Bungee Jumping in Uganda only happens in Jinja town which is popularly known as the adventure capital of East Africa due to its strategic location on the trade to other East African countries and before tourism was established in the Jinja, it was initially most industrialized town in Uganda. But due to the relocation of industries elsewhere, gave chance to Jinja to become the perfect place for leisure tourism along with the adventure activities. Jinja city is also geographically located close to Lake Victoria and on the source of Nile shores.  This has influenced a number of water sports adventure activities such as bungee jumping, quad biking safaris and white water rafting among others.

Bungee Jumping in Jinja is one of the most fascinating adventure activities that offer thrilling life time experience in the Pearl of Africa. The activity has been currently introduced on Uganda’s most scenic river- River Nile. However, it is important to note that Bungee jumping is a rare activity in African countries. It is found in a few African countries like Zimbabwe on the Victoria Falls, South Africa on Bloukrans Bridge. In Uganda the activity is done in only Jinja and apparently it is one of the leading extremely interesting tourist attractions in Uganda.

Bungee Jumping in Uganda
Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Bungee jumping experience on river Nile involves jumping from Raised platform that has a bungee cord which is connected to your two tied legs. The activity does not require experience that even first time travellers are allowed to participate. It is important that whoever is interested in bungee jumping adventure experience has to prepare psychologically. Participants of Bungee jumping are tied at the Ankles with face looking down or when your whole body is tied and you will float like a butterfly on the water. Before you jump off the raised platform, the bungee Instructor will count from 1to 3 then he will shout out “bungee” then you go. Bungee jumping activities can be done both during and night hours although most rewarding experience is during day time. During the bungee jumping experience, you will feel excited diving down and torch the waters of River Nile which rewards you with thrilling life time Adventure experience in Africa. It is important to note that the activity is scary but it offers extremely intriguing experience.

How is bungee jumping organized?

After booking and paying for the activity. Travel to Jinja for your activity. You will be required to register and sign the waiver form. While registering for the activity, you will be asked if you would like to go for a short or long jump. The difference between the two is that, with the long jump will be able to touch the river while the shout jump you will only float but you will not touch the waters of river Nile. After registration, the interested participants will be taken for briefing while the rest of the other participants will be waiting their turn or cheering up others at the balcony. Before, your legs are tied, you be required to dress up in the bungee jumping gears. You will be tied in such a way that you are able to float freely and smoothly as you touch the Nile. For the first timer jumpers, they are warned not to focus on looking down so as they can gain confidence.

A lot of travellers who are afraid of the heights find the bungee jumping experience overwhelming although thousands of people have done the experience and it has all turned out successful. The initial fall will take a few seconds and the rope will be bounced back and forth before you settle down on the bottom of the river waters. At this point, all the fear disappear thus you begin to realize how fascinating the whole adventure experience is. After participating in this activity for the first time, you will love to do it over and over again. At the bottom, the guides and instructors will be waiting with the boats to relax and take you to the recovery and relaxing point.

Important information for bungee jumping on River Nile

  • All participants are required to be above 13 years of Age so as be allowed to participate in the activity
  • The minimum weight of all participate is 35kilograms and the tower is said to support up to 260kilograms. Thus this gives a chance to all participants who fear to go alone to do the activity along with their colleague or friend.
  • The activity is restricted from pregnant travellers, people who have got heart problems/ diseases, under serious medical condition or high blood pressure.
  • Some of the bungee jumping gears include strong hiking shoes, insect repellent, comfortable clothing as well as screen repellent. Other valuable like jewellery will be left in your bag behind so as you don’t lose them during the bungee jumping experience.
  • The code that is used to cut the ankles can bring some swelling therefore you need to apply some oil on the area if this happens.
  • The activity is not recommended if it is raining due the fact that you may lose confidence and fear arise. Don’t forget to take some photos to always look on your unforgettable memories when you go back home.
  • Lastly before you jump off the raised bungee platform, it is advisable that check with the team if the equipment’s are well fitted and this is done for safety purposes.
Bungee Jumping in Uganda
Bungee Jumping in Uganda

How safe is bungee Jumping on the Nile?

Be the activity, you will be required to register and sign a form and after doing this, there is no liability that will be imposed on the company if anything happens. However, there has been no cases of accidents that have been registered from bungee jumping experience before, therefore stop worrying that may be something may go wrong. The activity is conducted by professions and experienced captains in this specialty that have been approved to operate the activity. Bungee jumping is one of the safe water sports activity and no accidents have been registered ever since the activity was introduced in Uganda. The tools that are used for bungee jumping are the best and can be compared to those elsewhere in the countries where the activity is done. And all tools used have under gone a test before use and the records are used to make sure that they are in their working life span. In addition to safety of bungee jumping, the management that operate the activity take the incentive to high, highly qualified and professional crew team including the international consultants and experts who are engaged in revising the safety measures and give advice on safety accordingly.

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