What is the major tourist in Kidepo national park : This is one of Uganda’s most amazing places you can visit in Uganda to have a real wilderness experience in a natural setting. Kidepo is located about 700km away from Kampala, in the semi- arid region of north-eastern Uganda and along the border of Uganda and Sudan. It is the most isolated game parks in Uganda and not frequently visited most likely because it is located very far therefore accessibility being the top most challenge faced.

Kidepo is a home to about 77 different mammal species and more, there are over 475 species of birds therefore making it a great place for wildlife viewing and bird watching in Uganda safari. Among the very many different wildlife are the Zebras, which are found in Kidepo and Lake Mburo Nationals Park, there are the Rothschild’s giraffes that only found in Kidepo as well as in Murchison falls national park. There are also unique attractions in this park that you cannot find anywhere else for instance, it’s only in Kidepo that you will find Cheetah(s) in the whole of Uganda and it’s the only place where they co-exist with the Ostriches which are the largest birds.

Unique bird species in Kidepo valley

Unusually, bird watching is done at the same time as wildlife viewing. This adventure takes you different parts of the part like Narus and Namamukwey valleys where you will find a number bird species like the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, there are the Abyssinian Roller, the Purple Heron as well as the Clapperton’s Francolin, only found in Kidepo valley. This can be a morning or evening activity as the experience will be same. Other key bird species that can be expected in Kidepo include the African Swallow-tailed Kite, Pygmy Falcon, there are the Eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk, the Fox Kestrel, the Yellow-necked Spurfowl, the Stone Partridge and also the Clapperton’s as well as the heuglin’s Francolins, among so many others. Birds like the Ostriches can be seen the game drives

The amazing game drives

Kidepo national park has incredible game drives both early morning and evening. In the evening, you can go for the night game drive as this is the only opportunity you have to see the nocturnal animals like the bat eared foxes, the owls, the leopards too, among so many others are you may be lucky enough and encounter as many as possible. The day time game drives however is the only opportunity you get to hunt for the Cheetahs and on a lucky day, you might meet more than one of them However, this is not a guarantee therefore it is very possible to drive all round the park and don’t find any roaming around. Regardless of what you will be able to see or not, the scenery is the one thing is guarantee.

What is the major tourist in Kidepo national park
Kidepo National Park

The Kidepo Scenery- hot springs

Besides the amazing wildlife, this arid region of Kidepo Valley is blessed with a beautiful scenery and so you can always take that 1 hour drive to the famous Kanangorok hot Springs. During the drive, you will be amazed by the very magnificent landscapes, cross over the seasonal River, you drive in between rock outcrops, though those beautiful hills just before you can descend into the famous Kidepo Valley. There is also the Kidepo Sand River and the traversing wide open plains that extend up to where the Kanangorok Hot Springs are and very near the mountains located just across the border of Uganda and Sudan. Around this region is where you will find the ostriches.

Scenic viewing and game drive are done at the same time and you can expect to see animals like large herds of elephants, the leopards, there are bush duikers, the bushbucks, there are jackals, also the bush pigs, a huge population of buffaloes, bush babies, the Kavirondo and many more other types.

Where to stay when you visit Kidepo Valley national park

There are various accommodation facilities that you can use so depending on your budget, you can choose whichever you want. There those that are located within the park, these are the best choices especially for those who intend to have a night game drive and give you a lot of time to enjoy the scenery even form your lodge. Animals come as close as to hotel compound.

Apoka safari lodge has a dug out water pond where animals converge and drink some water, you can take as many picture as you wish too of these animals when they are that close to you. There are also so many animals that you will see walking around the lodge for example different antelopes, the buffaloes, the warthogs, zebras, among so many others.

There are other lodges within the park like Apoka rest camp and Kakine but this is self-catering which means you have to carry your own food.

Accommodations outside the park include the Nga Moru wilderness camp, Zebra Safari Lodge, Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Adere Safari Lodge.

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