What Do People Do When They Visit Kenya? Kenya is a well-known great tourism destination where tourists can opt to travel to while on their adventurous safari in Africa. This country derived its name from Mount Kenya, which is considered the second highest mountain in Africa. More so, the Republic of Kenya is known as a fascinating country which is a great destination to travel to while planning to go on a safari and it covers a total surface area of 224,081 square kilometers and it shares boarders with other countries like; Uganda which is located in the West, Somali in the East, South Sudan from the Northwest, Ethiopia from the North, Indian ocean from the South East, Tanzania which is found in the South. This country is recorded to have a population of about 50 million people and there is Nairobi City, which is famously known as capital city of Kenya. More so, visiting in this country grants you many chances to engage in many activities and some of these include;

The Masai People

Cultural encounters.  

Tourists exploring within Kenya can get opportunities to interact with many people who happen to be of different tribes because it is recorded that this country has a total number of about 42 tribes. In addition, the most unique and interesting thing about these tribes is that each of them has their own traditions and cultures. Therefore, interacting with the people helps you get an opportunity to learn a lot about them such as; know the history of some tribes after paying attention to their stories, learn how they speak their local languages, how they prepare their local meals, observe their daily lifestyle for example; their dress code, and also watch their exciting traditional performances and many others. and the major unifying factor about these tribes, is that each of them speak their own language and some of these tribes include; the Maasai who are famously known, kikuyu, luo, the Luhya, Kalenjin, Samburu people, Meru people, Taita, Rendile, Gabra, Nilotic people, Taveta, Borana, Oromo people, Tharaka-Nithi county, Pokot, Kisii people and many others.

What Do People Do When They Visit Kenya? Visit Nairobi.

Visiting Nairobi must be on the to do list for everyone who happens to visit Kenya because there are so many exciting to see and know within the city. Nairobi city is famously known as the capital city of the country however, before it was known just as the headquarters during the British colonial rule in East Africa and later it gained from having the largest group of European settlers in the region. In addition, the people who live within this city most of them are administrators and plantation owners. More so, there are so many attractions that tourists can see while touring around the country and these include; the Karen Blixen museum which is famously known as a home to the renowned Danish plantation owner which has an Karen Blixen, the Nairobi National Museum, the giraffe centre, the Nairobi National park which is located near the city, and one can be able to spot the big five animals such as; lion, African elephants, buffalos, Rhinos, leopards and other wildlife species.

What Do People Do When They Visit Kenya?
Nairobi National Museum

What Do People Do When They Visit Kenya? Visiting the Religious Buildings.

Kenya is a free country, which has many religious denominations such as; Christianity and Islam, which are considered as the largest and traditional religions that are commonly practiced. Therefore, touring in the country gives you chances to visit the Hinduism, which is a big urban area where individuals can get to visit beautiful mosques, cathedrals and temples. More so, these mosques have a unique architectural designs and dates on them due to the fact that they were constructed within the 12th century for example; the Dawoodi Bohra Mosque which was built in 1902, Basheikh mosque which was also built 1300, Mandhry mosque that is situated in Mombasa that was built in 1570 and the Memon mosque which is considered to be the most modern mosque in the country among others.

More so, there are so many other things to do while exploring in Kenya  and some of these include; the Maasai Mara National reserve, individuals can opt to go watch movies from the 7D cinemas, visit the night clubs and bars, visit the Samburu National reserve, Amboseli National park which is famously known for hosting large herds of elephants, Nairobi National Museum which was established in 1920’s, Ngong Hills, Karen Blixen Museum, visit the Nairobi Railway Museum which has a major role of the railway system of the Kenya’s economy and this system us also known as the Lunatic Express which was first launched with in the 1901, explore through Tsavo National park that is known as the largest national park in the country, the great rift valley, Arabuko-Sokoke National park  that is known as the last remaining coastal forest in East Africa, town of Meru, Chyulu Hills which is the youngest mountains in the whole world, Aberdare National park which is located in the central highlands of the country, the central highlands which are found on the Eastern arm of the Rift valley, visit the giraffe centre which was established in 1970’s by Jack Lesilie and Betty.

More so, tourists can opt to go for Bungee jumping which is one of the most exciting activity to do, Visit the Kakamega forest reserve, the crying stones in kakamega, tour around Lake Nakuru National park, Ol Pejeta conservancy, Shimba hills National reserve which is known to be the smallest national reserve that is situated about 15 kilometers away frim the coat and 33 kilometers away from Mombasa, visit Watamu and its beaches, Watamu Marine National park, Quad biking, Ice skating, Gp karting, visit Che shale beach, siawa swamp national park, tour around the island of Lamu and many others.

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