Maasai Mara national reserve is located in Kenya Rift Valley Province, with an area covering about 1,510 square kilometers to protect bio diversity of wildlife species and over 500 bird species including vultures, secretary birds, hornbills, marabou storks, crowned cranes, ostriches, long crested eagles, African pygmy-falcons and lilac-breasted roller among others.

Tourism Activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve

However, Maasa Mara is one of the most visited parks not only in Kenya but entire Africa because it boosts with unique attractions and scenic land scape where tourists enjoy wildlife adventure and other fabulous activities in Maasai Mara, as highlighted below;

Game Drive Viewing Safari

This is the most popular done activity in the park, recommended  with 4x4wheel open roof safari van or Land cruiser in order to enjoy a great close view of the wild animals but observing the park regulations.

Tourism Activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Game Viewing

In Maasai Mara, game drive is carried out in three sessions: Morning Game drive, Evening Game Drive and Night Game Drives.

Morning Game Drive

The morning game drive is the most rewarding session  to have a great chance of spotting all the animal species since morning hours  animals can be active and fresh looking for food of the day in an open savannah grassland and best time to see cats on hunt before the sun gets out hot .Though during hot times can also be a great time of seeing diversity of animals around waterholes quenching for water ,yet during hot times of the day cats are nowhere to be seen in hidden quiet areas relaxing and resting thus hard to see again.

Evening Game Drive

 Evening game drive is also a fantastic experience which starts in late evening at around 4 pm until 6:30pm. During evening game drive it’s a final catch up of the game while they are out of their hides on hunt and sun bathing especially the reptiles. And best time to see variety of wildlife species assembling for their resting.

Night Game Drive;

Night Game Drive is quite incredible activity which can be done with a guide and armed ranger and it is more favorable to those interested in seeing nocturnal animal in the park most especially seeing the cats hunting at night and other species.

Despite the fact that, Maasai Mara is one best Kenya safari destination in the world where a tourist can have spectacular game drive viewing to explore lots of animal species like more than 1000 species of mammals. Likewise, the Migration season which attracts millions of visitors to visit the park, such amazing world’s event takes place between July and October, it can be an event of watching millions of wildebeest as crossing the Mara River from Serengeti for new fresh pasture and water. More so, it is can be a great time for them they come for breeding which attracts more predators especially the big cats since the prey can be in place.

Maasai Mara can be reached all year around with the gainful time during green season which you can be able to encounter millions of animals both migratory and permanent residents are present at the park.

Nature walk

 The park is gifted with beautiful scenic landscape and the activity is best done during evening hours. During walking safari, you need to be guide by armed park ranger even though the park is monitored and cared for by the local community thus giving much opportunity to guests to have their leisure walks both inside and around the local community. This activity is more enjoyable and makes you active during the trip, you can be able to learn more about the different vegetation zones of the reserve, behaviors of the animals, relationship between the local and so many others.

Walking safari in Maasai Mara is one of the interesting activities, you get time of experiencing the hidden treasures of the park, enjoy the wild on foot while meeting up with locals putting on local sandals, the Masai people who you will interact with , share a lot of excitements as you explore the reserve looking for wildlife. You can enjoy the reserve on foot as you getting as far as the Mara River to witness the wildebeest migration if you’re in the right season of explore.

Hot Balloon Safaris

This is truly a humbling activity where tourists can be able to explore the best Ecosystem of Maasai Mara in an aerial view. Just know the activity is quite incredible experience on African continent ,it starts early in the morning with light breakfast  and be driven to the meeting point  ,meet the pilot for briefing then enter to the balloon and set off as we raise higher approaching the sky ,the experience can take between 1 to 2 hours depending on the weather of the day as you enjoy undulating beautiful scenery of the great rift valley ,observe the cats on their hunts  while on the sky of the reserve with rewardable aerial view and great photographic opportunities .

Tourism Activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Hot air Balloon

You can enjoy your heavy breakfast in the bush as they prepare the balloon for great experience. Or you can go for balloon safaris very early in the morning and then after come back for your bush breakfast nothing is exciting to have your light breakfast in the true African wilderness.

Picnic View-Birdwatching

Maasai Mara is best for game drive but also a birding haven with over 500 species of birds among these 45 bird species are prey. Birding in Maasai Mara can be done in open savannah, river banks, rocky sides and Great Rift Valley Escarpments. Note, birding can be done all year around on Kenya Safaris.

The park host variety of migratory birds annually between October and February and while the months of June to July birders can be able to see weaver bird and bishops as they come for breeding.

Birdlife species to encounter in Maasai Mara include; Ostrich, Rosy-throated long and Magpie shrike, Secretary bird, Sooty chat, African fish Eagle, Hadeda Ibis, Sacred Ibis, Grey Heron, Hamerkop, Marabou stork, Rufous-bellied Heron, Great Egret ,Grey Heron ,Little Bittern , Cattle Egret

Cultural Tours

 The Maasai culture is one of the unique culture in the Africa with their own interesting life styles, they are pastoralists who rare more animals and are the people who leave near and around the reserve for more than hundred years now with unchangeable traditions, norms and customs. These are the people who have stickled on their traditions.

Cultural tourism is one of the belief which have sustained tourism in Africa and the Masai people always win their award. So let us support sustainable tourism through community or village tours, Tourism Activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Horseback ride safari

 This is one of the best experience one should engage in, in order to experience Mara’s treasures on open way of exploring the scenic landscape as you ride closer to animal species, it’s an off truck experience that allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze of nature. This activity is done with well-trained game ranger in order to enjoy more animals as you get closer to them even touching on their backs.

Tourism Activities in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Horse Back Rides

Wildebeest Migration

This is the most exciting experience in Maasai Mara National Reserve which has attracted many all over the world to visit the park on the wildebeest event but this depends on green fresh pastures which attracts the wildebeest to cross Maasai Mara from Serengeti for breeding purposes then after, they migrate back to Serengeti, an event takes place between July and October, sometimes early November depending on the rains since they follow the rainy season patterns. During this period of wildebeest migration, tourists can visit the park early and leave late in the evening as you come with everything to keep you lively all day along as you enjoy this incredible experience or choose days on safari to Maasa Mara National Reserve.

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