3 interesting facts about Volcanoes National Park : What are 3 interesting facts about volcanoes national park? Volcanoes national park is a popular tourism destination in Rwanda where you can see the endangered mountain gorilla that can only be found in four national parks mainly in the Virunga region such as Mgahinga gorilla national park, Bwindi Impenetrable national park in Uganda and Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Volcanoes National Park covers districts like Burera, Musanze, Rubavu and Nyabihu in the northwestern part of Rwanda. It shares borders with Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park is the smallest national park in Rwanda and it covers an area of approximately 160 square kilometers, It’s a remarkable place where you can explore the fascinating world of mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys among others primates and the dramatic volcanic landscapes. Here are the 3 most interesting facts about Volcanoes National Park that you will be find while on the Rwanda safaris in volcanoes national park.

Volcanoes national park is a home to endangered primates

For those who are interested in seeing the endangered primates and apes, then Volcanoes National Park is the perfect places for you. The park is a home to a huge number of the remaining world’s endangered mountain gorillas. Besides volcanoes national park in Rwanda, this fascinating primates can also be seen in Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of conga and Mgahinga Gorilla national park as well as Bwindi Impenetrable national park in Uganda. Mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park can be seen in the Virunga mountains which act as a home for 10 habituated mountain gorilla group such as  Amahoro gorilla group, Sabyinyo gorilla group, Hirwa gorilla group, Kwitonda group, Umubano group, Karisimbi (Susa A and B ) Agashya group, Ugenda group, Bwenge group among others. Besides the endangered mountain gorillas, volcanoes national park is a home to endangered golden monkeys which are also some interesting primate’s species dwelling in the Virunga Mountains particularly in the volcanoes national park.

The park is one of the remaining national parks in East Africa where this captivating endangered golden monkeys are found and see the is safe and easy since the golden monkeys feeds on the lower slopes of the Virunga mountains . Fascinating golden monkey are a very unique and loving primates characterized by having a beautiful golden color body only found in Mgahinga national park in Uganda and volcanoes national itself. seeing these fascinating primates can be combined with the gorilla trekking safari since both involves walking in the lush forest along the jungles of the Virunga mountains hiking and trekking these fascinating primates is interesting and you will have a chance to see the monkeys feed, groom and swing from one baboon to another, trekking is amazing and nice-looking creatures always done in the morning just like any other activity carried out in the park. A travelers planning to trek this magnificent primates will be advanced to book a valid permit at the cost of US$1,500 per person trekking mountain gorillas and US$100 per person per person tracking golden monkeys and you will have to bring a good hiking shoes, rain jacket, binoculars, enough drinking water, and snacks to keep you strong among others.

Home to the highest mountain in the Virunga region

Volcanoes national park is blessed to be having the highest volcanoes among the Volcanoes Mountains in the Virunga region. Mount Karisimbi is inactive volcano in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

3 interesting facts about Volcanoes National Park
Hiking Mount Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi is the highest volcano in the Virunga ranges which is part of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift.  Mount Karisimbi is bordered by mount Mikeno to the north, mount Bisoke to the east, and mount Nyiragongo to the west. Karisimbi is the 11th highest mountain in Africa entailing of 4,507 meters (14,787 feet’s) above the sea level. Mount Karisimbi is also bordered by Mikeno to the north, Bisoke to the east and Nyiragongo to the west, on the other side of the Rift Valley. The name Karisimbi is driven from a word in the local language, Kinyarwanda, which means “little white shell”. This is the one of the hardest and challenging mountains to hike among the Virunga mountains  but the most rewarding hiking ever, hikers on this mountains always get a chances to see a variety of beautiful creatures including the primates, different birds and wildlife species as well as beautiful verdant landscape.

Home to Dian Fossey Grave

This is one of the most interesting facts about Volcano National park. Dian Fossey Grave in Rwanda is one of the most popular key attractions in Volcanoes National Park and one of the greatest wonders inside Volcanoes National Park, there’s a trail to her former research camp and grave. Hiking to the Dian Fossey Grave is about 2 to 3 hours with rest stops in between the journey, during the hike you will be rewarding with all kinds of animals on the way. The Dian Fossey grave sits at an altitude of about 3000 meters above sea level. Dian Fossey is a famous primatologist and tireless advocate for the endangered mountain gorillas, her life’s work could lie on studding and protecting these stunning creatures in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda Dian Fossey was the first human to study and understand the complex behavior of mountain gorillas. She learned their body language, played with them and managed to win their acceptance. She fought with poachers which won her many enemies through using extreme methods to scare them off. Dian Fossey was later found death in her house that she had constructed in between mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke with the main aim of controlling and managing the poachers

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