Uganda Safari Cost

Uganda Safari cost is determined by a good number of factors that guests have to look at before deciding on how much it will cost for him or her to have a great Uganda Safari. One does not need to break the bank in order to do a safari in Uganda. You only need some reasonable savings that do not affect your daily budget. Uganda is one of the key tourism destinations that is ranked highly by most of the travel blogs or magazines. Uganda is among the few lucky countries that host the remaining mountain gorillas.

Uganda Safari Cost

Uganda safari highlights include Gorilla trekking which is done in two national parks those are Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and Mgahinga national park. The country has over 1000 bird species that are spread all over the ten National parks and other protected areas like Sanctuaries, game reserves, and zoos. Over 330 mammal species have been recorded in Uganda. Are you in the early stages of planning for your next vacation in Uganda, wondering Uganda safari cost? You can share your thoughts with our tour consultants inform of an inquiry then our technical team can advise you most.

Its always good to have some knowledge about the Uganda safari cost so as to ease your planning process. You have to know the details on how to reduce on the cost on your planned safari to Uganda. Our guide below is detailed which helps our dear guests to reduce on stress during planning of the safari.

Please below are the key factors that determine Uganda safari cost

Type of accommodation: The type of Accommodation matters much on the Uganda safari cost. The accommodations in all national parks and other protected areas are divided into 3 categories these are

  • Luxury Lodges: These are high-end accommodations that are ranked as 5-star lodes inside the bush. Most of the luxury lodges are located inside the park giving you a close feel of nature. 
  • Mid-rage accommodationsThese are the moderate safari lodges that are found inside or close to the parks or protected areas. Depending on the park but most of the mid-range lodges are good with self-contained rooms with clean flushing toilets, private birth rooms, free Wi-Fi and many more services. Their prices range from 200$ to 300$ per room per night with all meals included.
  • Budget lodgesThese are mostly found outside the protected areas a few kilometres away from the park. They are in form of hotels, and Guesthouses while if located inside they are camps or hostels.

Lodging plays a great role in determining Uganda safari cost, you can select the lodging during your trip according to your budget. This contributes 50% of the total cost of the safari in Uganda. Tour operators organized fully packaged safari cost that includes the lodging options and all meals. Some reputable operators have gone ahead to negotiate the lodging rates with lodge owners so as to reduce the Uganda safari cost for the guest.

Park entry fees: The Uganda safari cost includes the park entry fees, the park entry fees are charged per guest. It expires after every 24 hours, this allows the traveler to access the park for 24 hours. The park entry fee in Uganda national parks are charged differently according to the category of the park. All parks of Category A charges the park entry fee of 40$ per person while all the protected areas which are in category B one has to pay 35$. The parks in category A include Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale Forest national park, Lake Mburo National park, Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park.  The group B category include: Mt Rwenzori national park, Semuliki national park, Mt Elgon National park, Pian-Upe, and Katonga.

Activity fees: There are some activities that are paid separately and not included in the park entry fees. The activity fees determine mostly the Uganda safari cost. Apart from the Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee tracking which their permits include the park entry fees. Gorilla trekking permits cost 600$ though by next year July it will be 700$ while Gorilla habituation is 1500$. Chimpanzee trekking costs currently 150$ currently but will be 200$ next year July in Kibale, Chimpanzee habituation currently costs 200$ but next year July it will be 250$.  Other paid activities within the park include Boat cruise which is 30$ per person, Hot air balloon safaris which are found in Murchison falls, Lion Tracking is done in Queen Elizabeth national park, Swamp or crater tours, Birding fees are also paid separately. This makes a difference in the Uganda safari cost, different guests can visit the same park but pay the different amount due to the activity fee. Someone can visit Bwindi impenetrable forest for birding only no Gorilla trekking and pays less compared to someone who does Gorilla trekking.

Transportation: Transportation is more fair is you book all-inclusive, the transportation costs include Car hire, driver-guide allowance, fuel, park entry fees for the car and the driver guide. There are some guests who may like to cut the costs they hire self-drive. They only fuel the car and pay car hire. 

Uganda Safari Cost
Uganda Safari Cost

Length of safari: For Uganda safari cost, it may sound shocking but the fact is the longer the trip the cheaper its. This is due to more discounts that operators offer for guests who wish to have a longer trip. 

The number of travellers: This affects directly Uganda safari cost per person due to shared costs like car hire, fuel, driver guide allowances, sharing room. The cost of a double room is cheaper than the cost of a single room.

In conclusion, please contact the local tour operators who will guide you in the planning of Uganda safari cost. The costs reduce if you use local operators who do not add commission in their costs.

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