3 Days Murchison Falls Safari

Murchison Falls National Park 

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari: Murchison Falls National Park found in north western part of Uganda is the largest and oldest national park in Uganda; with a wide variety of fauna and flora the park is your ideal safari destination giving you a chance to experience the vast wildlife, birdlife, beautiful sceneries and some of the most unforgettable activities. 

The Safari

The three day Safari is an opportunity for you to view numerous wild animals including the big five, ravishing sceneries in and outside the park. 

For you to utilise your safari well, you will need to be in Kampala a day before the start of the safari to allow you sufficient time to make it to Murchison and be in time for all the activities.  

Safari Epic moments 

  • Sightseeing on the way to and from Murchison Falls. -Day one and three 
  • Rhino Viewing – Day one 
  • Game drive  and wildlife viewing – Day two
  • Boat cruise – Day two
  • Water Bird watching while on the cruise – Day two 
  • Hiking to the top of the falls –Day two
  • Top of the falls experience – Day two

Day 1

Transfer from Kampala to Murchison Falls National park: your tour guide will pick you up from you preferred location in Kampala as agreed on with the tour consultant prior to the safari. 

You will need to get up a bit early have good breakfast and be on the road by 8am heading to Murchison Falls. The journey from Kampala to Murchison Falls is about  5 and 6 hours putting the consideration traffic delays and a couple of stops on the way for coffee, a snack and a bathroom break. 

You have several opportunities to see beautiful places along the way as you travel to Murchison and your first main stop/activity will be at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino Viewing which is on your way to Murchison Falls; this activity will take about 1 to 2 hours and after the activity you will continue on your journey to Murchison Falls with another stop before you enter the park for Lunch.

You will get to the park in the late afternoon, go for Ferry crossing to the other side of the park where your accommodation is; as you head to your accommodation facility you will have the opportunity to view a few animals in the park though not exhaustively.

When you arrive at your accommodation facility most likely Pakuba Lodge, you will check in, have dinner, relax, get a good night rest and reenergize for the next day activities.

Day 2 

Your day will start at 5am or 5:30am with an early morning breakfast then at 6am start your game drive through the park to sight the different animals in the wild.  

The game drive takes about 3 -4 hours and after the game drive you head back to your accommodation facility for Lunch and a brief chill before you head out for the boat Cruise experience. 

Boat cruise 

About 15 minutes to 2pm you are expected to be in the boat getting comfortable; ready to start the cruise at 2pm exactly. The boat goes downstream offering you a golden opportunity to see a variety of water birds in the Nile Basin and a couple of wild animals coming to the quench their thirsty along the banks of the Nile River. 

The boat cruise takes about 2 -3 hours and at the end of the cruise you will have a chance to hike to the top of the falls to enjoy the scenery of the falls and the surrounding from the top. (Please note if you are not up for the hike, you can skip the hike and just proceed to meet your guide at the other end)

If you choose to hike; after the Hike your guide will be waiting for you to join him/her for ferry crossing back to the park. 

After the ferry crossing you will drive back to Pakuba Lodge where you will have dinner, relax, enjoy the evening and get a good night rest.

Day 3 

Unless you want to be in Kampala really early; you don’t need to get up so early on this day. You day can start at about 8am have breakfast at the lodge and then check out. 

Go for ferry crossing and then check out of the park and head back to Kampala. The time you leave Murchison will determine the time you arrive in Kampala, so you should clear state the time you want to be in Kampala so that you can set off from Murchison at the right time.

On your way to Kampala you will have a stop for lunch, a few minutes to chill from the drive and a bathroom break. 

When you arrive in Kampala the guide will drop you off at your preferred place that may be a restaurant, hotel, bus stop or airport among other places. 

That will conclude your 3 day safari in Murchison Falls National Park.



Includes Excludes 
All activities Mentioned above  Visas 
Accommodation Tips and Gratuities 
English Speaking Tour Guide  Alcoholic Drinks 
Drinking Water  Laundry Services 
4WD Safari Vehicle with Fuel and driver (tour guide) Telephone calls and any other items of personal nature 
Air Flights 


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