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What are the tourist attractions in Uganda: Uganda is a gifted country with conducive climates and is among the most beautiful countries in Africa, very hospitable. Featured with its dense misty forest, snow-peaked mountain, glassy lakes and sprawling savannahs thus naming it Pearl of Africa. And while the rare mountain gorillas are the allure for many travelers who visit Uganda Safaris. The astounding variety of Attraction for tourists on Uganda destination are as follows;

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

The park sits in southwestern region of Uganda on the edge of the Rift valley, it is the oldest and biodiversity rainforest. Bwindi Impenetrable National park a home of range of primates ‘’great mountain gorillas with over 600 individuals out of 1064 mountain gorillas that are still exists in the wild. Above all, also inhabitant of about 120 mammals ,400 plant species and a great location for birding with record of 350 bird species. Main activities to do in the park include Gorilla trekking an hour activity /Gorilla habituation experience a full day activities with four hours given to spend with them, nature walk to Batwa trails, bird watching, Visit the Batwa tribe among others.

What are the tourist attractions in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Rwenzori Mountain National Park

The Rwenzori Mountain known as  Mountain of the Moon  it’s a UNESCO world Heritage Site positioned in western side of Uganda along the Uganda –Congo borders. This is majestically snowcapped mountain ranking the 3rd position of being the highest point in Africa whereas the lower slopes are blanketed in moorland, bamboo and rich in moist montane forest. Rwenzori is a home to over 70 mammal’s species and over 217 bird species including the 19 Albertine rift endemic as well as some of the world’s rarest vegetation. Visit Uganda and discover its amazing features through exploring it. On visit here, you need to be physically fit and energetic enough to trek up the summit with the help of the experts thus What are the tourist attractions in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in southwestern Uganda, the most visited and the second largest national park after Murchison Falls national park. The park is approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive either from Kampala or Entebbe. Furthermore ,Queen Elizabeth national park boosts with biodiversity of ecosystems which include ;shady humid forest , sparking lakes and fertile wetlands ,sprawling savannah thus  being a home of  large population of  wildlife species .However ,there are  ten species of primates include chimpanzees ,black and white monkeys  among others .The park  is also haven for bird species   with a recorded number of 600 species of birds ,birds to see in the park include; western banded snake eagle ,shoe bill ,Red-chests sunbirds .Spotted red shank ,Rufous bellied heron ,Palm nut vulture ,papyrus  gonolek , white winged earn ,Hauling’s gull ,Grey winged robin  , Great blue turaco , Common sand martin among others .Animals to adventure in Queen during your safari here include leopard ,elephants ,bushbucks ,herds of buffaloes  ,large families of  mongoose ,warthogs ,herds of buffaloes ,Topi .Uganda kobs ,lions among others .The park is rich is wildlife with over 95 mammal species .Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth national park  ;Game drive viewing ,Lion tracking ,Chimpanzee tracking ,Guided nature walk ,Boat cruise along Kazinga channel among others.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls national park is Uganda’s largest game reserve and the most renown park worldwide because of the most powerful thundering water fall on Victoria Nile which divides the park into two. The park is located in Northwestern part of Uganda, estimating 4 to 5 hours’ drive to access the park. Furthermore ,Murchison falls national park covers a land measuring 3840 square kilometers ,inhabiting over 76 mammal species including  Jackson hartebeest ,waterbucks ,bushbucks , Oribis  ,Elephants ,African buffaloes ,lions ,leopards ,Uganda kobs , warthogs  among others and over 451 bird species such as silver bird ,shoe bill stock ,squacco heron , red-throated bee-eater ,Goliath heron ,Blue-headed council ,Black headed lapwing ,Black-billed barbet , piapiac , swamp flycatcher ,palm-nut vulture ,Eastern grey plantain eater ,Giant king fisher many more.

What are the tourist attractions in Uganda
Uganda Wildlife Tours

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest national park is renown as a capital of primates with over thirteen primates of primates but the main encountered species are the chimpanzees and other species include black and white colobus monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, L’Hoest monkey many more. The park   is located in western region of Uganda near the beautiful town of Fort portal, approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive from Kampala. More so, Kibale Forest national park is Uganda’s protecting moist evergreen rain forest sitting on landing covering about 766 square kilometers in size, lying between 1100 and 1600 meters in elevation. Despite the facts, the park contains a diverse array of landscapes both lowland and montane forests. In entire East Africa Kibale sustains the last significant expanse of pre-montane forest, more so, a home to over 70 mammal species famously the 13 primate’s species ,375 bird species such as Little greenbul, Brown chested Alethe, Yellow rumped Tinker bird, Red chested Owlet, Black Bee eater, African Grey parrot, Scaly Breasted Illadopsis among others. Activities to do in Kibale National Park include Chimpanzee tracking and Habituation, Hiking and Nature walk, Birding, Visit Bigondi swamp area.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley national park famously known as a true African wilderness that lies in semi -arid valleys between Uganda’s border and South Sudan and Kenya which estimates around 700 kilometers drive distance from Kampala. The park was gazette as a national park in 1962 and renown as a great destination with big range of mammals over 86 mammal species including  buffaloes ,bat eared fox ,cheetah ,caracal ,lions ,leopards ,black backed jackal bush pigs ,hunting dogs many more and about 470 bird species which include Rose-ringed parakeet ,Rufous chatterer ,White bellied go away bird ,Karamoja apalis ,Golden pipit ,Chestnut weaver ,Black breasted barbet ,Abyssinian scrimitarbill ,Jackson’s hornbill , Purple grenadier , Northern carmine bee-eater , Pygmy falcon among others. Activities to do in the park are; Game drive, Night game drive, Hiking and Nature walk and hiking, Cultural encounter, birding among others thus What are the tourist attractions in Uganda.

What are the tourist attractions in Uganda
Game Drives in Kidepo Valley

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki national park is located in remote area of Semuliki Valley in western region of Uganda   close to the mountain of the moon. However, Semuliki is dominated by the easternmost extension of the amazing Ituru forest of the Congo Basin. The park is one of the Africa’s most ancient and bio diverse forest that is still surviving. Semuliki national park contains   evidence of even older process. Book now and come to encounter the beautiful nature on African continent that makes the country a wonderful pearl of Africa.

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