Best time to visit Uganda

Best time to visit Uganda: Knowing the best time to visit Uganda is an important aspect that travellers intending to visit Uganda ought to know so as to enjoy their stay while in the country doing various tourist activities that Uganda safari tours have to offer. Uganda is a beautiful country gifted by nature that thousands if not millions do wish to visit Uganda all throughout the year to take a glimpse of its beauty with so many attractions in Uganda, and vibrant peoples and culture. Uganda beams with abundant wildlife ranging from endangered primates like mountain gorillas to the endemic species say the bat-eared fox which can only be found in Kidepo Valley National Park. The birdlife of Uganda, lakes and rivers, mountains and rainforests, vast savannah plains of the national parks of Uganda among so many others are some of the reasons travelers would wish to visit Uganda.

Uganda is a country that sits squarely on the equator with an average altitude of 1000m above sea level which regulates the heat the country receives, making Uganda an all year round destination. Uganda receives two seasons every year, the dry season and the wet season which are both received twice a year. The wet season in Uganda is received in the months March to May and October to November, while the dry season is received in the months of June through September and January through February.

The Wet Season in Uganda

The wet season in Uganda as earlier mentioned is received in the months of March to May and October to November. The months of March, April and May receive the heaviest rainfall in Uganda, with shorter rains falling in the months of October and November. Though it is a wet season, chances of say spotting gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are not affected at all though travelers are advised to be prepared for soggy and slippery treks! Waterproof and sturdy hiking shoes with rain jackets and ponchos with hoots are most recommended then. During the wet season, the temperatures could be really cold so mountain gorillas actually stay at much lower slopes which are a bit warmer then, making your gorilla trek much shorter as compared in the dry season when they move in higher altitudes foraging.

Best time to visit Uganda
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The wildlife in Uganda is not migratory at all, so you still can see plenty of game in the various national parks of Uganda like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park, much as the grown vegetation may make animal sighting a bit hard and the paths quite slippery and muddy too. Binoculars and 4WD safari vehicles should be used especially in the wet season to overcome any challenges. Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley national park in the north east and north of Uganda have a much drier climate and thus good for visits even in the wet season. Activities like bird watching are best done in the wet season when there are migratory birds especially in the months of November, increasing you array of birds to spot when on birding safaris in Uganda.

The Dry Season in Uganda

The months of June, July, August and September are the peak months of travel and are the driest months in the year though with some little bits of rainfall received here and there especially in the tropical rainforests. The dry season in Uganda also falls in the months of December through February. The dry season to many travellers is the best time to visit Uganda. Book your Uganda safari tours especially Uganda gorilla safari tours much earlier at least 3-6 months in advance before your travel date so as to secure your seat especially on Uganda gorilla trekking permits which sell out very fast.

During the dry season, wildlife of Uganda is lured into the few available waterholes in the various national parks of Uganda, making it the best time to visit Uganda for wildlife safaris. Activities like white water rafting, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, golden and monkey tracking are best done in the dry season.

Best time to visit Uganda
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Average temperatures in Uganda are around 21.5 degrees Celsius, dropping to a considerable minimum of about 12 degrees Celsius. Generally though, Uganda has her temperatures drop quite considerably at night, irrespective of the season. Be sure to carry a jumper or cardigan for your warmth. In Bwindi Impenetrable National Park some lodges actually provide water bottles filled with hot water for your warmth in the night for it can be extremely cold especially in the night!

The discussion on the best time to visit Uganda could go on and on, with different travelers giving you’re their different views basing on their experiences. The best time to visit Uganda is therefore left to the traveler to choose, basing on what one prefers over the other, tastes, adventure spirit level, as well as their available time for travel. Seasons and weather conditions shouldn’t deter you from enjoying your Uganda safari tours, just you prepare for it adequately with the help of your tour operator.

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