17 Amazing Facts About the Crested Crane of Uganda : Facts about crested crane of Uganda; Crested crane is known as African crested crane that comes from crane family. In Uganda destination it has a significant meaning of being a national bird to the country, this bird occupies  a prime position on the country’s national flag and coat of arms. The fact is that, the crested crane means a lot to Uganda’ as a country has it was  symbolized on coat of arm for over 100 years and above. In fact, it’s an object of great beauty.

Grey Crowned Crane

Below are the highlights of the facts about the Crested crane of Uganda;

Crested crane always stand on one leg when resting and folding their legs up so as to retain their bodies warm, they raise their leg up to keep their bodies warm because they have smaller bodies with high temperature which keeps their bodies warm and this helps them not to lose temperature so easily.

More so, the crested Crane is famously known as the national emblem because of its beauty and elegance. Furthermore, the grey crested crane is a bird of national significance to Uganda.

17 Amazing Facts About the Crested Crane of Uganda
Crasted Cranes

The crested crane represents as national flag of Uganda that consists of six horizontal stripes of black yellow and red with central white disk bearing.

National Bird of Uganda

 The crested crane is Uganda’s national birds that appears on their flag and their coat of arms. They inhabit near the country’s many lakes and rivers that creates fertile marshes abundance with wildlife.

Uganda is surrounded with wet areas, that composes with marsh and grassland which attracts bird love and has become a symbol to Uganda’s national flag.

 They live throughout Africa and some can be found far north in the arid Sahara Desert. These birds often escape the hottest and driest months like that of the desert.

Crested crane are inhabitant of marshes and flat grassland and they build their nests away from the reach of predators ‘’high trees’’. They tend to live in these areas and can stay in places throughout the year.

Crested crane are endangered species and can be found in numerous in some areas, however, their habitat is slowly being depleted. Due to dried up to water fields of crops, it has caused their population to decline to 65,000 since they are endangered species.

They have their scientific name known as Balearica Regulorum Gibbericeps. Meaning that their species is ‘regulorum’ and they belong to the genus ‘’Balearica’ ’They are categorized into two subspecies;

Grey- Crowned Crane; Balearica regulorum ‘’more common species’’.

Crested Crane; Balearica regulorum gibbericeps ‘’native to Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They are omnivores; We almost have the same diet, because they like eating a combination of both meat and plants. They eat mix of leaves and seeds from various plants and insects, worms and frogs. These Crested crane like eating small fish, snakes and aquatic eggs.

They were once considered as the same species as Grey –Crowned Crane since they are similar to each other.

They use cattle as cover; It is very rare to see a large group of these cranes species clustered together amidst a large group of cattle. This is the best way to prevent predators from being able to approach them as easily.

17 Amazing Facts About the Crested Crane of Uganda
Grey Crowned Crane

They avoid being hunted by dogs, how, through adopting to build their nest in tall trees and take cover amongst herds of grazing cattle meaning that they don’t find themselves becoming dinner all too often, 17 Amazing Facts About the Crested Crane of Uganda.

Crested crane love dancing, since they are a breeding display that consists an elaborate dance with various jumping and bows. It is uncommon in birds though crested crane is famously known to dance year round. We see young birds also often joining in the dancing which means birds love to dance.

 They can easily be identified by their distinct call like making a gobbling noise and more so of a honking noise.

Crested crane have a wingspan up to 6.5 feet; they are tallest birds out their inhabitants, can stand at over 3 feet tall and from wing tip to wing tip can measure over 6 feet ‘’2meter’’. Despite having wider wings than most people who are tall. They weigh about 7.7 pounds. Due to their small size, allows them to be light enough to take flight.

Their life span; Crested crane can live up to 22 years.

17 Amazing Facts About the Crested Crane of Uganda
Crested Crane

Crested crane do hatch in 30 days and reach maturity in 3 years. They usually lay 2 to 4 eggs in a clutch and the eggs are ready to hatch in about 30 days.

Crested crane stay with their partner for life meaning, when a male get its partner will remain with that same breeding as partner for life.

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