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Are Gorillas Friendly : Mountain gorillas are gentle, intelligent, strong and charm meaning they are friendly species. More so, we share a close genetic of 98% DNA. So interesting on how Dian Fossey an American primatologists used to live with these rare mountain gorillas and used to say how she feels more comfortable being with this giant ape than being around people, indeed its nice say!

Are Gorillas Friendly

Gorillas –mountain gorillas are friendly except you attempt to enter into their territories or hurt their infants and offend them. Issues concerning this, mountain gorillas will become aggressive only when they feel threatened and when they are charged they reach by vigorous bites, breaking ribs, thumbing and dragging. If you’re not rescued in time a gorilla might kill you that’s why we always advise our client to trek with a guide and always follow instructions given by the guide.

Note this, before wild mountain gorillas becomes friendly or habituated, they first undergo a training process to get used to human presence, researchers, ranger and the process can take at least 2 years of making gorillas get eye contact with humans. However, even though a gorilla group is habituated there are standard rules and regulations to be followed by travelers during Gorillas Trekking and Habituation experience.

Below are some of rules and regulations to follow;

Never attempt to run away in case gorilla’s charges because this is very risky.

Keep your voices low when with gorillas

Do not look direct into the eyes of gorillas.

Keep a distance of 7 to 10 meters away from gorillas

Don’t touch gorillas are wild gorillas.

Follow the instructions given by the guide.

While trekking gorillas an hour is given to trackers.

Never attempt to run away in case gorillas’ charges to you because you will be risking your life.

Do not uses cameras with flash light on trekking safaris of mountain gorillas do not like it, they might think that you want to attack them.

In case a mountain gorilla’s charges at you follow the guideline of your guide; walk away and do not to look back into the eyes of the gorillas, always crouch down, pretending your eating vegetation and wait for the gorillas to pass.

However, habituated gorillas are friendly and used to people, it’s a process done for quite a long time with researchers, guides and animal behaviorists.

Countries where mountain gorilla are located are Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and each countries has quite a number of habituated gorilla groups which tourists can visits on a daily basis.

Places to Trek Mountain Gorillas in the World;

There are four places where mountain gorillas can be trekked –tracked by the visitors that is; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda known as best safari destination for trekking mountain gorillas, followed by Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Are Gorillas Friendly
Gorilla Trekking Safaris

How much does it cost to trek gorillas?

Visitors who wishes to visit or trek gorillas can pay a fee of USD700 in Uganda, USD1,500 habituation gorilla trekking a full day activity only done in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the same price compared to Rwanda’s Gorilla permits USD1,500 per person an hour activity and USD400 in Congo. However, visitors planning to trek gorillas in Uganda always book your permits in advance like 3 to 6 months before your time of arrival.

Best time to enjoy gorilla trekking –Best season of the Year for primate’s safari Uganda;

The best time for any visitor planning to trek gorillas during peak seasons, which will make it easier for one to hike in the forest while trekking gorillas. Dry months include January, February, June, August, September and December.

Lastly gorilla’s/mountain gorillas are more friendly and peaceful primate’s fact whom we share 98% of their DNA with human beings which proves that they are more like us. They are social animals and only become aggressive towards humans when they are threatened, which is extremely dangerous. Though they first warn out by showing signs out like beating chests, thumping the ground, making loud hoots and groans, tearing and pulling vegetation before they attack happens. When you attempt to see all these warnings apply the instructions given to avoid fatal.

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