Attractions in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is one of the major cities in Tanzania, it’s a commercial port that is found on the Indian Coast. Dar es Salaam is the busiest industrial city in Tanzania, it was once a capital city of Tanzania before it was transferred. It is now an industrial hub as well as a tourist city for the best city tours in Tanzania. Below are the key Attractions in dar-es-salaam. 

Attractions in Dar es Salaam

National Museum and House of Culture

The Tanzanian National Museum and House of Culture is a key Attractions in dar-es-salaam. It was established in 1948 as a memorial place by King George v. The place is one stop place for all the best Historical and archeological events. The house is a rich cultural place where all the cultural institutions of Tanzania are kept.  The national museum also displays more important fossils of the early man that were discovered by the great Dr Leakey in Ngorongoro Olduvai Gorge. The samples help the city tours to have great Tanzania cultural experience. You can also learn more on the impact of slave trade and other colonial era situations. There are displays of crafts, ornaments, customs, musical instruments, vintage cars that were used by the former Tanzania president Julius Nyerere.

Askari Monument

Askari Monument is a cast in Bronze that depicts an Askari which is Swahili word which means Soldier in English. The monument represent the soldiers of the World War 1 uniform. The bayonet of his rifle which is pointing towards the nearby harbor. The Askari monument commemorates the African troops which fought as Carrier Corps in the World War 1. This has been documented by the famous Rudyard Kipling. He wrote the inscription in both Swahili and English so that both locals and international travelers can read. The monument is located in the Azikwe Street in Samora Avenue. 

State House

Before transferring the capital city from Dar es Salaam, the town was the capital city and the state house was there. The state house was constructed in the late 1890s as the residence of the colonial German Governor. Later in 1922 the British rebuilt the house renovated it well adding more scallopes in the upper-storey arches.  New crenellated parapet were established after the old ones were nearly destroyed during the World war 1. The state house was later transformed as the home of the current president of Tanzania. The public is not open to the house due to security measures but travelers can have a view of the state house with no pictures allowed. The building is eye catching landmark with its harbor front. Its located in the Luthuli Street in Kivukoni. 

Azania Fort Lutheran Church

Azania Fort Lutheran Church is one of the Attractions in dar-es-salaam. It was built by the the German missionaries in 1898. The red-tile belfry house of worship is raised above the surrounding rooftops. The church remains one of the whitewashed building that is iconic landmark in the town of Dar es Salaam. Its tiled canopies over the windows that provide shades as well as the retreat for the weary tourists. Its set in large scenic gardens, it’s a center of original 19th century of the German mission. Currently it serves as the catherdral for the Dar es Salaam diocese. The church is located in Kivukoni road in the heart of Dar es Salaam. 

St Joseph Cathedral

St Jopseph Cathedral like Azania Fort Lutheran Church was built by the German Missionaries. It took some good number of year for the church to get done. Its construction started in 1897 but was completed in 1902. The Gathic-style Roman Catholic Church dominates the harbor front. It is located in Sokoine Drive in Dar es Salaam archdiocese. It has more unique features like shingled spire, stained-glass windows and vaulted interior. The church contains more of the German artwork and inscriptions like carved relief found above the main altar. You can attend the packed Sunday morning service or any other service.

Village Museum

The village museum is located 10 kilometers North of Dar es Salaam city Centre. The museum showcases the most traditional dwellings from different ethnic groups of Tanzania. The homesteads are scattered across the 15 acres of land. You will learn different cultures and traditions of different tribes represented at the museum. Its located in the Bagamoyo road in Kijitonyama  

Mbudya Island

The Mbudya Island is a 15 minute motorboat ride from the main mainland of Dar es Salaam.the Scenic Island is in Dar es Salaam Marine reserve. It’s the best place for sun bathingwith white beaches. There are a wide range of tourist activities that can be done in the island like snorkeling, sun bathing, swimming in the turquoise waters and others. The island has locally constructed bandas which are grass thatched for rent or accommodation.

Bongoyo Island

The gate way of Attractions in dar-es-salaam is Bongoyo Island. Its one of the popular Islands in Dar es Salaam. Its found in Msasani peninsula just four miles North of the Dar es salaam city. The island is dominated by the white beaches especially in the Northwest part of the island. It has clear waters with great species of fish like Angelfish, Clownfish, Starfish and Sea Urchins. Behind the island is the great nature trails with are dominated by the Baobab trees.

Kunduchi Wet “N” Wild Water Park

This is the largest water park not only in Tanzania but entire East and Central Africa. Its located next to the Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort just 19 kilometers a way from the center of the city. The park is more colorful with a mix of pools, fast-food, play grounds, restaurants and many more. There are over 29 water slides of different heights which caters for both adults and young children. The wild water park is a key Attractions in dar-es-salaam located in Mtogani, Kunduchi Beach. It’s a home of the only Tanzania’s Go Kart track.

Kivukoni Fish Market

The Kivukoni Fish Market is a local fish market that is found at the harbor front. Its one of the popular places in Dar es Salaam city. The landing site harbors more local people at the subarb of the city. The fisher men return early in the morning from the lake to offload their catch as buyer come more early to wait for the fish. Its great experience to hear the bargaining exchanges between the buyers and the sellers at the site.

Attractions in Dar es Salaam
Attractions in Dar es Salaam

Other Attractions in dar-es-salaam are:

Botanical Gardens, Oyster Bay and many more. Your city tour in Da es Salaam is more experiential as the city is endowed with a wide range of tourist attractions.

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