What makes Uganda a top Safari destination in Africa? What is special about Uganda safaris? There are several reasons what makes Uganda to be among the top safari destination in African as highlighted below;

Uganda is a unique safari destination because of the cultural richness, diversity of savannah wild game, the primates in its pristine rainforest jungles mostly the mountain gorillas  and half of these species can be found in Uganda  ,the scenic landscape with variety of beautiful species ,mountains and hospitable people all under one tiny country.

Uganda is among the top safari destination in Africa because it offers a varied mix of potentials priority activities compared to our neighboring countries Kenya and Tanzania. The possibility of encountering high concentration  of chimpanzees and great mountain gorillas combined with savannah wildlife viewing experience and the famous sought after birds  is quite an electric Africa safari mix.

The destination is also famous of inhabiting variety of vertebrate’s species which cannot be found elsewhere in East and Southern Africa. The accessibility of its significant forests those in western region makes it a remarkable destination for watching African forest creatures from mountain gorillas and chimpanzee and within their nature inhabit there is easy viewing of beautiful butterflies and notable bird species.

Other factor that distinguishes Uganda from any other Africa safari destination is the relatively high proportion of closed canopy forest, the dense Afro-montane forest like that on Mount Elgon ,which has strong similarities to similar habitats on Mount Kilimanjaro ,Mount Kenya  and Semuliki National Park ,the extension of the lowland rainforest that blankets the Congolese Basin and west Africa.

What Makes Uganda a Top Safari Destination in Africa
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Others factors that makes Uganda atop safari destination include;.

Unique game viewing safaris; Definitely, when it comes to regular wildlife viewing- Uganda is not an Africa country safari destination to collate with Tanzania and Kenya or to other countries in southern Africa. Note, it’s too small to have any reserve on the grand scale of Tanzania’s famous Serengeti and other parks found further south.

Despite the fact that, Uganda’s savannah reserve have gradually recovered from the heavy poaching during the 70s and 8s civil war. Currently, Uganda boosts with Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls national park in offering a rewardable chance of exploring  Africa safari favorites including ,the unique tree climbing lions ,lions ,herds of elephants ,buffalo ,giraffes as well as  leopards marking them more celebrated game reserves with the added bonus of replying on a circuit that also offers best of the forest primate viewing in Africa that is mountain gorilla and chimpanzee viewing.

Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls national park are among the most accessible and affordable worthwhile savannah reserves anywhere in Africa.

Besides that, Uganda’s tininess and good climate attracts number of tourists thus making Uganda a top safari destination and a magnet to traveler lovers.

Best primates viewing –Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Chimpanzee Tracking

Interestingly, Uganda is ranks as the main stopping safari destination for primate’s lovers where millions of tourists visit Uganda to come these species whom we are close related and said to have 98% DNA to humans. While on African safaris you can include a primate excursion on any Uganda safari itinerary or to the neighboring countries.

Uganda stuns with a list of primates including thirteen diurnals and six nocturnal species and highest concentration of primates on the continent. The outstanding primates here are the great mountain gorillas and chimpanzee which contributes a lot to Uganda’s Wildlife Tourism Sources.

Other primate species to see in Uganda’s tropical rainforest and montane forest of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest ,Kibale Forest ,Mgahinga Gorilla national park –primates include; De brazza’s monkey ,Black and white colobus monkey ,Golden monkey ,Pottos ,Bush baby ,Grey-checked mangabey , L’Hoest monkey, Red-tailed monkey ,Vervet monkey ,Patas monkey ,baboon and blue monkey among others.

The best place to view chimpanzee species in Uganda is Kibale Forest National Park a home of 13 primates species  and chimpanzee the most sought after other species. The best way to  see them in their nature inhabitant is to book  a chimpanzee tracking excursion head out which is best done in morning sessions  and afternoon accompanied by park ranger guide. But you need to pay for a valid permit at a fee USD200 per person per trek. In the evening you can choose to do nature walk at Bigodi swamps located on the park’s eastern border.

Other pristine primate destination in Uganda for tourists is famous Bwindi Impenetrable national park where visitors can visit the habituated mountain gorillas in one of their gorilla trailheads –sectors includes; Buhoma ,Nkuringo ,Rushaga and Nkuringo gorilla sector. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is the most top destination for Gorilla Trekking Excursions. The park also offers  a thrilling Gorilla Habituation Experience  where trackers spend whole day in the jungle enjoying the activity accompanied with researchers ,doctors and park rangers .You will have to collect the sample of these species when you allocate them for study purposes.

Since Uganda is a primitive destination ,there are several  places to see primates including Mgahinga Gorilla national park ,Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth ,Budongo forest in Murchison Falls ,Kalinzu forest and Semuliki National park .

What Makes Uganda a Top Safari Destination in Africa
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Scenic Land Scapes

 Uganda features with lots of  attractions  such as the conducive climate and a high precipitation level that makes the countryside greener and more fertile than elsewhere in East Africa .More then ,the country  is surround with water bodies almost 25% of the country’s surface area .There are the most extensive freshwater bodies that lie within Uganda ,most sought fully Lake Victoria ,Albert ,Kyoga ,Edward and George.

Uganda  also offers a great impressive mountains such as the Rwenzori mountains  that  has the third highest point in entire Africa ,which is famously known as Margherita peak  on Mount Stanley that measures 5,109meter.

Other mountains include ;Mount Elgon ‘’4321meter’’that lies on the Kenyan border ,it’s a bisected mountain but the biggest part of it is found in Uganda. The Virunga on the Rwandan border –Muhabura at 4,127meter the highest of the Ugandan peaks and Moroto -3,084meter ,Kadam -30608 meter and Morungole -2,750 on the Kenyan border north of Elgon.

The  surrounding plains of these magnificent high mountain support the isolated micro-habitats of forest and high grassland .The higher reaches of the Rwenzori ,Elgon are covered in Afro-alpine moorland ,a fascinating and habitat of variety of plant species such as lobelias ,heathers and groundsel and  good to see dazzling scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird.

Stopping Destination for Birders

Uganda hosts more than 1085 bird species that can easily be seen in their nature habitant like papyrus swamps ,forests  within protected areas and the most of the sought after bird is shoe bill among others. The rainforest of western Uganda is the most  rewarding habitat  for seeing important bird habitant   and main location for bird watchers .Such alluring  forest in terms of localized species are Semuliki  ,Kibale ,Lake Mburo and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Uganda also offers a stunning private safari  organized with professional tour operators with best affordable  and unforgettable safari itinerary to their travel styles. The best way to do it is to connect  with a trusted local safari operator in Uganda who is well conversant with everything concerning about different bookings of Uganda Safari.

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